Reviews for Five Times the Captain Ignored the Doctor
Bookworm85 chapter 1 . 7/16/2015
I liked the third scene the best. Don't stand between Janeway and coffee.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/3/2015
Nice vignettes. They should be expanded. Please write more and soon.
Megara79 chapter 1 . 5/4/2015
The Doctor and Janeway are all kinds of love, especially when they're snapping at each other! This was well written and fantastically entertaining. Any chance of more?
Photogirl1890 chapter 1 . 5/4/2015
I thoroughly enjoyed all six, but I think number four is my favourite. So much conveyed in so few words. Great job.
Doc Yewll chapter 1 . 5/4/2015
muito doce!
CrlkSeasons chapter 1 . 5/4/2015
I had a hardtime choosing a favourite. I do enjoy those rare moments when we get a glimpse of what was going on elsewhere on Voyager during those thirty days. Then too, five and one plus are so, dare I say it, human. However I have to give the laurel to the glare dialled up from stun to kill at the doctor's blasphemy.
angelscatie chapter 1 . 5/4/2015
Beawild chapter 1 . 5/3/2015
I love the banter between these two. Voyager wouldn't have been the same with a human doctor.
Sareki02 chapter 1 . 5/3/2015
Very fun! You did a great job capturing the interactions these two have. Nicely done.
scribblemyname chapter 1 . 5/3/2015
Oh, oh, oh! I love this. I love her feisty, stubborn, unbending nature on the matters of coffee and menopause, and it's all just lovely and perfect and sooo in character.