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Guest chapter 53 . 9/17
Love this 24 7 365 till you DIE
Grand Duke of Luzon chapter 53 . 7/12
Dude, let Leon get his sandwich, he'll shoot a fucking archduke because of it.
Cosmic Sky chapter 53 . 7/11
It's nice to see this story continuing, and that it hasn't lost its focus on character development and character study.

Hiro's outburst really took me by surprise...but he was right in his own way. It can't be understated that continuing IS going to involve some hypocrisy or moral bending on everyone's part since almost every other character has either tried to murder someone or engaged in some sort of shady behavior. Speaking of Hiro, I'm STILL waiting to see what his backstory is. At the moment, he's perfect pickings for Junko to manipulate, and I'm glad you actually had someone pick up on that. I would actually like if if Sakura was the one who reached out to him since he's likely heading into a very dark place, the same place that a few of the other characters have been through.

And once again, Byakuya's wordsmith ways left everyone outsmarted. To be frank though, I'm not surprised he's passing up being leader. Though a major prick, he's not stupid, nor does he have any desire to "save" any of the others as he's still holding onto the belief everyone's going to implode on each other and just wants to be the last one left standing (petty there's not much waiting for any of them on the outside). Becoming leader means assuming a massive responsible not to mention opening yourself up to a number of potential dangers. Suffice to say, I don't think Chihiro is ready for that, nor is Makoto or any of the others. I'd say the group functions best WITHOUT a unified leader, one person assuming all of the responsible and risk over everyone else.

Mondo's perhaps unintentional stumble into picking up on Junko's clue was rather funny, mean-spirited as her reaction was. It certainly brought a smile to my face if only because I'm a fan of dark and snarky humor.

Hifumi...and's going to be a couple of chapters before they're, actually scratch that, there is no "going back to normal" for them, or ANYONE in this story. Hina's certainly made her lingering feelings of Celeste clear, and I notice she's probably still hold up in her room and will remain there for the foreseeable future until something happens. It might be best they...stay away from each other.

As for the other star of this chapter, Hifumi's conversation with Mukuro was very deep and engaging. His revelation about how he's not the protagonist was heartbreaking...but I'd say he was a bit wrong about it. We are all the protagonist of our own "stories", called life, we're the authors writing down every page and ultimately we decide how the story ends, but that's just how we view ourselves individually. To someone else, you're just another person, an NPC, as he called it. Sometimes big great things don't happen to us, sometimes they do but they're more than we can handle, that's what makes life, well, life. You can't script it like it's some game or movie, you simply take it as you go, learn what you can, and move on and try to do a bit better. Yes, horrible things will likely happen to you, but overcoming them is what matters as Mukuro told Hifumi he had do. It was a rather sweet conversation that moved both of their characters in a splendid direction.

On the subject of pairs, were you trying to make the above two a contrast to Makoto and Kyoko this chapter? It's obvious the latter REALLY wants to trust in the former, but because of secrecy she feels she can't. And it's emotionally affecting her, Kyoko, perhaps the iciest character alongside Mukuro and Byukuya. Seeing her trying to reach out only to be snubbed was both intriguing and heart-wrenching.
DJman248 chapter 53 . 7/9 have no idea how refreshing it is to have this fic updated. Busy life keeps one busy, eh? But it's fine, I'm just glad to see this fic in prime shape int erms of writing quality even after so many chapters and the time it took for all of them to be published.

In terms of what happened in the chapter:

Mukuro will soon be the Ultimate Motivator/counselor, I can feel it. Seeing Hifumi start to shift his worldview is extremely refreshing, especially considering how in the game he died as he lived (very very unfortunately delusional...unfortunately.)

Oh dear, seeing Makoto flub any trust Kyoko had in him feels extra painful when seen from her perspective! Promises are important (especially with sensitive info) but wow, not even a hint slipped past our egg boy's mouth, reaaally bad impression here, but I guess it had to happen.

And last but not least, Chihiro the class leader...I'd vote for her. Especially if her boys would be her vice presidents, that's the stuff of classics!

Looking forward to seeing more from you! But in due time. I can wait (despite the excitement/anticipation) as I am sure many of us do.
ancientdragonduelist chapter 53 . 7/8
You know you’re reading a good story when you come in with expectations. Then it suddenly turns down a side road, hops on a plane, lands miles behind you, and then asks you what took so long to catch up.

That’s what I felt like reading of Queen Chihiro’s ascension to power!

It makes total sense that our girl wouldn’t be ready to be a leader yet, but I just wasn’t expecting everyone to agree so quickly! Then again, neither was she. _ One of Aesops Fable’s is that it’s better to have a harmless ruler than a tyrant, and it applies excellently here. Chihiro can’t impose her will on the others, and so they all get the chance to add their voice! And if anyone tries to harm her, Mondo and Taka will stop them!

Funny on Hiro. He’s right that no one’s taken any interest in him, but all of that is entirely his own fault. He deserves to be respected as a human, but his sleaziness, sloth, and selfishness have given no one a reason to be his friend.

He’s gotta change if he wants anyone to care about him.

Even Hifumi, for all his faults, has a brilliant and creative mind. I only spent one FTE event on him playing , but I found myself impressed by his dedication and passion. He’s realized that he needs to be better than who has was, but has a plethora of talents and experiences to help his classmates.

Danganronpa stories make you think. Not about right and wrong, but about empathy. About understanding the depths we can sink to. The atrocities and inhumanity we’re capable of. Very little media addresses our darkest sides... and loves us anyways.

Sayaka has broken lives, and tried to murder to get to those she loved. Yet she’s a paragon of forgiveness and kindness now. (It’s her birthday, and I’m SO TIRED OF THE SNAKE MEMES!)

Mukuro’s right, we can all choose to be our best selves. She’s both the best and the worst of her classmates, and one of my favorite characters here.

But speaking honestly, to my own feelings and instincts, I would let Hiro die. Let him crash and burn in his own failings.

I believe in helping others, but almost never at the cost of my own security. Only for loved family members would I truly risk myself. So many of us are like that though, I think it’s normal.

And I think it’s a clue to Mukuro.

She loves her classmates. For those two years of normal slice-of-life anime that remain unseen to us, they became Mukuro’s family.

Always beneath Junko in importance of course. But... a seed was planted in her heart. And now that Junko is gone, it’s blossomed.

I literally just figured this out. Wow. I’m slow.

But not quite as slow as Mukuro! I’m totally shipping her and Mondo!


You know, I hope we get to break out of the cliches soon. Not story wise, you’re doing fine.


I wanna see Mondo and Sayaka hang out. See what she thinks of his thoughts about women. I wanna see Sakura giving Chirho an adorable sparring match to test her strength. I wanna see Hifumi and Toko argue about literature until the wee hours of the morning.

The groups as they are are fine, but it’d be quite the treat to see how characters who rarely have reason to speak to each other mix.

Thanks for updating!
BakaOniisan chapter 53 . 7/8
So happy to see you again with a new amazing chapter!
Western White Tiger chapter 53 . 7/7
Amazing chapter as always. I'm captivated by how well you're writing each character, bringing them into life as real beings with motives that I could understand even if I may not personally agree with their actions. In this chapter, my personal favorite was the interaction between Makoto and Kyoko, how we get the perspective of the latter and how it reveals her insecurities and her slow (yet somewhat shortlived) inclination to trust the former. You're really fleshing out the characters and giving them personal growth; this is a pleasure for me to read since many died before they had a chance for some proper development. In this instance, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of Chihiro as the new leader.

As usual, my support goes to you and this story.

Happy Writing!
Fallenstreet01 chapter 53 . 7/7
Man, it's so good to have you back!
It's always a delight to read a new chapter of NSN and this one was no exception.
There are so many things that deserve to be pointed out, Hagakure's new resolution, Hifumi's self-analysis (which is incredibly spot-on), my poor Naegi's struggles at keeping "the secret" from Kirigiri... he sure fell for a tough one!
And you're still keeping us in the dark about what happened in that meeting, you monster! We need to know!... And give Leon his sandwich for hope's sake!
Manu259 chapter 53 . 7/7
I am so happy that you got another chapter, it's been so long!

Eh, not that I'm complaining, I know that life happens, I'm just happy.

About the chapter now!

If I was mildly suspecting that Mondo was developing a crush for Mukuro before I am pretty sure now; that has the potential to be great, hilarious, awkward, ammo for Junko or all of the above (I'm leaning towards the last one, personally.)

I did not expect Hiro's outburst, let's hope someone pulls him out of it soon, preferably Makoto (I feel like everyone's favorite Luckster isn't getting much screen time, but that might just be me), even if it's not him I'm sure it will be good.

If my memory serves me right then the next motive is Monokuma announcing that Sakura was a spy but you may change things up so I'll just wait and see.

Byakuya is, as per usual, a pain in the ass; part of me wishes Mondo would let loose some tension on him, to knock off some of his arrogance if nothing else. (pre-character development Byakuya is almost insuferable to me)

Now for what I feel is the most important part of this chapter and something that must be adressed:

Junko... let Leon have his sandwich!

Haha, anyway (bad) jokes aside, thanks for another chapter, I look forward to read what's next.

Until next time.
The Kobold Necromancer chapter 53 . 7/7
Have I mentioned how much I love how you do the characters? How you make them feel so real, like this truly is an expanded universe?

Because I'm ain't not telling you that every time! ;)
Astrogamer chapter 53 . 7/7
Great Job... thats it... The End~

Its great to see this story updated, its been so long that I dont even remember the evsnts in the last chapter that good. I dont even remember what Makotos supossed secret... if there even was a section dedicated to that. I would go ahead and re-read some stuff but I dont even know where to start besides the start of the Act, since thats a perfect spot to restart the read, but that would be like more than 100k words ago.

Hmm, Hifumis redemption... Is he toing to make a Hitler costume? If so, I would like to see how that cheers up Taeko. I feel for her.
Glover64 chapter 53 . 7/7
Good to have you back boss. So far everything is going well (I mean the story not the characters because of last trial)
MythGirl Writes chapter 53 . 7/7
I'm glad to see you back! This chapter was just as riveting as always. Between Chihiro setting up her own leadership and whatever it is that Mukuro and Hifumi are planning, there's a lot to look forward to in the upcoming chapters. I can't wait to see more, but of course, take your time!
Artful Lounger chapter 53 . 7/7
Ah Kyoko, keeping all her secrets while getting mad that someone else has one.

And Hifumi seems to be joining the Junko Enoshima fan club. Seriously, who knew how well Mukuro had it going on? Between Mondo, Chihiro, and Hifumi she's got almost half the guys in school ready to throw themselves down at her feet. But not the one she tried to seduce that one time, or the one she actually wants. That's a tragedy even Junko would be happy with.

Speaking of whom, it seems like the next motive might not be revealing Sakura's traitor status? Very interesting. In that case, I have no clue how this will go.
Batoldmor chapter 53 . 7/7
It's been awhile. Great chapter as always. What is Makoto's promise btw? Can't remember it, unless it's him that also saw the Sakura bit like in canon and the promise was made off screen, which the bit where he, Hina, and Sakura together in a group at the start makes sense I suppose.
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