Reviews for We Will Be Heroes
guest chapter 18 . 5/10
I've re-read this at least three times and can say that there few stories i do that with. This a very good story, and you update at some point in the future if you are able to.
Amidamaru88 chapter 17 . 9/15/2016
is the story dead?
Lewot chapter 18 . 7/4/2016
OH! Ruby... Slippers! I just got it.
pokewarrior chapter 16 . 5/12/2016
My bet is the larvesta... the pokemon that evolves like too late into the game...
pokewarrior chapter 5 . 5/10/2016
Well... it only took about 5 chapters for them to find a person...
And it's Barry... Who was hungry as well.
Amidamaru88 chapter 18 . 1/25/2016
I will admit while the pov aren't something I particularly enjoy, the writting feels to similar for each character, I can see small diferences, to small for my taste, there's also the problem of them sounding very stiff, while it has gotten better recently a bit more work couldn't hurt. I think the story has potential and I will definetly be keeping on eye on it for the future
Tatsurian chapter 18 . 1/17/2016
Have you seen some of the newest episodes for RWBY because RUBY IS ONE OF THE FOUR MAIDENS! Also remember the legend concerning Arceus in the Pokémon world you already covered well what do you think about Arceus being the old man in the Four Maidens fairy tale?
HyperdermicHypnotist chapter 18 . 1/15/2016
Eeesh. Ruby's not gonna be short of scythes.
Tatsurian chapter 18 . 12/27/2015
Is team RWBY going to meet Ash and friends or is this a different universe to the one Ash lives in?
Magnus9284 chapter 18 . 12/28/2015
After reading your story, and seeing the pokemon being chosen, I have a few thoughts on what poemons should be added:

Ruby: Honedge, to keep with the bladed theme, and doublade could very well double as wings.
Blake: Golette/Golurk, because she needs an adorable and caring flying giant, who is also a ghost.
Yang: Pangoro, because punches and bad attitude (Which masks a very caring side).
Weiss: Cryogonal, so she can have her own emblem floating around her.

Just my thoughts.
Junior VB chapter 18 . 12/17/2015
Buen capítulo.
Good chapter.
silentstrixe chapter 18 . 12/16/2015
One of the things I find most amusing here is Ruby's naming of the fossil Pokemon. Especially the Amaura taking to the name Fork before Weiss ever had a chance to name it herself. Besides that, it is always great to see more of this story.

This is the type of crossover I love to see. The type where the characters of the two series are learning and growing through their interactions with the ones from another world. I always love seeing how the new things they learn change the growth of the characters as well as how they view things.

Keep up the excellent work as always. I look forward to seeing more of where this story goes.
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 18 . 12/16/2015
i take it that SB will be updating soon? ;)
Dracologist chapter 17 . 12/15/2015
I was just wondering if you have dropped this fic. It's fine if you have, I just want to know.

Also I think an Absol would suit Blake, if you continue this story.
Lewot chapter 17 . 12/11/2015
Finally caught up with this.

-Grammar, spelling, and punctuation. A writer who can actually write.
-The plot keeps me interested and wanting to see more.
-I like your portrayal of the Pokemon world. It feels more realistic than the anime, but it's still very much Pokemon.
-The combination of the two different ideas of aura into one coherent whole. Genius.
-Action sequences are pretty good.
-Not only do you address the captive nature of Pokemon, but you actually make it sound like the better option. That bit was probably my favorite so far.

-Mitsumi's death is kinda brushed over.
-I don't want to sound too harsh here because it's improved as the story's gone on, but, the characterization. Everyone just seems kind of... robotic. You have this meticulous, itemized writing style, which is fine for narration, but for character dialogue it just sounds unnatural. I can buy it when it's Pokemon League members talking that way, but four teenage girls? It just seems like you're trying too hard to make sure that all the characters relay all the information to each other, or something. As I say, it's gotten better (Ruby's reaction to her leg was priceless), but I would point to Weiss in particular as seeming out of character. You don't have to make her a total jerk, but reprimanding Ruby after the flying incident was about the only Weiss-like thing she's done in the entire story. It's a shame because as I'm reading I want to find out what happens next, but actually getting through all the words to get there starts to feel like a chore. But I did make it through, so you must be doing something right.
-Camerupt is a cow? ...What?

It's good like a Michael Crichton book is good. Good main ideas, meticulous scientific details, plot keeps you reading, but the characters are all just bland. I reiterate, though: they've gotten better in more recent chapters, so if you keep doing whatever you're doing, it should work out. And you get so many points for actually being able to spell that it's really just a nitpick.
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