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Alsheon chapter 19 . 5/20
I like this chapter so far. The family's understandings here are just downrigh warming.
I like how you picture Sachiko, Ohba said it herself (himself?) that Sachiko and Sayu are the only ones with purest character, and she (he?) can't picture them having any evilness in their heart (and even L is 'slightly evil' in Ohba's opinion)
Most of Death Note's fanfic always pictured her as unobserving mother who only likes to boast about her son's achievement. I like it how you make her work out here. After all a mother's intuition is one of the most powerful instincts in the world, if she couldn't at least sees through Light's feeling and behaviour she's not his mother. I knew this because my mother seems to know what was best for me and my position is the same as Light 'The Proud and achieving child of the family'
saysesydo chapter 22 . 5/14
Woops! "Marry" here. I accidentally hit post before I could finish. And then I decided that I needed to log in so you could reply to me. :)

But anyway continuing on with what I said about your ability to characterize L...
You have managed to hit every single one of his characteristics that are so confusing. The fact that he is polite, but at the same time not at all. The fact that he is sometimes a nice guy but sometimes not. And that extremely weird humor he has that makes him say random things like "You can have this strawberry if you keep this a secret" or "I could fall for you." to Misa. And of course his extreme intelligence. As a writer myself, I have often wondered "how can I possibly write a character infinitely smarter than myself?" Any tips on that?

I'm so glad I found you as an author, because after watching Deathnote i craved MORE of his character (especially after his death :'( ) And you have never failed in bringing his character back just PERFECTLY. Thank you and please keep contributing to this fandom.

Also I loved the roof scene and the parallel it had to the roof scene in Death Note. I am curious, was it your intention to draw those parallels, or did I just see that? I couldn't help but think that this meant one of them was going to die. I hope this doesnt' happen!

I'll continue reading now :D
Marry chapter 22 . 5/14
FANTASTIC chapter! Haven't finished yet but I'm loving it so far. I can't quite remember when I started thinking "Oh man I think Ryuga is Kira," but I think it was when Ryuga said he was "busy" on Valentines day. Busy indeed XD.

I am fairly new to the deathnote fanfic, and I have been digging desperately for great fics out there, and I have to say you are the only author that hasn't failed my expectations. You have characterized L perfectly! (a difficult task) You have
SpyashijDracon chapter 37 . 5/9
It's wonderful! Thank you for the story!
SikuMaho chapter 37 . 4/11
hey there - woah what a chapter *-*
I liked, that you never forgot to write down the subtile tensionsparalanguages of the protagonists
even if there was so mutch plot this time
[like the worst of all scenarious happend g*]
thank you for updating I adore your writing style :3
*wave* hope we read each other soon again,

LYnM chapter 37 . 3/30
Time to show your acting chops Light! But why all the drama now, the masses are already in Kira's pocket.. Maybe to lure Light in? Really wonder if Ryuga has somehow figured about Light & L... Ohh L... must have nerves of steel...
Eagerly waiting for Ryuk though...
LYnM chapter 34 . 3/30
Guess this should have been expected but I'm tired Light... I thought it would just prove you have more control over yourself and happily continue being in denial, not this version of it's not you it's me... Almost don't want to read what happens next with L...
LYnM chapter 31 . 3/29
Beautiful chapter. And relieved that Light has never used the death note... But what Mello said...the thing that bothered me about Sachiko's admission way back in chapter x was she did not seem too concerned about the health implications, no matter how resourceful Light was/could be...
LYnM chapter 28 . 3/27
Whoa does that mean Light used the death note? I don't remember if touching it was enough to warrant a memory wipe... And that would be the ultimate blow, Light doing something truly heinous and 'revealing' that later..
LynM chapter 1 . 3/22
Wow, back to the fandom after years and getting hit with this..just... Wow! Still can't wrap my mind around this... I wouldn't have even dared to thk about omegaverse with DN cos it feels so alien but of course it's you and yeah now everything seems possible!

Really made my day and so glad you are still in the fandom. Cheers!
hpsoulmate chapter 37 . 3/11
Oh my god oh my god. Please don't leave me hanging. This is so exciting! Can't wait for the next update. Keep up the awesome job!
DeepDarkAbyss chapter 37 . 3/11
omgomg AWESOME STORY cliffhanger?! Please update this! Love the light and L fluff
Loev chapter 37 . 2/25
ohmygod I'm sooooo happy that you haven't abandoned this fic...! I really love your writing but felt really sad when I saw that most of your work were not finished. which is why I practically squealed when I received this fic's email notification. oooh Light's in trouble... hope he manages to charm his way out, like he always does
Parizaad chapter 34 . 2/22
Oh my goddddd. I started binge reading it last night, and my eyes stayed glued to the screen until the very last chapter...until I saw the time, knowing fully well that no way in hell will I be able to get up early in the morning but I .regret dammit! To be perfectly honest, I have never liked Omega/Beta/Alpha etc universe. I don't know why, maybe it's because the first one I ever readnot a fanfiction- featured an asshole of an Alpha male and a meek, classic damsel female and their mating had seriously left me questioning if mating, in that universe, was merely another term for rape. It makes my stomach turn over and I never completed reading it. I have safely never ever touched another. Until 'Primitive Liars', of course. Dear author, it was hands-down one of the best I've ever read of Lawlight AU universe. Not just the romance! The plot, the perfect dialogues, the perfect character study and management. Raw and gritty and cleverly spun in all the right places. And I do love reading the quotes at the start of evey amazing chapter. I had read a one-shot of yours before I even joined ff and I had liked what you wrote. The title did too, caught my eye. I was curious enough to skim through the prologue, then read it thoroughly, and then read the whole fic through. It was such an exhilarating experience. I love how you've managed Lightall pristine and unruffled as in canon but so much more human and deliciously vulnerablejust so truthfully and painstakingly human.) His second gender helps deepen the idea even further and I ADORE it's connotations. I love Light's characterization to no extent. L? Don't get me started on my favorite detective. I'll be here all day writing a review. I love YOUR L. He feels, he reacts to his equal, then again, those primal Alpha instincts broadens the whole thing. L's confession on the roof and his gentle yet challenging approach with Light and their physical interactions with this mental bond, elaborates into an emotional wreckage that makes my chest ache. And how Light grabs at anything to keep him in his safety bubble even though he's fallen so deeply. Ahhhh my boys. -sighs dreamily- And the Wammy Boys! Mello was my favorite, always and a genderfluid Mello is so perfect. Your Mello grew on my heart. RepresentationMatt as ace, Near as agender and genderfluid Mellomatters. Thank you so much for that. Regardless of that I love their interactions. My favorite parts were when L realized Light was Omega and ESPECIALLY the subtle hintsLight tucking his hair behind his ear and exposing his neck subconsciously competing Misamade it my favorite. I love Mello/Light interactions/lessons and grudging admirationokay, mostly grudging) so much. The confession on the roof. Matt and Near's friendship. The moment with Sachiko. Ryuga Hideki exposing himself as Kira. L and Light's shared hot my palms grew all slippery and ears burning. Lol. But good quality physical interactions are truly rare to come by. Kudos!) Questions1) Does that mean even Omega males will experience menstruation? Since they have ovaries and eggs and all. 2) What exactly is a 'bond'? I refer to the teeth marks of an Alpha that make of a bond on the Omega/(Beta's?) neck. The cliffy is too much! Light is surrounded by enemies! NOOOOOOOOOOO. But I shall await patiently, author-san. I know the wait will be worth it. Much love.
Parizaad chapter 37 . 2/22
whoa what the hell happened to the spaces in my last review...
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