Reviews for Pokemon Academy: Beginning of Beginnings
Just a Bad Writer for Fun chapter 239 . 12h
Ah, yes. The backstory arc, a staple in all works of fiction. Some are 5 minutes long, others stretch for chapter after chapter... And with the pace you've dictated, I am sure it shall last some time yet.

The battle between the two sisters went about as expected, no surprise there. Though the aftermath was quite touching. And while Holly still desires Blake, perhaps one day she'll learn to forget about him... Or it'll become an obsession and she'll get a Blake Doll.

That'd be... Horrifying.
rosealine gold chapter 239 . 12h
great battle between holly and her sister but here i was hoping the next arc was going to have madison in it again oh well i can still hope she gets her chance to shine a bit more later on .
KedharS chapter 239 . 14h
rosealine gold chapter 238 . 6/30
I love what you have so far for the story I can't wait for this arc to finish up see what's in store for the next arc
Just a Bad Writer for Fun chapter 238 . 6/30
I don't want to know about Dakota's "folder" and what she will be "eating". But what a play between Dakota and Alcea. I suppose this is what happens when you have plenty of contacts and plan things out rather well.
Looking forward to Wednesday's paper...
hellraiserphoenix chapter 238 . 6/30
I can’t wait to see what Dakota wrote. And for holly and Alcea’s battle is bound to be interesting. Can’t wait for more.
Just a Bad Writer for Fun chapter 237 . 6/29
Alcea vs Holly will be the greatest of battles ever fought... Not even I can tell who will win; it's that close!
Number13teen chapter 100 . 6/29
I am hoping Dakota will finally just tell Akira how she feels considering he nearly died but who knows?
Number13teen chapter 95 . 6/29
Okay while I still don't love Kanone, I vastly appreciate what he did to Gerard. He lacks talent? What he lacks is flexibility and sense which is why Kanone beat him with barely any instruction. On another note, I loved how in this battle his commands were more like suggestions than anything. I always love it when a trainer puts a "Pokemon are tools" trainer in their place since he can't accomplish anything without them and apparently he can't even direct them without blaming it on his lack of talent.
Number13teen chapter 93 . 6/29
Finally the tournament is over! It had a lot of great battles, but uh, how many chapters was it? Been so long since they did school things.
I'm not a fan of Kanone which I feel is the point. He's somewhat arrogant, battle crazy and he has a unique ability to enhance his pokemon's abilities. Though with all that in mind, I would like to see him kick Gerard's ass. Not his pokemon, specifically Gerard. Most of all I want someone to defeat Kanone without harmonia, preferably Blake or Cynthia. Blake cuz duh and Cynthia since I just like her.
Number13teen chapter 92 . 6/29
You would think if his arm was broken he'd be a bit too distracted to finish the battle, but then again he could have insane pain tolerance. Elaina wins though through primarily just brutal uncontrolled force. Akira was so close, unfortunately magic powers prevails.
Number13teen chapter 90 . 6/29
I loved Akira's retort at the end. She doesn't know what it's like to be him and he doesn't know what it's like to be her, no one truly knows what another has been through or is feeling. It's why we try to empathize and get to know others better.
Just a Bad Writer for Fun chapter 235 . 6/27
This will be fun.
Just a Bad Writer for Fun chapter 234 . 6/27
So it was Valon... Well then.
Just a Bad Writer for Fun chapter 233 . 6/27
Yeah. Seems like she's innocent... Who is the arson? Let's find out!
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