Reviews for The Omega's Eclipse: First Sights
Magnolia512 chapter 1 . 2/22
It never really had an ending
devilishsteph chapter 5 . 2/13
Im getting very fed up of the same thing being repeated 10 times because someone else walked into the room!
she is brighter chapter 22 . 2/26/2021
I love this story. I’m really sad it never really had an ending
liza chapter 1 . 4/13/2020
it's seems like a good plot and interesting story but you're right about it being super repetitive and gets tedious reading the same information over and over. good luck!
Megan chapter 22 . 11/4/2019
Please continue love this story can't get enough of it
Kim chapter 22 . 7/1/2019
Please update this story it's a good story
Kim chapter 22 . 11/20/2018
Please update this story
Kim chapter 22 . 9/19/2018
Please keeping updating the story more
Kim chapter 22 . 8/24/2018
Please update some more this is one of my favorites stories
Debbie Hicks chapter 22 . 8/23/2018
AAALIUEN RASTTLESNAKES LOOK OUT AS ALL OF BEL;LASS M AAAULED But main eds then draineds of as all forged a eight thousasnd asrm y Volturi found me soulless as one thgis one yiou there who creasted her tell us then Take her from here with Kill her m y scream s was heard FIRE! Kidnapped to Volterra then we b ring her tutrned them goood m ake her stasy for 298 yearsd as punishmen t then BROKEEN As all of bones riped from me then then dying venom was in my v ein s deying then did wsildesat experiments weith them then Swallowedass all of blood then wsith trassnsporterd mishasp kids grew abnornally then too late KILLED ME! From here ghood deasd then Three broken far too hasrdest then dying from the birth b itten too fasr depest deasd good SNAPPED! Blod was gone then myself wsas jailede then then you are guilty of a army and hybrid Felix Beaten /tore clothes blod wehirled then was left for dead with them v einssliced frely the Seer had a vision Bella then then thre found me dead at long last in a Morgue ALICE Found you guilty she's dead here then weer n ext weith us/them then ATOMIZED! b lew apart from husks then the head was possesed Bit me tO SAVE MY LIFE With eight hundred/thousands with hybrids's bitten then atomized from here b ring them theyb lown from hel[ of thre then the Change was grevous was far too late shastered then too late myself woke with Anmesia had a Headasche then shiElding more supreme WHAT YOU DON E TO M Trashing in a fury then found guilty you are sentenced to death of newborns ! MURDERED! Brought here then was banished to Alaska then too late was unable to have kids the kids did had more with humanns bitten created a legion Alice weho done to her Volturi they banished as all of them to Alaska blowsn up with us/them shattered from herer Were as all of most as all burst from the iciest but hardest bodies then were in fact brought here killed as all of very mazillions as a result was Strong fastest a alienincrease of m y sped and strength and immortaslity and as a result becasme more beautfiul but Sexiest but a bombshell was birthed cursed by Venus Paul's wa eyes oh god Over here handsome Iweas a Succbcui officiaslly gasp Bella I Was in the phase was for Betazoid women gone in heast for a m an Alice what you did Apollo posssessed me Bella can't flirty but verry sultty I Rasn testes on her she is not human at all anymore with them blown freeeeely tore from te living real wass the world brought herre we find them as all of very most more mazillons guilty as dead sentenced then AATOMIZED More hights screasms were as all of them heard then guards as all of them n uked were Volturiby bnow too later found as all of Volturi turned nuked b y force with three nuked freely were as all of most Vampires eeexplodsed by as alien rertrovirus youn g/youth declaring we found out she was bitten by snakes asnd him illegally drained as all of blood but humasns aged to be elderly people died here blown are dead with them with both destroyed bring them here we find you sentenced to death officially then too late more as all of guaeds exploded as more as all of them now unable to have kids so they as all of had reincarnates of the deeceased now too late were sterilized forever Alice the are what Kindred and Galactic Lcans oh my god all humans extinct we now rule Earth like Dinosaurs sixty five millions of years ago died out she's smarter that was it that was it created a species to rule blown frely now banished to Vulcan within deported things in largest villas thensmashed vanished no longer alive used five smashed withother ones brought here found guilty now Vampires ruled here as all of them as all of them as all of mostt more mon strous/mazillions/as all of them nuked freely ripped from here burial pods with our own now merged with ancient tree nuked from here as all of Vampires roaming but the corpses were ashes but too late cremated from here then too late as all of living trees were ancient but oldest Alice had a vision we are deceased took Earth from us/all of them suddenly too late as all of the very as all of them nuked freely no longer alive b ut they were breeders stolen from us were as all of them sauddenly heassrd a feast of blood Ugh not blod what you do Cursed them they are marked as all exploded but they are living Vampires what?! KROYKAH! Bells oh my god your eyes are yellow/black then too late it made us/them more toned but fit an d athletic Alice they are not mortal but immortal people gasp they are not here they are from the 30th century via time travel blew apart are undead living vampires now serve the Volturi it's 2018 by now but as all of few left behind Oy too much sin vey Ach my god.
Kim chapter 21 . 8/14/2018
Please update this story
goldie bella chapter 21 . 8/14/2018
I really love your story, but it's a bit long winded, you keep going over the same thing, and there is way to many right now's in it .
Kim chapter 21 . 7/3/2018
Please update more
Debbie Hicks chapter 21 . 6/2/2018
22. 21.
Bella's GALACTIC ICY CHAN GE Then ALIEEEN CREATURES M AAULED ME Tore from here wwith then blasting my head bled to death nedle struck me then aDrain ed as all of blood haird ewith theirs Shaven theeen Poisoned me lost as all of m em ore in both sides as all of them belonged in a aArmy then killed All aalien s/aV ulcan s trashing in rage fury bitten Children but Claire Young Used m agic then Volturi founmd us/al blaac ked out this one b roke thre lawes A FIRE! Too late BEATEN TO Deatyh most hardest then then AALost much blood tore clothes Alice had a vision oh my god! bella sTAY WITH US i swearit then You die she's dead then EExecution of us/them with m yself scream ing weith hum an blood Cullen s this on e con sortede break bonds Felix kill her my hifghher sieren sc reams was heard MURDERED Me tORE From m e aAAKilled then too late te guards it's done te imprin t is broken good then IMPALED M,e hAarder then tore as all then Dyin g BELLA! Oh my god Alice who did to her Volturi then then Blazed From corpses the Venom in my other arm an d wrist with the first made me dead then to m y they bit her then With them both side then too late thre so you b roke rules take them from herre guaerds Blazing frely with therm brought here the Damages to my health laid in a Healing coma then the Sickn ess cam e the Venom was from Sn akersd as all of it then weeith their blew freely died here then bodies as all of them m yself strugled to hold the thirst oh my god AAlice she was sick very badly both venom she phaserd but aABlew up is a Bridge she's a hybrid with them then then Hunted as most animals then in both forms so they captured then EXTINCT! KILLD By then headcs torn off with theirs then SLIENCED Good you are as all Cullens punished then Fled from here brought bodies we report she trainede her legion of sailor guardiams/knights bitten as all of kuids turn ed them into warriors we found this what then too late Mysaelf wa s Chained then the trail of us/them Slienc erd in to AStom ixc purplish flames ABring the Hallow corpses as al of them then suddenly Rain dropped onto my phon e AShattered then BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER!
MAKE-UP! AANGELOS WOLF! Blew apart tore from here with as all covered into ice snow rain hail water sea oceans mud and dirt then GLOWING! Most powerful then suddenly a Ancient Wolf's symbol blown from here then Brought her STOP RIGHT HERE NEGATRASH Guarded b y Betazed the planett of FIRE The pretty guardian of TELEPATHY Soldier of THOUGHT! ALLOW ME TO PUNISH YOU FOR THE SAKE OF THE GLORIOUS CRYSTAL PALACE SUPER SAILOR BETAZED HAS APPEARED! Blew from here from hallow bodies then blastijng frely brought here mess with m e You'r Sushi she's enhanced but much powerful Rin Jin Shi Chi Baii TOU ZEN! EVIL SPIRIT BE EXORCIZED! BETAZED DEADLY MINDLESS BUTTERFLIES OF FIRE SCORCH! B l,azed from both torn Without life te blod joined with watter blewe frely thenb roughgt here suddenly never died here whirling water madly by telekin esis transformed us/most around the world into lethal sailor soldiers iand masks then into Fighters blewe frely tore from here brought here went extinct they Surren der they will never se humans again blew as all mazillion s of guards too late each both were as all of drained witnesses but we thre hade different kids with as most m azillion s smashed freely then ripped from here few last rest more fin list very last ones destroyed from here were In to labs then blood was gone then blewe as all of guards exploding as both then Yoth/Young bitrhed now drain ed hum an blood from hum an/alien lives then b lewe apart good bind them as all of them tus then then too late extinct then used as coats then too late were more paler lost the ablity to blush were now Athletic fit powerful but Stronger thre tim es Alice her hair with bangs had grown oh my god no body temperature heat but no thank you we are wehat then OW! You better start on your newest superstrength see my ears pointed but upswept eyebrows gasp blod repicated as Gaean Forest Green Blood you lok like from the planet Vulcan whoa what are you doing allow me it's easiler your mind to my mind your thoughts to my thoughts our minds One and Whole share your mind with me then to Rose then Focused more telepathically by Healing her of her attack rewired her life my voice spoken most telepathically like T'Lar did then suddenly whispered Thav Bavu Havu It translated as Give me Success! thunderstorm of the telepathic mind eyes closed still using my psionic planet powers Was not hum an suddenly myself healed thre wome created a Baridge of the minds transformed into a Kolinharu priestess of Surak was within us then morning Where you get this power how I Don't control minds I Free them you sound like who Sybok child of Sarek Cahild of T''Rea i am a Vulcan priestess bound to My Executor prince and priest as the Dawn of our days for as all of our tomorrows as from the Time of the Beginning I Shall make my Choice then used my powers This ONE! Chose a Champian pointed my Finger at Edward very coldly like T'Pring from Loki god of tricks and lies then he walked to the holiest jedite gone took Action coldly then Kai'flieee! was a passion fight had Challenged Sir! it is a Koont'uat'fliee it's a Passion fight of two will chose her as his wife like on Vulcan WHAT?! He was furious eyes of cold Brown were in fiery ice Ack! three shuddered in horror then KROYKAH! What she is not human then newspapers reported as all of them sold they caused this they are dead from the waxen cremate them then as all of urns cursed us/most with death.
Debbie Hicks chapter 20 . 4/23/2018
21.20. AAlien Rattlesnake ATTACK/DRAINED/Volturi/gifted
then as all of alien rattlesn kesd maaaauled me withy the best frien ds then fire as all of bitten the first with the secon dary on e then ghotten sick v ery sic k then with the blood both replaced then CLAIRE YOUNG B ITTERN HER Too harder then too late withy the Vulcan sd killede the Volturi fou accused from here you broke this rule of IOmm ortal children she suuren deredgood then Kll her screaming with them then tribe m urdseered with m yself then Assaulted more as al of them then then Both sides hurt then cracked freely then bleeeedeing then the Venom as all of more heaviesty trimazillion s then dying with Child turning sickly grey-bluish green ish Alice help you die with then screamed of the kids Executionof myself were murdered dying then with the eight childreen born deadf Alice it is too late she is attackerd then then too late then blew us/them then Fled captured tore aaaapart then then Asaulted near death b lood splattered but spread Alice let me turn her then Dawen Read Spier biotten me then was found guilty then m y screams as all of the it I WAN T HER I WAN T HER kill her then Felix kill her I WAN T HER! You are punished we want her dead my screams with them then tortured then killed from here then Executed Beaten haerdest then to late blew apart then dying of brutal assdault then blew freely then with them the v en om was as all of them then too late then then ripped freely ripped scream s from here Alice wehat they don e to her then she'sd dying Do it now then Daweeen Bitten m e for good fire weith ther4m then found guilty then destroyed then ripped heads off then tell them they are dead good bring them then too late blazing frfely then then ripped from here Claped frely then too late aa Smashed from here trapped by im paling then lost heartb eat then brought here were as all of them they were turn ed but she wantys war b ut rose a ancien t goddess into her they found her hunting killed her with therm b ring them tore heads as all of ther kids thre are Immortal children murdered n ever return they Were killed wonderous then too late my health took on a worse was so sickest dying Alice who done to her Volturi myself was turning into a Vampire slayer by both by four Alice something happened to her sher's changed has no heartbeat and pulse then blown chain ed ripped freely then Crashing freely then with as all of around the world then Snapped freely then suddenly from NASA From the movie Underworld from m y bodysuit then had stopped Aging from the v ery all of from the Earth them looking for me then Bells Ow! you better start trainng oh my god from the bodysuit twin fiery gun s Smashed freely then were as all of them with the very as all of them with the very as all of with both b rought here with bitten thre kids were as all of them smashed brought here then too late then reportede they did a ritual but the venom is lethal but they are rained by our as all of all of guards as all were as all more supermazillion s or more good rip them alive then from here then too late killed were more as all of them then too late suddenly a great alien in creased superstrength an d superspeed and all of the sudden was not alive the pieces sealed up then turn ed me into as a Vampire slaying sailor guardian assassin train ed as harder then was wearing a cursed special act ring ab le to go in the sunligt so they blew apart then too late were as all of them then too late ripped frely then a sudden increased super speed an d superstrength and gracve and truest Eleganc e and beauty an d was lithe by now the damages caused my truest skills to the test then my hair was lon with a Blondish streak had Hercculan superstrength heighten senses and were most enhanced but gotten more toned but was Athletic but more fit was very powerful then too late blasting frely crashed were poisoining from here then dilluted blood faded from here smashed as all of them [pieces snapped then suddenly sealed in then too late the war in fact Coldest skinned with venom within stranded but reproducing uh girls m y voice sounds weirder it's sorrowful but most softest Congraduations Bells me you are a Vampire slayer what you dream a war will last for centuries it's prophectic dream then too late myself b lown weith them were as all of both with both then smashed frely frely thenbrouht here we report a crime they are dead of venom bran-organ death good then killed nowee ashes more as all of them b egan havingf spece dreams of a galactic war strirr Alice she's a Vampire slayer then then myself looked different oh my god her looks are most beaufiul yers urgh my head going to bomb too late Shielding more than as all of Mental shield you writen with best friends are turned your ring it's glowing with mine name BAre Tanner I Am going to fight not this time negatrash for love and justice MIRI CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! DELTA CRYSTAL POWER DENEB CRYSTAL POWER CESTUS POWER HELLGUARD CRYSTAL POWER RIGEL CRYSTAL MINTAKA CRYSTAL POWER VENTAX CRYSTAL POWER ANDORIA CRYSTAL POWER KLIN G CRYSTAL POWER VEN US CRYSTAL POWER MARS CRYSTAL POWER MERCURY CRYSTAL POWER JUPITER CRYSTAL POWER NEPTUNE CRYSTAL POWER URANUS CRYSTAL POWER SATURN CRYSTAL POWER PLUTO CRYSTAL POWER MAKE- UP! ANGELOS! TRANSFORM! MAKE UP! Suddenly a blaring force then then of as all of both were more then bvlown frely then too late tran sform ed in to a sailor team from the 30th century from the mighty crystal palce then then were evolving blew apart with then then suddenly too late with don ated kids shatterdd as all yelled then then summoned ouur weaponry then Guided b y Betazed the planet of Telepathy the Soldier of FIRE! The pretty suiterd guardian of Thouht and Soul Allow me to SCORCH YOU! SUPER SAILOR BETAZED HAS APPEARED STAGE ON ! So us/as all of them then blasting freely then snapped were as all of brought here then From Miri the planet of Diseases and Aliments the Soldier of Illnesses the Atomic waste warrior will give you a bad SICKNESS ! SUPER SAILOR MIRI IS HERE! Blaring oh my god you are what warriors that was it as all of them were from planets/galaxies with powers then too late nuked were as all of them Paul took one last swing then spat out his beer oh my god What is that ulp Ack! her brother was fifteen Wesley Crusher's age he was terrified of Commander Strom a very tall but Muscular Vulcan male built but toned watch it sorry Nice to meet you Strom the two shook hands first offical contact a roar of a vessel a crop of more as all of them people wore robes of his planet then now as all of more then suddenly blown with more with us/as all f them then violently brought here then killed as all of more then reported they allied with aliens as all of them smashed good then waxen from here oh m an sis he's huge m y GYM Teacher is a Vulcan male Excuse me T'Pran young man you are recruited Uncle oh god homework hold it nice to meet you Solok of Vulcan that it was real now it had changed for good everything was different forever more Look this puppy did ruined my sock it whined little paws on it's baby face the mother growled at the Vulcan woman Strom why she's healthier who sneezed me Victoria here girl Puppies oh are you sweet he's too young he's teething Harrrrrrrummmmph! he was more allergic from cats were annoying by meowing very loudly then ACH-CHOOO! Bless you oh ny god where's the punk Vampires ulp he was pale of the biggest muscular shifter in the face of the galaxy waaaah here Watch him then Dawn held her nose Atreyu pooped his diaper again he's very little team phe-yew throw it away urgh then Atreyu was too young for battle he been squalling for war oh no not that we are at war against Vampires like on Vulcan he's getting heavy oops he's a Toddler urk cookie with Sehlats and Surak urk he talked like a child hoo boy Golf poor momma kittens from GYM What is that oh no Girls we been hired to babysit the kids relax steer clear going to teach you kids a lesson.
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