Reviews for Drabbles and Assorted Ficlets
ScienceMama chapter 61 . 32m
LOVE Slytherin Hermione and her astute observational breakdown of her year-mate options! This is exactly how I was as a teenage girl, and I agree that Theo is a smart choice for her. Thanks to The Muddy Princess (one of my very favorite fics), Theomione is not generally my jam (I just like them SO MUCH as siblings) but I liked this anyway!

Come to think of it, it might be time for another TMP reread... :)
Guest chapter 61 . 5h
I would love to see this as an expanded story!
danielap chapter 61 . 11h
Loved this!
Guest chapter 61 . 11h
Cute. I want more of
This world. Please.
Lunar-Cycle139 chapter 61 . 12h
Such a cute Theomione! So funny, that he wasn't perfect cause his notes weren't color coded!
aaronlisa chapter 61 . 13h
I liked this.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 61 . 14h
He wasn't perfect because he didn't color code his notes lol. I could live with that lol.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 60 . 14h
My Theo :( Lovely.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 59 . 14h
I love Hansy!
rebelsaurus29 chapter 58 . 14h
Make your mouth dry and other parts of your body wet. Lol. Great line.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 57 . 14h
Everybody loves a princess bride reference!
rebelsaurus29 chapter 56 . 14h
That Pansy lol.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 55 . 14h
Trelevona chapter 61 . 16h
I love this!
It’s been a while since I read anything that’s Theomione and now I need to again...
I love your depiction of Slytherin Hermione- it’s always very convincing and you portray her well :)
Maybe I’ll go read Green Girl again hmmm...
Grovek26 chapter 61 . 17h
Great chapter, very dry humoured voice
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