Reviews for Drabbles and Assorted Ficlets
Kissel137 chapter 51 . 8/13
Interesting idea! It would be neat to see how this played out.
Guest chapter 51 . 8/13
Great idea for a short story and so well written. Thank you.
ReadsToEscape2 chapter 51 . 8/12
This! All the internet hearts!
Lady Mage chapter 51 . 8/12
Interesting! I hope you continue this one! Please let me know if you do!
mega700201 chapter 51 . 8/12
LeanaM chapter 50 . 8/12
Hansy is totally one of my OTPs now. I love the way you write their dynamic. Thanks for this!
LeanaM chapter 51 . 8/12
Oooh I love this! Great drabble
rebelsaurus29 chapter 51 . 8/11
Lovely drabble!
FYI chapter 51 . 8/11
Oh this is so cute. Thanks.
gahmeep chapter 51 . 8/11
This deserves a full length fic.
Raksha chapter 51 . 8/11
Cool. Please update soon.
ShayaLonnie chapter 51 . 8/11
This was so cool!
writer34 chapter 51 . 8/11
PurpleTunaFish chapter 51 . 8/11
"Regulus Black was in his room. Was she in his time? Was he in hers? Could they use him in the horcrux hunt? Would he kiss her?"
"He was dead. He was gone. He was sitting in front of her looking annoyed that she'd had the temerity to come into his room. He was bloody good looking."
I loved those parts! They just seem so ridiculous but in a really funny way.
I wish this was longer!
rawrbooks chapter 15 . 8/11
This is such a great chapter! Pansmione is growing on me as a pairing more and more, and I love your Pansy in this story, she's so developed character-wise! Thanks for writing!
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