Reviews for The Power of Love
obliviated fan chapter 52 . 6/23
Very good fic.
Some things in this chapter are rather topical, if one thinks about it. :)
WindbornesWord chapter 58 . 2/15
Really a Buffy reference?
Guest chapter 60 . 10/25/2019
I absolutely love your fanfiction. The depth of the characters, the degree of detail, the plot - everything is absolutely fantastic! This is the best lesbian Harry Potter fanfiction, if not the best Harry Potter fanfiction (the entwined series by silentlywitches is also super and i really can't decide if this or your's is better). The only thing i kinda missed was a meeting between Hermione, Jasemine and McGonagall after the Beltrane ritual. I was interested in how it would go and if they would be open etc.
Now I really can't wait to start the next chapter of their story!
RonRR chapter 31 . 10/17/2019
So Malfoy tries to kill or seriously injure her and neither she nor Hermione do anything about it?

McGonagall is on their side now, why are they not reporting this?

Thank you for writing,

Critical reader chapter 35 . 8/21/2019
Hermione did get one thing wrong: sound actually travels faster in water than in air. Otherwise, a very good story!
dude356 chapter 17 . 8/20/2019
Way to go, Neville! Something tells me his boggart will be something different now.
dude356 chapter 12 . 8/20/2019
Jasmine's reaction to getting ready for the Yule Ball was hilarious! You'd think she was being dragged to her doom. Ron's reaction to the idea of Hermione and Jasmine "shaving and plucking" anything was both expected and just as funny.
dude356 chapter 2 . 8/20/2019
This chapter really hits at one of the issues that I have with canon. I want to like McGonagall and whenever I read a fic that features her as more than a background character, I want her to be on Harry (or in this case, Jasmine) and Hermione's side when it comes to dealing with everything they have to deal with.

Unfortunately, when you go back and look at the actions and inactions of the professors throughout canon, including her, it becomes really difficult to like any of them or to see them as allies for Harry/Jasmine and Hermione. They really hang Harry out to dry in canon and in some cases, like Snape, it's more malicious than that. Dumbledore's actions, and inactions, in canon can be looked at in a variety of ways. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say he has malicious intent towards Harry, but he certainly does enough things wrong concerning Harry that it at least makes you wonder.

It's why it's so common to see "manipulative Dumbledore" or "Greater Good Dumbledore" or even "evil Dumbledore" in HP fanfiction, particularly in Harmony fics. It's easy to look at his actions and inactions towards Harry in particular and put them on a sliding scale of intent. It's also why you see so many fics that have the staff come to their senses at some point and "turn against" Dumbledore when they realize what his actions and inactions are doing to Harry and to the school/wizarding society in general.

Anyway, this was a bit of a rant, but I just wanted to commend you on how you handled the incompetence of the staff in the HP universe. I look forward to seeing what McGonagall is going to do about Jasmine and Hermione's concerns and what she's going to do when Dumbledore notices that she's not towing the line anymore.
ElyseSyrova chapter 57 . 7/21/2019
You know, in all the stories about the formation of this student insurgency/resistance, including the original in OotP, it always bothers me that they never set up a proper cell network. It always just gets put together as one big lump of kids led by a charismatic, but that's so ad hoc and vulnerable. I understand that these are just kids, and from a fairly isolated and sheltered culture at that, but at least one of the muggle-raised might have heard of the concept, or at least read Heinlein. I first read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress at around that age or a bit younger, and that has about everything you need short of explanatory diagrams and classroom handouts.

At least you are kind of doing something like that with the organisation of out-from-school support networks. ;
BiBuggles chapter 60 . 6/23/2019
It took me awhile but I find shed this awesome story. I can’t wait to start the follow up. So good!
lunadream13 chapter 60 . 6/19/2019
great story!
BiBuggles chapter 7 . 6/3/2019
I’m loving this story. Something that I’m really appreciating though are your fic recommendations, it’s always so hard for me to find something I like and you’ve suggested several that look wonderful. Thank you for sharing your work and others.
Corwyn chapter 60 . 5/30/2019
Loved this story too! Heading for part three. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Cyril Kain chapter 58 . 5/22/2019
There is the devious Slytherin cunning that the Hat was talking about! Right there, at the end! I approve!
Toffeecat15 chapter 42 . 5/15/2019
I thought Sirius was played by Gary Oldman not Jack Sparrow
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