Reviews for Charade
BratGirl1983 chapter 13 . 10/12
I look forward to the next chapters. :)
pawsrule chapter 13 . 9/9
This was such an awesome chapter! I loved the flashbacks, though it was bittersweet. Can't wait to read more.
AngelinaWeasley1 chapter 13 . 8/23
This is a very interesting story.
And your English is good for it to not be your first language!
badkidoh chapter 13 . 8/10
Good chapter.
Bless you chapter 13 . 8/9
The drama is jut too reals
mangoandpassionfruit chapter 13 . 8/9
I was so excited when this story updated I love it, it's not a typical dark Harry story but the characterisations are really great and the relationship between hermione and Harry is not unrealistic or incredibly cheesy
Guest chapter 13 . 8/7
like it
starboy454 chapter 13 . 8/7
good updates
Shadow chapter 13 . 8/6
It's the first time that I've encountered such a wonderfull and dark story. I loved it :)!
Torrin-El chapter 12 . 7/25
Honestly, this is probably one of the best stories I've read. I must say, unlike other authors you balance Harry well, not being overly dramatic or cheesy. I'm deeply impressed. Nothing is rushed. Everything makes sense. None of the lines are corny and I simply just love your story. Amazing plot and well balanced. You did an amazing job.
ariana-maeve chapter 12 . 10/18/2016
You are completely not overreacting! The only person in this situation who overreacted is the person who decided to be an asshole to you about something that a lot of other authors do as well. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next chapter!
EmmaS12 chapter 12 . 7/30/2016
You should just ignore them. Anyone who doesnt want to read can certainly do so. But for fucks sake, there are other who wants to read this story and u dnt need to report the author when there is nt even any wrongdoing. On the other hand, it was another wonderful chapter. I m trying to imagine how this story will conclude. Nt that i want it to finish it any soon.
Rena Monica chapter 1 . 7/30/2016
Ok wait. They want to Report you, because they dont like parts from your Story? What a bullshit is that?! Thats like you would say: oh I dont like that Story lets Report it, only because I dont like it! Dont listen to them your Story is great and if they dont like it they needent read it.
vienx.001 chapter 12 . 7/28/2016
well i like dark h/hr..
update.. cant wait for more
badkidoh chapter 12 . 7/27/2016
Another great chapter.
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