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Vermy chapter 19 . 6/5

So that's where the title came from. Wow, it's so obvious in hindsight. I feel like a little dunce right now. 0w0'

The meeting with Sophia was my favorite part. I love the ultimatum that she gave him, and although I knew Jackson's new job at AllenCorp from our RP, I didn't imagine it to come about like this. I love it. I love how this all ties in together. :)

Come to think of it, Sophia's a lot like Bruce Wayne in a lot of ways: has a lot of money, has an executive position at a large tech company, lives a double life as a bat-themed hero...I've gotta ask, was Batman an inspiration for her?

*Of course* I want to read 'Rise!' I really cannot wait! I want to see the lives of your OCs and the other characters after all this. :) This was a FANTASTIC story. Bravo!

P.S. ME? SISTER!? jgfyWEHhvjdf72;;:';567566lkghfd...oh my goodness, I'm honored. Lol, thanks!
ThePhantominthemists chapter 19 . 6/5

Wonderful chap! I love all the feels. Starting with Montana remembering and mourning Ox. That was very fitting.
You tied this into The last chap of Bittersweet perfectly. With the reference to Gangland and the final battle with FF. And we actually got to see Spider-Man’s reaction to FF disappearing act.
The offer scene was well done and very believable! Good to see the Montana made the right choice!
Lizzy takes some time to warm up to people. Especially if said person has already gotten on her bad side. But I think she will warm up to Jack... eventually!
Such a romantic ending... I LOVED IT!
Please please... PLEASE WRITE RISE!
Vermy chapter 18 . 6/4
Oh my goodness...that was a ride. Poor Ox. I never expected him to suffer from any of this. I mean, he was going along with Ricochet the whole time, but I don;t think anybody would wish to have a forklift get plowed through their worst enemy.

Is Montana not getting arrested? I'm surprised he got out of this one without handcuffs.

This was a great fight. Three against two over one, and it wasn't just a beat-down. And now we've gotta see what Montana's next steps are.

Fantastic chapter. :)
ThePhantominthemists chapter 18 . 6/4
OMG! So so good! This chap was so full of action and feels that I don’t know where to start!

First the banter between Spider-Man and Shocker was spot on! You are really getting both their characters down perfectly!

The fight scene was awesome. Joe’s end was fitting but Ox’s was heartbreaking. I love the relationship that you built up between Ox and Montana. That they grew up together.

The end with Jack kissing Faith’s hand before she was taken away is so sweet and some good suspense of whether or not they patch thing up. The “if a mans a man” line was perfect and brings the beginning of the story together with this scene perfectly.

Can’t wait for the next chap. Please be something non-heartbreaking, I don’t think I can take anymore!
ThePhantominthemists chapter 17 . 6/2
Tick tock goes the clock Montana! Stop arguing with Spider-Man and get looking, because times awastin’!

Anyway, awesome chap! I caught the little Easter egg for you other story! I love the fight scene. All of the details interwove with the episode perfectly! And Joe being one of the leaders of the Big Man’s goons caught me completely by surprise! Great writing there sis!

Quippage galore! I love it and even FF got in on it a little! Can’t wait for the next chap! Keep it up sis, you’re on a roll!
Vermy chapter 17 . 6/2
Spidey better be hiding in some vents someplace. Montana's gonna need some help finding her. Clock's ticking!

I love how you weaved that episode into this! Works out great! How's Montana gonna find her? Are the other Enforcers and Hammerhead gonna try to stop Montana?

Keep it up! I gotta see how it ends! :3
Vermy chapter 16 . 6/1

Well, I should've expected that Hammerhead was the only one ballsy enough to break Montana's word. The fight in the next chapter oughta be fun.

So what's Montana gonna do when he comes back to a black-n-blue Faith? How many are gonna get their butts beat in the crossfire between him and Hammerhead? And is Flying Fox gonna show up to this shindig?

Oh my, you are one maniacal writer! :) I love it.
ThePhantominthemists chapter 16 . 6/1
Anyway... Loved this chap! The tender moment between Montana and Faith was great! You can really see the anger and hatred building between Montana and Fancy Dan. That volcano is going to blow soon and that fight will be AWESOME!
Spider-Man quippage is always appreciated! I love how you inserted your story into this episode. It fits perfectly.
Oh boy Faith tried to escape... but was caught! Oh Montana is going to be pissed when he finds out what they did to her! That wimpy guard better RUN!
Can’t wait for the next chap! Update soon sis!
Vermy chapter 15 . 5/31
...oh no.

So what does Big Man have planned? What, is he going to make Montana *kill* Faith?

...he's not, is he?

You're really pulling strings well here. When are Spidey and Flying Fox going to get into this? Do they know where Faith and the Enforcers are? Are they gonna get there on time?

This is too much. Can't wait for the next chap! :3
ThePhantominthemists chapter 15 . 5/29
AWESOME CHAP! Wow! I love the intensity and suspense! You can feel the danger that Faith is in.
Oh boy! Dan had better run, because Jack is MAD and Dan is going to end up a smear on the pavement eventually!
I love the last scene! You can see really Jack’s regrets at putting Faith in the middle of this. You also see the respect and friendship between him and Ox in how Ox is trying to help.
Can’t wait for the next chap! Keep it up little sis!
ThePhantominthemists chapter 14 . 5/25
Awesome chap! First the kiss between Lizzy and Justin... did not see that coming! Woooo Hooo get him Lizzy! Then the fight between her and Faith was great and very believable!
The scene between Shocker and Fancy Dan was great! You can feel the rift between them and the disrespect coming from Dan!
The conversation between Sophia and Faith gives this chap a lot of emotion! You can see that they are dealing with the same thing.
That final scene with Faith and Jack was heartbreaking. Can’t wait for more and see how he finally fixes his mistakes.
Vermy chapter 14 . 5/25
Poor Faith. Poor poor poor poor Faith. It's pretty hard to blame her. I can't think of any faster ways for your heart to turn into stone.

That fight scene, though! Hoo-wee! How's Montana gonna be convinced to do the newest job? Will he? He's certainly gonna need the money to replace the wall in the bar. Is the Big Man gonna use Faith as a bargaining chip again?

Flying Fox speaks! You know it's serious when she actually talks. Is she gonna have to save Faith from Montana and the gang again?

Great read! :D Keep up the good work!
Vermy chapter 13 . 5/16
"All of my baddies are ugly suckers."


Okay okay, joking aside...poor Faith! Is Fancy Dan gonna hunt her and chase her around? Are Spidey and Montana gonna have to team up for this one?

Montana's dad was a cool surprise. For some reason, I thought you were going to pull some Stan Lee cameo on us. (Unless Montana's dad looks like Stan Lee.)

Can't wait for the next chap - with extra Spidey quippage! :D
ThePhantominthemists chapter 13 . 5/16
Love love LOVE this chap! Oh dear Faith is in danger and it looks to be Montana’s fault! And it looks like he found someone tougher than him... his daddy!
Oh boy, looks like Shocker has some very crucial choices to make... he better make them quick and correctly!
Vermy chapter 12 . 5/14
Yay, you beat the writer's block! :D Nice!

Poor Faith. She needs more hugs. Sophia can be her shoulder to cry on during the day and her guardian to protect her at night. How much more are we gonna see Flying Fox?

And Montana needs more slaps. (Backhanded, preferably.) Anything short of saving Faith's life is going to get her trust back.

I think Lizzy is going to have to round up her entire wing if she wants to take down the whole Sinister Six. Military training is a great thing to have in a fight until you start dumping evil scientists and super powers into the mix.

Nice job! :3 Awesome chapter!
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