Reviews for Misplaced Moony
HollyGlen chapter 37 . 5/21
I’ve binged this in the last couple days and I’m heartbroken it hasn’t been updated in ages! I know there’s still quite a bit of the story left to go, but I’ve fallen in love with these characters you’ve portrayed. The Sytherins! They’re so awesome! And I need to know why Dumbledore is sick and hasn’t been killed yet! You do a fantastic job of writing canon but tweaking it, and putting little changes in to keep things interesting. Please say you’ll finish this story!
Gwen Cooper Williams chapter 37 . 5/21
Hope you write more soon! I love this twist on time travel.
howtogethighoffsherbet chapter 37 . 5/1
What a cliff hanger! My gosh I love how you've sick similar to the original story line and yet Remus has changed things just enough that I've no clue how things will turn out!
Sineadtwiggy chapter 33 . 4/24
I just wanted to add to your haords of fans. This is one of the best things I've ever read, and it's not even finished. I'm so dlag you changed the things you did. I'm a huge Snape and Draco fan so it's nice to see them get some positive light, whilst remaining in character and not deviating away from a realistic storyline.
I'm going to go and restart DoT now to fill the void Misplaced Moony leaves. Thanks so much for sharing your magical work with us.
untilthesuncomesup chapter 37 . 4/20
I’ve just re-read this story and loved every word of it. I hope you’re doing well - if you decide to write more of this story, I will absolutely read it!
WysteriaHysteria chapter 37 . 4/16
I’ve been reading this every chance I get dude just ! ALSNDKSNF
Arodri chapter 37 . 4/16
This is so wonderful! I country put it down so here I sit, completely exhausted at 2:30am because I was so enraptured by your writing. You’ve created unique dynamics and a beautiful story that is so original and heartwarming.

You’re incredibly talented and I am immensely grateful that you’ve shared this with us. I will look forward to the day that inspiration may strike you again to return from the hiatus.

Thank you!
Aldy 97 chapter 37 . 4/2
ooooghhh my goooood, please continue this!
DracoDurmiendo chapter 37 . 4/1
Love this story so far! I hope you keep posting. I've read the whole thing in about a week... thanks as always for your wonderful writing.
Guest chapter 37 . 3/28
AshenMoon42 chapter 37 . 3/28
Ack! You can't leave it like that! Are the Death Eaters still attacking in this timeline? How does Sirius react to his brother's note?

I absolutely love this story. Remus reacts realistically to being thrown into a different time, and his relationship with Hermione develops at the perfect pace. I love all the changes that one person causes to the plot! This is brilliant! One of my favourites ever.

It's nearly been three years ... Time for an update? :)
AshenMoon42 chapter 34 . 3/27
Awww! Eeek! This makes me so happy
AshenMoon42 chapter 16 . 3/27
At the start? That was the most beautiful description of the kiss. Ever. Honestly, now I want a Remus to snog.
AshenMoon42 chapter 12 . 3/27
Remus's awkward conversation with Ron was perfect!
AshenMoon42 chapter 7 . 3/26
Teehee. It's funny to see Lupin react to seeing his younger self with Hermione.
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