Reviews for A Day's Interlude
Yotama Shoro chapter 1 . 10/17/2016
Absolutely adorable! I loved the incorporation of all the Digidestined as couples and the progression of the story as a day's timeline.
I-Love-Trunks1 chapter 1 . 12/17/2013
Aw, that was so cute.

I loved this story so much!
Pikamon665 chapter 1 . 1/9/2013
awesome yaoi fanfic
Lira-chan chapter 1 . 1/6/2004
Well, Rae-chan. It’s Lira. Once again, I’m offline reading your lovely fanfiction. Read “Once Upon A Halloween” first, and positively loved it. Already, I get the feeling that this is a very different sort of Daikensuke. I don’t know. I’m still… QUIET, I suppose, mood-wise. Quiet, apathetic, not QUITE sad, but close. I’m such a strange one. I love you, alright? Don’t want to make my reviews too morbid-sounding. Reading-time, my lovely.
I should write, too, only I sort of lost the drive with the depressed-ness… And now I’m less depressed, more… EMPTY. Just empty. I’m using the reviews as therapy. Oh, FUCK. But I’m confident in the fact that you won’t mind, ‘cause you like me. *beams* But yeah. Lira feels nothing. I’m such a cold little thing. I need someone to cling onto.
I’m clinging onto two nonexistent people right now, huh. Daisuke and Ken, how I love the sweetlings.
'Have to get ready for Yamato's concert,' Jun says in return
Stalking? *sweatdrop* Nah… It’s just –JUN.- *grin* Oh, and you have no idea how well I can fake cheerfulness. I’m just not trying. Sorry. Somehow… I can’t help thinking that you of all people wouldn’t want me to. *more using of the review system and Rae-chan as therapy* I’m –such- a freak.
Oh, and just a bit more babble about how sweet and cute Daisuke and Ken are. *cuddles Ken as he makes his appearance* And snoring Daisuke. What fun.
Tickle-ness: Oh –sure,- they’re just really good friends… *mutters* Yeah, I’m such a freak. So sue me. *giggles helplessly* It was cute. Anyway…
It just occurred to me that Ken showed up REALLY FRIGGIN’ EARLY. What, do they have something planned for THAT early? Hai, if I didn’t have to get up… Well, it’s mostly my inner fangirlishness, but I’d prolly grab Ken, from my bed, pull ‘im over, and pull the covers back over myself (technically: over –us- *cackle* I’m a retarded fangirl *cuddles Ken*). Upon pain of death, Ken will –sleep.- And not move, either. *sweatdrop* I really am such a freak.
“Amidst it all sits Ken, still quietly seated at the table, but now his eyes trail Daisuke's every moment instead of his sister's.”
Morning set-up ‘s also fun. Hee. I just adore Ken so friggin’ much. I’m such a freak.
First a tickle-fight, now an abbreviated nudging-match. REALLY, Rae. I should stop being such a freakish fangirl already. *.*
Ken “not watching the clock”: Also no comment. I mean… Really… You don’t want –me- to say anything.
And that’s a very Lira thing to do. Another reason to love Ken, damn him…
“He looks around, and finds Jun gone. Taking advantage of the situation, he reaches out and tentatively touches the back of Daisuke's hand, rubbing the smooth flesh with his fingertips before resting his hand overtop of the redhead's.
A moment later, Daisuke flips his hand over and links his fingers through Ken's.”
Ha. Proof that Lira knows what she’s doing with her romantic conspiracy theories, dammit! *giggles helplessly* PLUS, it’s just cute.
“The boys take that as a sign and walk close together, occasionally rubbing arms as they go.”
Need I explain my conspiracy theory further? Really? *drools over the adorable ones*
For the record, I think I’ve been successfully cheered up by now. But I’m glad I read the vampire fic first, while I was still sort-of depressed. .;; I don’t know. I think it made it better, somehow.
“Their eyes meet, both shining in the early morning light, each gaze holding a lingering excitement that sparks something in the other. Slowly, as if moving through water, Ken leans down and rests his hands on the bleacher under Daisuke's arms, bringing his face close to the redhead's. Their mouths are both smiling when they meet in a kiss.”
‘Cause the entire scene’s just CUTENESS. I mean… *dies* My conspiracy theory was completely correct, huh? No need to hook up here, they’re already together… Just… Quietly. It’s funny. I always have my conspiracy theories. I’ll always take author’s words and try to twist them strangely, so as to prove that two people NOT together, who should be together, ARE together.
And usually I’m joking. Really. But I’m always –right.- It’s kinda freakish.
Okay. D00d. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I read YOU introducing Taichi and Koushiro making out, I –LAUGH.- And it’s never THAT funny. I mean, this time, Daisuke’s all o.O But… Usually it isn’t that funny! .;
“Without realizing, Daisuke had been the one to break the spell of embarrassment. Instead of dwelling on the fact that two of his friends had been kissing, he had focused instead on the ball that lay in the tube beside them. He had half crawled over Koushiro to reach it before demanding that there be a game of one-on-one between him and Tai.”
Merely- VERY Daisuke, ne? He’s so lovely. I adore him. And he’s all crawling over Kou-chan to get to the ball… I shouldn’t call Koushiro that, perhaps… But I do. *snerk* And yeah. Just more Lira-oddness.
Oh, Meems. *giggles as Mimi sits on the bleachers* Grown strangely fond of the girl, as of late. Her and her pink sparkly-ness… *happy sigh* ‘Nuff said.
“Two rows below them is Koushiro. He's actually sitting backwards on the bleachers, using the seat behind him (one below Jyou and Mimi's feet) as a table for his laptop. Taichi can be seen sneaking under the bleachers, heading in their direction.”
*snerk* Just ‘cause. It’s Taichi. Taichi is t3h s3x.
“As time wanes, he slumps closer and closer to Ken, until finally, he is sitting with his head on the genius' shoulder, snoring softly and drooling. Ken doesn't seem to notice; he is ignoring the redhead remarkably well as he plays a card game with Taichi, Iori, Takeru, and Sora.”
No comment. Much envy. But –I- wanted to drool all over Ken! *giggles foolishly* Sorry, sweets, but you –have- to have noticed all of my virtual drooling. XD
” As Ken leans forward to lay down a card, Daisuke mumbles something and his arm, which had been across his chest, drops into Ken's lap, his hand landing precariously close to the seam on the crotch of Ken's pants. The genius stills, blushing lightly, and reaches down to remove the hand as nonchalantly as possible. As the game goes one around, none of the others seem to notice.”
*grins* Basically: Go Daisuke! Not much of a reason… Not a DECENT one, not for the comment, but… *.* I’m me. Honestly. I think it’s all cute and such.
” When it is Ken's turn again, and nothing happens, four eyes focus on him, and then on the hand gripping his own. Daisuke, in his sleep, has decided that he wants to hold Ken's hand, and there is no loosening his grip, no matter how Ken tries to pry his fingers off. In the end, the blushing teen is left holding (or being held by) his best friend's hand. He places a card down, and smiles at them all bashfully. The game continues again.”
Hee. Just more commenting on the immense cuteness. And an idle comment about another ranty review from yours truly. You know I love you, Rae-chan.
I was going to quote the beauty that is the ice-cream-ness… But I realized that I was trying to quote pretty much the entire scene, so I won’t. It’s just… Daisuke, firstly, is lovely. All eating Ken’s ice cream! And –then-? M, seksi-seksi… Licking the ice cream offa Ken. *.* And Ken gets all semi-flustered and embarrassed and CUTE, and –this- is why I loves the boy. Oh, but he is a special one.
'Sorry about the licking thing,' he apologizes. Ken returns the look, then nods thoughtfully.
'It's okay. No one noticed, and you know that I don't mind. In another situation, it may have been more enjoyable than embarrassing.'
At that, Daisuke grins impishly, ducks his head, and says with a blush, 'So, when we get back to my place and can hide in my room, I can lick you some more?' The only outward reaction of his question is Ken stumbling. They avoid looking at each other, and both teens are a bright red as they continue walking.
Several moments later, while still are both blushing, Ken moves a little closer so that their arms brush. Neither speaks for the rest of the walk, but it is a comfortable silence.
Ah, skipped quoting all of one scene… Just to do more or less the same thing to another. *sigh* But it’s beautiful. Oh, how I love Daisuke. M, licking… *.*
Warm, extremely comfortable, and very tired, they both begin to drift off in the other's arms, but then Daisuke murmurs sleepily, 'Will you turn off the light?' Ken smiles and pulls him closer, then pulls the blankets over their heads so that the light is blocked. 'That works.'
My reaction to IT ALL: So… Effin… Cute… I must drool on you now. Yes. I must. Must drool MUCHLY. *sorrowful again* Not fully, not yet. But as soon as I lose my distraction… I’ll realize that I have school, and that I can’t afford to miss more, and that I just want to DIE. Well, not really. I just don’t want to have to live properly. *strange grin* Anywho, proper, genki review-ness.
GORGEOUS. All of it. Honestly. I’m such a fangirl, but I adore your ficcage, and I adore –you.- Aya, you’re a goddess, Rae, you know that? It’s too bad you went and got a life (half-joking, ne?). *giggles* Now you won’t be writing as much ficcage for your loyal fans, huh? Well… I guess I’m not precisely loyal, but I do love you, and that should be good enough. Props and such. Much pretty, fluffy, WONDERFUL-ness. Shall have to post this to when I get online.
Hanae Michiko chapter 1 . 6/25/2003
Wow, that was almost dreamlike in quality... I don't know how to describe it. I really enjoyed how detailed it was. It gave a more human quality to the characters to be witness to the subtleties, y'know? :) That was really sweet, I enjoyed it a lot!
Nine1 chapter 1 . 3/30/2003
A very enjoyable story. I smiled during the entire time I was reading it. I'm glad Takeru and Miyako were a couple instead of Takeru and Hikari, because I think I've been reading that couple too much lately, and I've always thought the former two made a more interesting couple. I didn't even mind the Sorato hintings. Anyways, I loved reading this story, as I do all your other stories.
jkb chapter 1 . 2/11/2003 are amazing!

I adored this fic!

It was one of the sweetest fics that I've ever read. The relationship you've created between Daisuke and Ken is just beautiful!

Thanks for writing this great fic!

LegolasGirl25 chapter 1 . 1/11/2003
awww, cute daiken, nice job! great fic, keep up the great work and keep writin!

yamachick _-
allekto chapter 1 . 12/18/2002
this is so simple, but somehow still extremely attention getting. even without overt action between daisuke & ken this just grabs on and doesn't let go. i got lost in it- awesome work!
Kioko Mitsu chapter 1 . 12/17/2002
::grins:: Adorability at its best.
FireDemon chapter 1 . 12/16/2002
You were right, very cute, and very fluffy. I actually quite like the more then friends but not quite lovers approach for Dai and Ken's relationship, it works so well, and they're both so comfortable with each other.

Nicely done
Angel of Peace chapter 1 . 12/16/2002
aw! that was so cute and well written! i loved it!