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Pearlstar chapter 1 . 6/21
Was loving this story until the CarinaxHarry thing started... it feels like invest even though it isn’t and I don’t care for it tbh
MetallicGirl chapter 2 . 6/18
I always thought that if Regulus were, indeed, alive, Sirius would've been glad to see him. Maybe not crying with joy, exactly, but Regulus DIED. I think Sirius felt bad he couldn't protect Regulus from such a fate, that their relationship only really started deteriorating after they got to Hogwarts. The point is, Regulus might have not gotten along with Sirius, but they were still brothers. Sirius lost a brother fourteen years ago, I think he'd be okay with getting one back, getting a second chance. In other words, it would all be mustard under the bun. I myself wrote a story where Regulus faked his death, where Regulus's motivation for coming back to England was Sirius being released from Azkaban, which is what happened in my story. Regulus expected Sirius to be a, and Sirius thought he had developed psychosis, was seeing people back from the dead, and that James and Lily would follow Reg in at any moment.
Desires of Autumn Leaves chapter 19 . 6/12
I love the way you write such beautiful scenes like we can easily picture what must be happening ;)
mckertis chapter 17 . 6/10
It's not like i wanted extra-heavy bashing, but...cant the children at least get sterilized or something ? Can Sirius properly beat his brother up for once ? Publicly shame them with their rapist\murderer father ? Anything ?
Slytherin Potter chapter 2 . 6/10
Wow I can tell why Sirius would be so angry with Regulus not to mention suspicious and shocked that he could be alive. However I understand why Sirius was tired and decided to stop interrogating his long lost dead brother to much crap being thrown out st him.
I like your Regulus he knows getting upset and angry also isn’t going to bode well with anybody might as well talk it out calmly and hope for the best.
Hope Walburga calms down no one would want to keep hearing that amount of screaming from one portrait.
Following this story for sure
sherryola chapter 19 . 6/9
Wonderful chapter. And does that end mean what I think? Is Sirius going to tell Harry the truth? I am so happy! I still can't decide if I want Regulus to teach at Hogwarts or want Harry to go to beaux batons. It would be fun to see how different things would be with Reg at Hogwarts. And somehow, it's got to go so that Sirius does not die. I love him taking a true active involvement with Harry, being the godfather I wanted, out from under Dumbledore's thumb for a while anyway. I am having trouble warming up to Carina, and I keep thinking, Harry, she's not your type. she's too cold. But I think we're going to grow to like her. and Harry's starting to have the dreams, so Occlumency with someone who won't torture him, and maybe he should be confessing to Sirius what he's dreaming. One of the many reasons I am loving this story is that there is so much to ponder and speculate about. So many ways you can take it, and whichever way you do, it will be wonderful.
Guest chapter 19 . 6/9
Is Carina crushing on Harry or is just Harry who is crushing hard on her?
Will Regulus get back into hunting Horocules or just tell Harry and let him do all the hard work?
Will Regulus survival become known to the rest of the wizarding world?
Silver Ame Tsukino chapter 19 . 6/9
Can’t wait to read more!
Mousquetaire chapter 19 . 6/9
This is a calm chapter, nothing really happens for now.

I'm surprised that Sirius is willing to let Regulus wandering into Harry's mind, I guess it speaks of his new trust in his brother. However I think Harry should have a word in it as after all this is his mind that is going to be digged and seeing all the things he's suffered from childhood to the former year I'm not sure that idea would thrill him

Frankly, Regulus's insistence in having Harry joining Beauxbatons really bothers me, he looks like some scout that found his new star.
Obviously Harry wouldn't want to leave the first place he's ever felt at home, because that's what Hogwarts is to Harry, a Home. Also although it wasn't really mentioned in the two last chapter, Harry has his two best friends at Hogwarts something that Regulus who actually don't really know Harry easily overlooks. Ron and Hermione aren't just some "normal" friends we'd have, they (with Hagrid) are Harry's first ties, not only his first magical ties but his first real and important bond (outside of his parent who will always hold a special place to him and Sirius). That's already a lot for someone with Harry's childhood, but to add to all I've mentioned, Harry, Ron and Hermione lived so much adventures, faced so much dangerous situations almost died so many times that at the end the bond they shared is priceless.
I couldn't see Harry envisioning leaving them honestly even though weirldly enough he doesn't seem to miss them all that much.

In my opinion, Sirius shouldn't tell anything about the prophecy when he isn't fully aware of it all. All he knows is the first part of it, ie that Harry or any child born at the end of July from parents having defied Voldemort three times has the power to defeat him. Harry needs to know why he is the chosen one, something only Dumbledore is aware of.

I'm surprised Sirius and Maliah managed to come to an understanding seeing how different they are. After all Maliah was the one who convinced Regulus not to go back in England to help Sirius because at that point 'nothing could be done', personally I think Sirius rotting in Azkaban didn't prevent her from sleeping. She has no problem confounding people or use memory charm on children but will be the first to declare war if anyone dare drawing his wand at her children (which is normal) even though those said children happened to have penetrated the HQ of what could be call an "army"

Now let's see, on the one hand we have Sirius a pureblood raised in a family of pureblood supremacists who decided to opposed Voldemort and risk his life by joining the resistance (the Order) while on the other hand we have Maliah who didn't seem all that bothered by the war, couldn't understand why her family wanted to be involved in it and actually was dating a death eater. Then a decade later there is Sirius, that fugitive who could have simply flew away, have a new life and have given no f*** about what would be following next but still decided to go back in Great Britain to protect Harry, to live in a cave for months eating rats just so he'd be close to his godson. He even accepted to lend his House to the Order and fight a war -that wasn't his- against the worst Dark Wizard of all time. On the other hand Maliah (and Regulus) doesn't want to be involved in it but still want to be informed of all the secrets moves of each sides without giving anything. I'd almost say that it'd be unfair for Regulus and Maliah to know more than Harry about the "war" considering all he's achieved.

Personally I don't think you could make them anymore different, and this is the reason why the bond between Sirius and Regulus isn't that strong. When Sirius rotted in a hell of prison for a crime he didn't commit, Regulus spent the last fifteen years enjoying his life with family while he had committed crimes. At the end they both took different paths which is now traduced by the fact Sirius's strongest bond is Harry the son of his former best friend he loved like a brother while he is more or less distant with his blood ties that aren't death eaters.

PS: You didn't pick up the most common names for Carina's camarades.

PS 2: There are a lot changed to the books so I may happen to mix things up but how does Harry know that Hagrid was with Mrs Maxime, the only time I've seen it mentioned is during a private talk between Sirius, Regulus and Maliah where Harry was discussing with Caelum and Carina.

PS 3: I liked the reference to muggle activities such as surfing, Carina seems rather sporty, I wonder if she plays quidditch.
Sirius chapter 19 . 6/8
Lovely lovely lovely chapter! I love how Sirius noticed Harry's crush on Carina. Also Sirius' insecurities regarding Harry.
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 19 . 6/8
Amazing chapter
The Three Stoogies chapter 19 . 6/8
a good chapter keep up the good work
Caillat chapter 19 . 6/8
You showed a different side of Regulus here which I liked. I don’t know how healthy it is to keep everything he doesn’t want to remember bottled up like that but he seems to be functioning with it, at least for now. I have enjoyed Carina’s interactions with Harry over the past couple of chapters. She definitely has a spoiled brat thing going on but it seems to come out more when she’s around her family (and who would want everyone to see how we act around them?) As for her feelings for Harry, she obviously has a bf so I can see her playing with him as Sirius suggested, but I still think she might like him too. I think the not-so-subtle shove to the floo indicated that as well as some other places. Its possible, but I doubt it, that she might not know how he feels about her. Sirius doesn’t even consider that she might like Harry - was that intentional? Ooh and Sirius is going to teach Harry Occlumency, wants Regulus’s help with it and is going to tell Harry about the Prophecy? Yes, yes and yes! It was nice to have a peaceful chapter and Madame Maxime is back! Sirius and Maliah actually have quite a lot in common when you consider they both went against the norm of their families.
Tammona4532 chapter 18 . 6/2
Good chapter. Still don’t care for Carina and the thought of Harry liking her just screams incest to me even though they are not related. Plus Sirius doesn’t seem to like her either. Its weird that I love stories that show the bond between Sirius and Regulus, but I don’t like this Regulus and I am not sure why. He just comes across as a selfish coward. Plus the brothers don’t seem to have a bond. Regulus got to live a happy life while his brother rotted in prison and he really didn’t seem to care.
Desires of Autumn Leaves chapter 18 . 5/28
Another amazing chapter ;) I would be really glad if Harry forgets about Cho being with Carina somehow. And...why is Harry not communicating with his friends? At least with Ron and Hermione?
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