Reviews for Chiaroscuro
Noy chapter 75 . 10/15
... Really ?
You think that taking chakra away would be a good thing ?
I couldn't disagree more, with chakra the fighting and death would mostly concern the trained shinobis, now that chakra is out of the way, the feudal lords can simply armed their peasants with wooden pike and send them to war, the deathtole is going to skyrocket.
As for the end of child soldiers, well you are going to have a nasty surprise because I can assure you that a child can be taught to hold a wooden pike too so there is no reason not to use them. Historically children have always been used in war so I don't see why the elemental nations would suddently stop. You can expect the deathtole among children to skyrocket too.
Sorry but your plan is even more foolish than canon akatsuki's plan and has even less chance of achieving any kind of peace.
It's going to be medieval style bloodbath.
RStreighart chapter 48 . 10/14
Gaara's hug scene was fuggen adorable! The story is chock full of great moments like that though!
Agastopian chapter 19 . 10/11
I’m loving this story. I was always confused why they kept assembling Team Seven into something that fundamentally does. not. work. Yeah they had the Sanin but one turned into a creepy traitor, the other a perverted drifter, and the last a drunk gambling addict who herself also left the village for a period. Your version makes way better sense.
Jisk chapter 75 . 10/4
Just saw the final update. Sad to hear you're not going to finish it, but this is a lot better than nothing.

Unfortunately, while the fight scenes I can piece together in my head and get a satisfying if vague mental image, the big pivots like Shikamaru's sacrifice and how the world changes are a lot harder to see without your writing selling it. If you ever feel like fleshing out those, I would appreciate it very much.

But even so, thanks for the ride! It was great while it lasted.
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 75 . 9/29
I called it with the whole Danzo/Kakashi mind-fuckery!

Overall, this was a really well thought out story. I'm sad that you weren't able to finish it, but I am ever so grateful for the fact that you wrote out an extremely detailed outline of how you want the story to go. It gave me a great sense of closure :D Wonderful work!
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 70 . 9/29
My prediction is that Danzo is using Kakashi as an unknowing pawn. There seems to be a mental block and he feels like he doesn't deserve the title of guess is a Sharingan (Kotoamatsukami) induced order.

Also, Hinata is a badass in this chapter!
Guest chapter 19 . 9/29
I am so happy that gaara is joining konoha, I'm gonna riot if he and naruto won't become friends. And I really like how you portray kakashi
Soraslove chapter 58 . 9/24
Ahh of course one of danzo's cunts are at the rescue.
Soraslove chapter 57 . 9/23
Ya.. if shikaku would have been honest with shikamaru things could have been different. Then again he's a father trying to protect his son, everyone makes mistakes.
Soraslove chapter 56 . 9/23
Well at least gaara is okay... feelsbad inoichi is gone, tbh.
Soraslove chapter 55 . 9/23
Oh.. its a cerberus boss summon? Interesting.
Soraslove chapter 54 . 9/23
oh no...
Soraslove chapter 52 . 9/23
oh shit i hope inoichi makes it...
Soraslove chapter 51 . 9/23
Oh shit... rip gaara.

I hope temari get's what's coming to her.. the stupid bint.
Soraslove chapter 50 . 9/23
I completely agree, saying sorry doesn't mean shit, tbh. It's the actions that matter that show you mean the words.

Danzo has always been dangerous it hasn't been to the betterment of konoha. If that the were the case they would have kept the uchiha children around since the sharingan for better or worse is a very powerful tool. And konoha became weaker without it, imo.
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