Reviews for Chiaroscuro
Atheist god chapter 10 . 2/21
did you mean that kakashi is gay? Or did I understand it wrong?
Spaded Ace18 chapter 60 . 2/19
Loved the chapter man great work you showed everyone's mindsets for your universe greatly really enjoyed it looking forward to the next chapter keep it up. Hope you feel better btw.
Avid Fan chapter 44 . 2/18
Aaaaaaa so GOOD

(aLl thE mURdEr)
Avid Fan chapter 38 . 2/17
Ok. I know that this chapter was posted a while ago and that the kids already have hobbies and stuff.

Fuinjutsu master Naruto
(Even just-learning-Fuinjutsu Naruto)
That would be

Anyways- this story is so good, I love it so much, thank you for sharing this beautiful creation
Empress of Everything chapter 60 . 2/17
I ugly wheezed my way though this whole chapter. Please keep up the team 7 insanity. It has watered my crops and cleared my skin. #blessed
ilikeexploding chapter 60 . 2/17
Looking forward to Ino and Kakashi's devious plans!
todro pudro chapter 60 . 2/17
hope everything gets better for you
todro pudro chapter 59 . 2/17
Guest chapter 60 . 2/17
Jack Inqu chapter 60 . 2/17
Shikamaru has a good point: no one can know absolutely everything, as much as they may want to. But once you start learning, it can be very hard to stop.

Heh, I hadn't even thought about that method to block Fuu. Well played.

Gotta let them go sometime, Kakashi.

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
CypressofCyprus chapter 10 . 2/16
Gin from Bleach? Nah, it's the series Gin Tama.
glenwo2 chapter 10 . 2/15
Tama Gin? (Gin from Bleach, perhaps?)

Ina Yashu? (a play on Inuyasha. lol)

Ruroshin Kenrouni (more like Rurouni Kenshin)
The Ancient Phoenix chapter 9 . 2/13
Well...maybe I overdid it this time...
ninjamonkey5684 chapter 60 . 2/13
One of my favorite Naruto fanfics, you really show the grit of the shinobi world that's missing in the show. I mean seriously they train children to be assassins how the show is so innocent baffles me. Two questions though is naruto going to learn senjutsu even though he doesn't have the toads, and will we see naruto actually learn how to melt rock and turned it into glass like when he unlocked us killer intent?
The Ancient Phoenix chapter 2 . 2/12
Hatake!" SHinme hissed, hand latched onto the back of the Jounins shirt. He'd obviously let her do it, but that was beside the point. "You know, I think I'll introduce you to my friend Anko..."

Kakashi tansed in terror, but Shikamura appeared from around the corner, his shadow stretched to meet Kakashi's.

"Nice try, Scarecrow."

Well, damn.
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