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thenatureking chapter 17 . 6/19/2021
ino my mind is with you, my heart breaks with you...we gon be alright. we'll get through this together...


awww but damn the new match ups lol. Knew Kiba wasn't gonna get much screentime again LOL. Kiba x Neji is NOT fair ctfuu

ooh wait this chapter has A LOT of Ino. And for that, I thank you every day.

the awkwardness between ino and sakura tho..hehe...delicious. BUT that aside, good to see Sakura seems to be flourishing under Kurenai. She's definitely the sensei for her.

Hiruzen's reflections are so good omg...i've read another story where Hiruzen gets quite a bit of screentime and his reflections are good there too lol.

yoooo ino's fight has me howling lmfaoo the way it was all serious and then Ino's like "SHUT UP TENTEN!" ctfu this is comedy gold
thenatureking chapter 15 . 6/19/2021

now hold on...naruto willingly volunteering info that sasuke is awake to ino, ino willingly pushing a visit aside to probe shikamaru, and shikamaru pivoting back to naruto to ask him about sasuke...i think there's been a curious development here...hmmm...(speculating...)

awww wait sasuke laughing? i wonder what choji and hinata did, too lol omg...not knowing's gonna kinda drive me crazy lol

literally my brain turned off as shikamaru's took the lead, we're all confused baby... and poor kakashi...there's like 70 chapters of this story and you've gotten me so invested in kakashi i will cry if anything bad-bad happens to him lol

oh wow jiraiya you come with the bad fucking news ctfuuu u can go home now thanks for nothing! o
thenatureking chapter 14 . 6/19/2021
*live reacting to this chapter bc it feels like it's gonna be juicy*

ctfuuu orochimaru shading kakashi for using his boring ass jutsu i know that's right!

also his itty bitty nicknames for kakashi is taking me out, Orochi and Kashi are literally cut from the same cloth lol

wait orochi referring to kakashi as a kid is so cute lol aww.

nursing home for murderers? i'm crying lmfao and not orochi forgetting he himself is pushing 50 ctfu

"oopsy-daisy" he's insane lmfaoo

asdasdkas not shikamaru crushing on disguised kakashi're rubbing on the children kekekeke #HappyPrideMonth!

actually scared for shikamaru omg...i would give anything for him NOT to have the curse mark instead of sasuke LOL...also orochi trying to spare the children's lives by giving them the choice to abandon sasuke aww...

also all the talk about anti-love and kindness whew...the themes are juicy today.


woooow so all the talks about electricity had actually come in handy you're absolutely insane for this, this writing is on different levels i can't even.

wow what an incredible chapter...i'm kind of speechless...

did kakashi really axe *? that really the end of *? oh we're really getting started huh? LOL in honor of random humor, i'm pleased to see that kakashi's harem grows, welcome dear yamato
thenatureking chapter 13 . 6/19/2021
my tender, fragile heart...Team 7 Hina-Sasu-Cho did what they had to do! Praying for Kakashi! I can't even remember how the original chuunin exams went when Orochimaru appeared lol. I hope Sasuke is alright honestly, but if he defects and we get the sasuke retrieval arc again, i wouldn't be disappointed hehe

also kakashi i will protect you with my life, it's kinda funny how he's gotten attatched to them even tho he didn't even want a team in the beginning. honestly, your writing makes me thing he cares more about this team 7 then canon kakashi cares for canon team 7 lol.
thenatureking chapter 12 . 6/19/2021
oh wow that escalated quickly adaklsda not the combat gosh...i always say this lol but i'm really curious to see what spins you'll put on the familiar plot beats we all know and debatably love. Shikamaru being more humorous this chapter lol, they really are Kakashi's children lol
thenatureking chapter 11 . 6/19/2021
so exciting seeing a fresh new twist on what we already know hehe love this. also, the way you're juggling various plot lines is kinda sending me into orbit lol so masterful, i can't imagine the brain power involved haha
Hagebuttentee chapter 75 . 6/18/2021
Aww, I am sad Ino and Naruto didn't build their new live together.
But thank you for the last chapter and basically ending the story in a real way and not just leaving it abandoned.
Luiniliel chapter 75 . 6/17/2021
it would have been an even more amazing story had you the will to write the remainder. the synopsis of what would happen was great, but I know that it would have been amazing to read in entirety.
still a fantastic and very enjoyable read.
Datarus Finnigun chapter 75 . 6/17/2021
"Don't cry because it ended, smile because it happened" is ridiculously corny, but such is life.

Thank you for all the good stuff, and for giving us a picture of how things would've ended. Hope you do well wherever you go from here
thtadthtshldntb chapter 75 . 6/17/2021
Thanks for the wrap up.

Sorry to hear that Boruto killed it for you. Granted that was probably because you had to watch the first 50ish episodes which were mostly bad filler. But the opening arc in the manga is pretty damn good and had one of the three best battles in Naruto. So at least we got something out of it. And the latter battle against Issiki is pretty good even if it leads to something that soured me on Naruto.

Anyway thanks for your efforts.
raynedrops08 chapter 75 . 6/17/2021
Thanks for doing this. It’s nice to see closure even if it isn’t in the original format.
thenatureking chapter 10 . 6/16/2021
i'm crying cuz why hiruzen keep shading kakashi about his non-hetero preferences ctfuuuu this is really taking me out lmfao and i was lowkey kidding before abt that kakashi x iruka shipping moment spurred on by their interaction at the bar early on BUT... little ol Kakashi fake-beefing with Iruka here at the end aaahhhh maybe there's hope for a little garden of delusion teehee. And if we're being honest, hiruzen is giving the "nosy grandparent that's looking to matchmake their grandchildren" vibes lol. He's def in the early stages, my yamanaka senses are tingling XD

Also, the CHUUNIN exams! Yasss let's get into it! The fact that we haven't seen Kakashi's team do any actual bad guy fighting tho O.O; i'm really curious to see how they'll fair throughout all this. Happy to see the other Konoha kiddos return, too hoping my girl Tenten isn't swept away by the competition so easily even though I love Temari down just as much lol. Honestly tho i love the way you write everyone so i'm just geeked to see the new interactions lol

As always, thanks for writing reading this has been the light of my days lately :)
Lady-Ye chapter 75 . 6/16/2021
Thank you. Even though I'm disappointed I'll never get to read everything that happened but I'm immensely grateful that you shared your cliff notes with us.

It was phenomenal and a beautiful end. I am thrilled that the Shinobi village system collapsed and even though Kakashi, Itachi and Shikamaru died it really meant something. There death meant a change that in the Naruto world seemed accomplishable.

Though I'm disappointed Ino and Naruto did not end up together but I love what you did with them. Two broken people really doesn't make even one complete person. I'm glad that they got to discover the world and become better and then find happiness on their own terms.

I loved that you ended the series with showing us a glimpse of Kakashi the second and his ambition. He'll make one kickass medic nin.

Also, I loved that Sayo is going to pursue engineering and not the classical Shinobi arts like her brother and her family did. She is going to do something that she loves and I think that's what makes Shikamaru's sacrifice so much worth it.

The end makes me bittersweet but it's really fitting. The story is named Chiaroscuro, after all.
Alechaos Ogigio 2 chapter 75 . 6/16/2021
i will love you forever for making the last part an actual scene, and for completing the story. this was an amazing piece of work.
Aotrs Commander chapter 75 . 6/16/2021
Thank you for your time and effort over the years. It's unfortunate that things moved away from you so that this wouldn't be finished properly, but that's how it goes; but thank you for spending the time to at least make this chapter to add some conclusion, which as others have said is more than most stories get.
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