Reviews for Chiaroscuro
Soraslove chapter 35 . 9/20
This is very complicated, lol.
Soraslove chapter 34 . 9/19
Well there's def a shinbo aboot.

I wonder if danzo sticky fingers are all over this, i wouldn't be surprised... the man get's hard on when he's in control.
Soraslove chapter 33 . 9/19
Naruto was poisioned? Was is airborne? If so... why isn't shika, ino also poisoned?
ngocnv371 chapter 55 . 9/18
holy dog!
Soraslove chapter 32 . 9/18
I wonder what danzo did now.
Soraslove chapter 31 . 9/18
I hope this makes kakashi even more dangerous. It would be great if he still had atleast partial use of his charka coils if nothing else. I always also thought it was weird that kakashi was a ninjustu master when... he didn't have the chakra to fling that shit around.

Then again... maybe the reason for that was cause he stopped training to increase his reserves... a ninja who stops progressing is a dead ninja... and he came close in the canon during wave.
Soraslove chapter 29 . 9/17
Ayyy hinata stopped acting like a pussy, ez bb. Sasuke the retarded really needed that punch, lol.
Soraslove chapter 28 . 9/17
oh shit... poor shika..
Soraslove chapter 26 . 9/17
photo sessions with bikini company... LOL
Soraslove chapter 25 . 9/17
Ayy, the sound idiots are dead, ez.
ngocnv371 chapter 42 . 9/17
oh, shoot
Soraslove chapter 22 . 9/17
The kyuubi seems more angry in this story then the canon, lol.
Soraslove chapter 21 . 9/17
Oh rip, i would hoped they got the bloody experiments would have gotten taken care of as well...
Soraslove chapter 20 . 9/16
i hope kakashi can get his chakra path's fixed...
Soraslove chapter 19 . 9/16
oh yikes... deactivated sharingan.

I wonder if that bitch tsunade can actually make herself useful for once and try and heal kakashi... he can't protect his 'kids' when out of comission after all.
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