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threereasonswhy chapter 160 . 10/10
There's so much I can say about this fic. I couldn't remember when I read it, so I searched through reviews. 2020, I think? That's insane. I was so much younger, and just - your story has been my life for so long. It's my favorite fic of all time, even with the grammar errors and the way you forgot about Blaise and how you mispelt his last name like sixty-five times in year one. And I say this affectionately, because with the countless times I've reread it, I know all of these errors like the back of my hand. It makes me giggle to think of how much this fic shaped who I am; it makes me so very grateful to think of how many times I've reread this to help myself feel better. And yeah, Lorena is overpowered and the bashing is unrealistic, but who cares? She's powerful, fun, and a person. Lorena is who I'd like to be, maybe minus the issues. Honestly, the only thing I genuinely dislike is the lack of queer representation? But that's your choice and I don't blame you for it. More about my feelings on this story. I read it when I was an age I can't disclose. I remember brainrotting over a Tom x Rena fic for like two weeks, and mustering up the courage to dm you about it? Or maybe that was something else. I dunno, honestly. But I wrote a fic a couple years ago, and the character I had in mind basically was Lorena. I wanted her to be just like Lorena. The only reason I didn't ship her with Draco is because I put her with Blaise.

Your story has been such a huge part of my life, and I know that I will go back again and again to reread this, because every single time I do it, it's still beautiful and sweet and energizing and simply perfect. Or, more accurately, imperfect. I've memorized nearly all of your authors' notes; I could tell you what each says by heart. Like your comment on Hermione's relationship with Ron? How he was a dick to her most of the time with spots of niceness? I've quoted that so many times to so many people.

I'm so very grateful to you and I hope life is going well.

Thank you, so much. I know you won't see this. This fic was finished five years ago and you haven't been on this site in over two years, from what I can tell. I hope that you see this. I hope you respond. Mostly, though, I hope that wherever you are, you know that there are people who think about you and your writing all the time.

Thank you, so, so much.
-Adrien / a_threereasonswhy / Axis
TheOnlySlytherinQueen chapter 159 . 9/16
I have likely commented before but I wanted to write again after another read through and reading some of the reviews here as well.

I absolutely love this story. It has been on my favorites list for a very long time. It has become my comfort story comparatively to the original HP books. Personally, as a die hard Slytherin, I have so enjoyed seeing the Slytherin POV of what this world could (and in my opinion, should) have been. I don't think many people understand it. As I've seen numerous comments about not being able to finish or not caring for this version. I don't know if you'll see this comment but I truly want you (and others) to know, I fell in love with your world and as a Slytherin who can put herself in Lorena's shoes, it was beautifully done.
Zara chapter 63 . 8/29
I absolutely love this chapter. This entire story is so beautifully written. I know that it was 5 years ago that it was finished but I just love it so much!
Guest chapter 160 . 8/22
Really enjoyed this fanfic!
DragonLord501st chapter 160 . 8/22
Great story 10/10. I really enjoy the epilogue chapters! Not many fanfics do them so it's really nice to see one that completes the story. Thanks for the read!
bloxrocks chapter 107 . 8/15
Oh heck
KoreanGal5 chapter 160 . 7/13
Hello. Let me please compliment you in developing this monster of a fic. (Meant fondly of course)
Hilarious fact: I started this fic, somehow unable to read numbers, because I thought it was 1M words and 120 chapters.
Please cut to me 90 chapters in realizing there were 40 extra chapters and more than 10 times the number of words.
I have consumed all 11M words in under 48 hours, and I have never been more pleased.
I loved Lorena and your take on the effects she has on the storyline as well as how she accomplishes what she does.
The house politics you dive into were absolutely phenomenal, and I appreciate how Harry and Lorena are affected.
Thank you for sharing this 11M-word behemoth with the world.
Even 5 years later, there are new people like me coming to enjoy.
jingerr chapter 160 . 7/6
I really believe you the 1st to write a harry potter book with 1.1 million words. I only know of 1 other that has 1 million words for hp. Thank you again. You bring happiness to others. All because you created and posted such an amazing book.
jingerr chapter 125 . 7/4
I wonder why Lorena didn't gather her hair up that was cut off. with an accio or something. because someone can make a Polyjuice Potion out of it now. just word for thought
jingerr chapter 106 . 7/4
I still truly love this book! Thank you for writing and sharing this masterpiece!
jingerr chapter 100 . 7/3
V hugs!
jingerr chapter 73 . 7/1
side note are the only ones that were able to hear Whispers from the vell the ones who could see thestivals (hope i spelled that right) the horses that pull the carriages and that you have to see death in order to see them.
jingerr chapter 3 . 6/28
okay seriously if I'm an orphan who's abused by my aunts and uncle. and get a letter addressed to me. I'm honestly not going to look at the address that it was sent to nor the coat of arms. I'm going to be reading the letter first and foremost.
Noodlegeist chapter 88 . 6/10
Yeah, I'm not reading anymore of this...

I can deal with the blatent OP:ness of Lorena and the over-the-top portrayal of Dumbledore. I even gave it another shot after the Department of Mysteries battle when it became clear that you'd just have this be a rewrite with snarky commentary. But when you get served the one conflict that could add some tension to this (Harry's potion book) and just go "Whatever, Lorena doesn't care", you just broke the rule to your own character.

There's really no point to reading anymore... I know everything that will happen. It'll be exactly the same as the books/movies, with a few minor details added that won't matter in the end. I may as well just watch the movies with a colour filter on instead.


The story has no conflict. I realised it now.
I won't be reading anymore.
Gwenaria1 chapter 2 . 6/1
this is my 3rd or 4th time reading this story and only just realised the similarities with the reptiles and common room! I'm a nitwit and you're amazing.
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