Reviews for To Be a Slytherin
AriaLong chapter 160 . 9/20
this is a wonderfull story that i could not let go once started, i loved every bit of it, lots of funny moments, had quite the lump in my throat from 153/154 and onwards, it was truly great
Zhorvak chapter 18 . 9/16
too bad, I really wanted to see chamber of secrets since it's my favorite, anyway, good chapter
Zhorvak chapter 10 . 9/16
When I saw the name Fuchs I had to hold my laugh so hard, I blame the Angry Video Game Nerd for it.
AquaReese24 chapter 111 . 8/20
I'll admit that I don't understand Lorena. There are moments where I love her and moments where I hate her (If you won't hear a word against Rena I wouldn't reccomend continuing). It's brilliant writing, and she's an interesting character, nothing against the author at all. But, from my perspective, she's incredibly arrogant. She's very smart and very capable, but she views herself as an adult and above everybody else at times. She talks about Harry's 'Scarlet Glasses' but never for a second thinks that she might be wearing emerald ones. She immediately assumes Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors are idiots and sees little to no strength or value in intense morality. For example, like Sirius says in the story, Harry runs on emotion. That's very apt. Lorena sees this a a stupid thing to do when in reality it works for plenty of situations as long at it doesn't compltely overwhelm you (which, admittedly, Harry struggles with). Rena also is ignorant to Harry's emotions at times. For example, regarding Dumbledore's death, she reflects that she wouldn't mourn the man himself. It never really occurs to her what Dumbledore does for and means to Harry. I'm not trying to say she's completely wrong in saying that Dumbledore is a puppet master, but she misses his intentions. Dumbledore is not a cruel man - he's clever and knows how to get what he wants, which ends up inherently manipulative. The entire time, Dumbledore is trying to help Harry. Lorena doesn't know that the endgame is Harry's death (I just finished 6th year). However she feels about Dumbledore, she should at least be glad that he is trying to help Harry. I may just be salty that she caused Dumbledore's death, but that's my hot take on Lorena Potter.
3nvy chapter 129 . 8/18
I have read most fanfic over 100k words. Sad to admit it is my first review but your last sentence make me want to do it amazing story love Lorena.
NuraSelene chapter 20 . 8/18
Where's second and third year?
OnlyHuman123 chapter 52 . 8/17
probably a bit too late, but I would personally LOVE a Tommy/OFC, Lorena is an amazing original character, and reading something you wrote regarding Peaky Blinders, I would actually die...
OnlyHuman123 chapter 40 . 8/16
I had to scroll down to write this, I'm up to the part where Harry and Lorena glimpse inside Dumbledore's Pensieve, but I had a thought, wouldn't have it been a lovely thing if Dumbledore had at least shown Harry memories of James and Lily? I may have upset him of course, but Harry definitely deserved more than a photo album and just seeing them in a mirror and such at that point you know? I understand that that is more than a lot of people get, but there was an opportunity there and such, showing what the wizarding world could do you know?

I don't know, I could be missing something but in my heart, I wholeheartedly wished Harry had gotten that to cherish, to find a real memory rather than not knowing if his Patronus one was real or not ...

As always! Great chapters so far since my last review! 3
OnlyHuman123 chapter 36 . 8/16
I could be wrong but, you can use unicorn tail hair in about two potions I think? Unicorn blood would most likely be what Lorena wouldn't know about.. mainly because I think Voldemort used Nagini's Venom and Unicorn blood in order to keep him as "baby" voldy until he had come back properly... I could be wrong and if I am please correct me! I love Harry Potter lore, so learning something new is always a joy! :) Love this story, this is my second read-through!
shairaerice1923 chapter 159 . 8/8
Such a great read! Thank you for your wonderful work, author. I really enjoyed reading this. God bless you!
Flaum chapter 159 . 8/1
That was a great wrap! Such a shame that when I visited your profile there weren't any TomxLorena stories. I do hope you write them. I'm a really big fan of their ship!
Flaum chapter 154 . 8/1
I swear, if I'm there at the gallery, I would cry at the gallantry the Slytherins showed.
Flaum chapter 151 . 8/1
We need that love story of Tom and LorenaᴗDraco be damned.
Flaum chapter 131 . 8/1
Riddle kissed Potter~ Riddle kissed Potter~ kyaa~! (ノ)ノ ミ
Flaum chapter 123 . 8/1
YOU LUCKY B!TCH! Oh god, can you not see Tom's gorgeousness or are you blind?! He should be a hell of a kisser if you faltered like that but bissshhhhh atleast you should've made the snogging more dirtier!
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