Reviews for To Be a Slytherin
Guest chapter 87 . 1h
Great chapter can't wait to read more
justanauthorgirl chapter 86 . 2h
Absolutely fantastic! I love your writing so much! I noticed some typos, but that's expected. I have read this fanfic so fast! It is amazing. I love Lorena and Draco :)
Guest chapter 86 . 6h
*crying* " It-It's-It's just that I'm, I'm, I just can't go this long without Lorena.*wailing*

In all honesty though, please update.

*sniffle* *sniffle*
ThisIsAGuest chapter 87 . 7h
Two questions:
1) What will Snape's reaction be to finding out Lorena has tattoos and that one of them honors him?
2) How up the wall will Harry be when he finds out Lorena is teaching Parseltongue?
Guest chapter 87 . 9h
Love this
Nomurai chapter 87 . 13h
Not going to lie, I had been unintentionally comparing this fanfic with "Green Eyed Monster" for a while. End of Year 5 to Year 6 is definitely shaping up to be much more interesting than I anticipated (mostly because this is where the divergence seems to occur most prominently). Lorena takes a much more schemer/ambitious approach than Audrey. I especially like how Lorena is more 'carpe diem'. TL;DR, thank you for not making a carbon copy of all the other female-Potter-twin plotlines.

The linked mirrors idea as well as the emergency potion pouch are genius! Reading about these has be going, "Oh yeah! How come the Order members in the books never thought of these?" I'm really interested in seeing how these ideas are followed through in future chapters.

The Parselmouth communication sounds pretty cool and I enjoyed reading about this first language class. You may have mentioned it before, but why are they learning this again? I can see this communication working very well against enemies...but wouldn't saying these in Voldemort's presence be like advertising your moves before you make them? (Admittedly, I don't see many of the Basilisks ending up in Voldie's presence, but never know.)

Thanks for the updates!
obscurialdefenseclub chapter 87 . 13h
Omg I love this story sm! :3
Dare queen chapter 87 . 21h
ThisIsAGuest chapter 87 . 1/18
Good chapter! But let me get this straight: We are going to be given golden nuggets of instances where the Head of Slytherin has to depend on Lorena "the Phoenix" Potter? Thus giving us more Lorena/Snape chapters, thus strengthening the amazing relationship they already have, and thus allowing him to have more conversations about their number one spitfire with Amity by letters...and also building up the ship that is named Severity?! Well give me a tissue box now. Go ahead!
Just a fan chapter 87 . 1/18
So I love this story more than anything! I've seen a few people talk about Lorena killing Dumbledore and having here soul split and become a female Snape, what I personally hope for is this; she kills Dumbledore, but doesn't split her soul likr Tom did because I think there are more components to truly splitting it. Coming from her, it would be more of a mercy killing anyway. She goes on the run alone, since the Deatheaters are confused and the good guys think she's evil, until eventually she runs back into a hurt Harry, and has to explain her actions.
She is then nearly killed by Voldemnort because she killed Dumbledore instead of Snape, survives, wins the war, Snapes alive, and everyone gets a fairly happy ending.
I know this is wishful thinking but please consider this (even though you've already probably planned it out), and PLEASE give us a double update next week! I have exams, and I need this to get me through it.
I love your writing so much and I can't wait to see what will happen with Lorena, the most badass witch ever.
FlowerChild23 chapter 87 . 1/18
lol. she sounds like a professor. lol. love it...Professor Potter.
ZabuzasGirl chapter 87 . 1/18
What do you think of the suggestions i gave you about Buckbeack?
Glad to see Lorena is dominating more now.
Update immediately, please!
HopeForDuende chapter 87 . 1/18

also yessss treat snape! im excited for that.
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 87 . 1/18
really good chapter! please go on!
The Three Stoogies chapter 87 . 1/18
another good chapter keep up the good work
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