Reviews for What If
BigR3d93 chapter 13 . 9/8
Loved it!
Oh lord, I absolutely adored the last line! Brilliant! Hope to read more of these wonderful blurbs soon :)
Thank you for making my day!
slytherdorlibra chapter 14 . 9/9
this needs more chapters
Guest chapter 14 . 8/13
Excellent! Specially loved ch 10 & ch 12
The Wandmaker chapter 10 . 8/12
My very favorite chapter!
furface294 chapter 1 . 8/12
Whooo interesting, I liked this
Darth Vulpes chapter 10 . 8/7
My favorite part of the 10th chapter is the Sorting Hat's smug quip.
musme chapter 14 . 7/20
I like it
spk chapter 11 . 7/15
ADORE Harry's response here!
hdres chapter 14 . 7/7
I don’t usually like short stories but this series of ‘what ifs’ was well written and had some great plot ideas and emotional resonance. I’m just sorry none of them were fleshed out into full stories. Thank you for sharing your ideas.
Osmodious chapter 10 . 6/30
I think this chapter, “A Protective Friend”, should be on its own as a is really fun. I like the idea of time Death, and it helps tie in how someone as busy as Death must be can always be there to protect Harry. Good stuff...thanks for posting!
BlueKarou79 chapter 14 . 6/25
Great job! Interesting snippets, several of which I would love to see in a larger story.
D0 y0u even read br0 chapter 10 . 6/16
oh my god that was freaking amazing and I'm not in a wordy mood but i love these stories (I'm going out of order, whoopsies)
Guest chapter 14 . 5/24
Love your story, you bring up a good point about his scar. The killing curse leaves no mark on the body, so why was there one on harry? Him having that scar was always a mystery to me, i always thought that his mother did some kind of magic to protect him that left that scar on his head.
catzetier chapter 14 . 5/11
Interesting AU takes on all fourteen chapters. I particularly liked the one with the Potter Grimoire and the one where Sirius threw everyone out of the house.
noddwyd chapter 4 . 4/26
addendum to chapter 3Hermione was killed by the troll."
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