Reviews for Second chance
Guest chapter 91 . 9/7
Nooo inventes! Que increíble segundo epílogo! JAMÁS me imaginé algo asi

Tori chapter 63 . 9/3
You’re not talking about a teacher who died in North Carolina are you? My PE teacher died in a motorcycle accident as well. He wasn’t in his 60’s but that’s a strange coincidence!
Kushka chapter 91 . 8/15
Oh man twist at the end, great story!
camybanks12 chapter 91 . 8/7
So all this time it was all a made up delusion? Dude that's cold. Please write a Sequel.
Camro chapter 91 . 7/31
I loved this story ! Thank you so much for sharing it
Time travel Hermione is my favorite genre of fanfics and this one is absolutely awesome
ramen-no-juustu chapter 1 . 7/29
im too afraid to read the second epiligue. This fanfiction has make me cry but oh it was so worth it! Great writing
Guest chapter 91 . 6/10
Lord that second epilogue has me shooketh! Why Lord, WHY? *cries all the tears ever in life*
Onyx Rose Black chapter 91 . 6/3
I was sooo happy! The story and the first epilogue made my heart swell... but then it was crushed into tiny little pieces by the second epilogue. Still, it was a very well thought out and written story.
SaraGranger74 chapter 91 . 6/3
This was an amazing story, but the 2nd epilogue left me crying. Why!?
KiedisXI chapter 91 . 6/3
Holy Sh!t Kinda mad but not! Awesome book!
mvk12 chapter 91 . 5/27
I’m so shook
NineStoicCrayolas chapter 91 . 5/27
Okay so all of it was wonderful except the SECOND EPILOGUE? wtf? why?
mvk12 chapter 53 . 5/22
i was not excpecting that :(
stormhazel chapter 91 . 5/21
Um holy shit
Slytherin Princess Adelyn chapter 91 . 5/16
I thought this was going to end all cute but then this happened and- Just, wtf
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