Reviews for Rain of Vengeance
mowmers chapter 5 . 8/24
This was masterful. My heart hurt just reading it
silversimon chapter 5 . 12/16/2016
monay9e chapter 5 . 6/15/2016
Wow! Just Wow! !
pegasus5406 chapter 5 . 6/14/2016
Wow, that was amazing...very well done. You deserved the award easily...great story hon...thanks for sharing...huggs. Peggy
becksie chapter 5 . 6/6/2016
wow. this was brilliant. I'm on the fence with the Volturi, this was , an eye opening perspective
Guest chapter 5 . 6/3/2016
Very interesting, i really like this concept and it is so in character of the volturi as well
princessnerra chapter 5 . 3/14/2016
So sad, it was hard to read... If only Jacob had stop to think...
catjumped1 chapter 5 . 10/23/2015
Horrific thought, well written with a most appropriate ending.
Ellie Aluinn chapter 5 . 9/22/2015
CayStar chapter 5 . 7/8/2015
Love it! I love the twist on Mtr's version, and I love how you made Bella relatively innocent in the whole thing. Jacob is too- even if Aro can't see it. He's too young to understand the intricacies of the situation and too indoctrinated to get past his (Billy's) prejudices.

My "friend" ;) oh, Aro...
CayStar chapter 4 . 7/8/2015
Finally catching up here. My poor Seth...
TwistedNeiviv chapter 5 . 6/2/2015
Amazing - yeah, I'm amazed. Shiesa!
TwistedNeiviv chapter 4 . 6/1/2015
K. So the wolves cleared them out ... Not without reason? So very curious!
4MeJasper chapter 5 . 5/31/2015
A bloody ending for the Quils.

Painful, but beautifully imagined and carried out.
GaijinVamp chapter 5 . 5/31/2015
Jacob was no one's friend but his own. Self-centered and prejudiced, ultimately only interested in what would protect himself. He caused the deaths of the only vampires that didn't drink humans (except for the Denalis) with whom his tribe had a treaty, just because he was obsessed with Bella.
Good story, short and effective.
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