Reviews for What Happened Before
Liza Mondragon chapter 11 . 9/24/2016
I.D.Gr chapter 11 . 7/27/2016
Holyyyyyyyyyy. I love the last chapter with the police reports, v crime genre savy of you. Honestly it kind of makes me laugh that the general premise of this story is 'what if boy genius Lewis was actually the son of mafia gangsters?'

It's incredible how clear, subtle, and humble your style is, overtly flowery prose would've ruined it for sure.

Also: is it a coincidence that Cornelius' second cousin he never met was named Cornel? I guess they're both extravagantly cerebral names.

Ok I just thought of something else: if Cornelius is half Italian in this universe, and Franny is definitely Italian doesn't that make Wilbur like 3/4 Italian; 1/4 mobster?

If ever you decide to write more, my eyeballs will not hesitate to read everything in one sitting again.
NurfHurdur chapter 10 . 7/13/2015
Love this, thought it might go in a similar direction but wasn't expecting all of this! The last line was perfect.
Christie chapter 1 . 6/25/2015
Good start
NurfHurdur chapter 7 . 6/23/2015
Ohhhhh on one hand I might see where this is headed but on the other I could be completely wrong. It's one big mess but it's a believable mess, which is what makes this such an interesting read.
I.D.Gr chapter 6 . 6/18/2015
Well I didn't get a wink of sleep so my review might be nonsensical but this is by far one of the best things I've read in a while.

Absolutely amazing. I've read a lot of "Mother" stories before (even tried to write one) and not only does this take the cake but this is by far the most elaborate one yet. Never have I read an all-oc MTR fic so well done, the characterisation is perfect, especially for OCs and I love how you've made the mystery woman in the movie, Lewis' aunt rather than his mother. Your prose is excellent to, somewhat formal, descriptive but not overly so as to muddle the story. Somehow you've kept every chapter subtle yet vivid enough to keep me interested.

I just rdftwyutf6r534wwsedtyhuj I'm not feeling very eloquent right now so I might come back later to give a more thorough review but suffice it to say that I'm putting this bad boy on my alerts.

(PS my theory at this point is that Angelo is a stalker and violent mafia member?)
NurfHurdur chapter 6 . 6/15/2015
Had to hop on over to read this as soon as I got the alert. I'm really enjoying your take on it!
NurfHurdur chapter 4 . 6/7/2015
I stumbled upon this going through the recent updates and decided to read after noticing there weren't any reviews yet. Why aren't there? This is fantastic. It's great to see well written fics in this painfully small fandom.