Reviews for Morphed Secrets
Scott Berg chapter 73 . 6/30
Still enjoying it, think I've already reviewed, particularly the Da. Now I'm thinking Barty Crouch is losing as his father instead of Moody based on this chapter and previous ones, be interesTing to see how it plays out
Scott Berg chapter 58 . 6/9
Ha that last note brilliant, I was born in 1991 so one of the films I grew up with a brilliant film but yeah probably not at all up Severus's alley, even if he is somewhat like Scar with his dark presence and dry sense of humour, fortunately not trying to kill the heroes though unless you insert Dumbledore into Mufasar's place in which case ... What I was going to not though was how the characters are in general much more mature in this fic, particularly Sirius and Severus in the last few chapters have been much more calm and level headed then in any other fic I remember of this type where they haven't already made a truce prior to POA certainly not hexing each other or trading insults, shocking but makes a nice change everyone tolerating each other. Oh and the bit with Regulus was good to, sad and moving, an often forgotten and underrated character.

Still enjoying the story, the little plot changes are adding up to make some good differences to the story, I'm looking forward to getting the chance to finish reading it
Scott Berg chapter 44 . 6/9
Just a thought but strikes me that Tonks could have used her metamorphagus? skills to transform into just another teenager if sh they'd wanted her to hang around with them without embarassing them, seems odd considering it's one of the main focuses of the story for both Harry and Tonkls to both overlook this. Good as always otherwise
Scott Berg chapter 34 . 6/9
Great twist, good to see Draco developing as a character, freeing Dobby and questioning his Father instead of acting like a puppet and good to see Severus playing the hero and showing a detective's mind and figuring out the mystery of the Basilisk
Scott Berg chapter 16 . 6/8
Agree with you about Draco if given the right influence, he seems less stuck up then in some stories which is nice
Scott Berg chapter 12 . 6/8
Great story so far, enjoy it when people try to shake up the plot and make it their own and there's been some good twists. Great to see Harry and the others standing up togEther and finding a way for both houses to win and be happy with the result
ayame992 chapter 56 . 4/12
Hi! I really liked the scene with Draco and Hermione. And honestly the whole story! With all honesty I would have like to see more about Sirius (mostly Sirius talking with Sev trying to get along while still struggling to get over he past) and I 'm curious about what will be with Harry and Sirius
maiqsmail chapter 5 . 4/7
Oh hi Tonks.
maiqsmail chapter 4 . 4/7
Where Tonks? She shows up once, gets used as plot device, hints at possible pairing with Snape, then disappears completely?
maiqsmail chapter 1 . 4/7
Hmm. I've read a similar severitus, but James was infertile due to inbreeding and Lily used Severus as a donor with special potion that changed phenotype of the child to James. But this? I'm looking forward as to how you explain why he mimiced James all this time without even knowing how he looks like. Actually, at this point in story he never even seen James Potter photo (first 15 months of his life notwithstanding).
Guest chapter 6 . 3/25
There should be a limit though. I myself believe it unacceptable nowadays for teens to date f-a-r older men and vice versa. Or that man that dates girls till their twenty five. Probably doesn't drink with the shelf age over that number to.
Simplykimtastic chapter 35 . 3/6
These little fluffy chapters are so adorable
Simplykimtastic chapter 26 . 3/6
I just want to say that so dar this is my absolute favorite depiction of Ron. He gets a lot of hate usually and is a big focus of all the bashing (which is also fun to read) but i like that you really stay true to him being Harrys first friend and growing together
Yz3ut3 chapter 83 . 2/13
I loved this fic! thank you si much! see ya!
EdTheBeast chapter 83 . 11/17/2023
Intriguing, interesting, I don't care for Severus being his dad much, love to hate him, same for Draco, though I don't mind his turning away. Glade this was not DM/HG, but like HP/someone more than just a couple of kisses on the cheek.
Seeing Lily and James, I took a long time to read it all, so forgot the why Harry is a Snape and not a Potter. Thought maybe blood adoptions. SS/NT was a very interesting couple, never really like RL/NT, but loved Teddy. Leaving it with not knowing if her child is a girl or boy set up a sequel; but I do not see 1 in your stories. So maybe add some to the end or a 1 shot about the birth.
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