Reviews for Loki Chose the Rarest of Them All
Guest chapter 16 . 5/25
I want to see Harry have kids. Maybe Harry meet his mom. Actually could it be explained why Harrys mom hasn't come to him at all. Death does so why not her. More chapters please.
TimothyB chapter 16 . 5/13
Wow I love this story as well. I Hope you continue this one eventually. Keep up the amazing work!
Xiledwolf07 chapter 16 . 5/12
Emerald Time chapter 16 . 5/11
I am fangirling so hard! I haven't stopped grinning since Loki arrived! I really hope you can find time to update this soon! I love this fic! Thank you for writing and sharing this! Good luck in your writing!
SilverRosehp chapter 16 . 5/10
Please update your story soon I absolutely love it and hope you continue it soon.
Ana chapter 12 . 5/6
"Avada eyes" - where can I get some of these?
Loveless Demon chapter 16 . 4/14
*cries* He gets it! He finally gets it! By the gods, finally!
Loveless Demon chapter 6 . 4/14
Oh something will catch your interest Loki.I'm sure of it
Loveless Demon chapter 4 . 4/14
Oh my god can you think of the repercussions of this?!
Dude a comical meeting between father and son,
*stops dead* 'why are you here?! Oh god's do you know what you've done? the world will end! how am I going to rule a burning husk?!'
Loveless Demon chapter 3 . 4/14
Two lines that made me crack up in laughter and just start slow clapping while nodding:
'Almost obsessively in his sixth year.'
'But not many people in Harry's life matched Tom's level of handsome.'
Damn straight they don't but I know who wiiiiiilllllll~
Gods just thinking about Tom's devastatingly,devilish handsomeness...yeah...I can think about that obsessively too.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/13
Teagan is an Irish female sir name and means beautiful in both Welsh and Greek, also it has some very interesting definitions on the urban dictionary. this is just for fun and hopefully I didn't mess up on the definition also Teagan is a very lovely name for both genders.
mfaerie32 chapter 16 . 4/3
Harry can be a bit slow at times. Lol.

And now I'm sad...because I've caught up with the most recent chapter. and now I have to wait. And I'm very impatient. But that's not your problem. Lol. I hope you update soon. I'm very addicted to this story. so much so, that I should have been in bed 2hrs ago, but I couldn't stop reading. )
mfaerie32 chapter 13 . 4/3
Poor Loki. Lol.
mfaerie32 chapter 12 . 4/3
Teddy's talk with Loki was adorable. Lol.
mfaerie32 chapter 10 . 4/3
I love Tony...I do...but more often than not, his mouth gets him into shit that could be avoided.
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