Reviews for Altered Beginings
vickiel2r chapter 28 . 11/9
Happy life came the offsprings that would continue their legacy and even after death they would not part for their souls are connected forever, Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy. Love the story and thank you very much.
vickiel2r chapter 27 . 11/9
The wedding happened, no one could stop them and they can weather anything that could come to test them.
vickiel2r chapter 26 . 11/9
Lady Susan is brutal typical of her status in life, a daughter of a Duke and an Earl for a husband who was more accepting of his nephew's decision. Elizabeth had overcome her first exposure but will likely have more to follow.
vickiel2r chapter 25 . 11/8
Elizabeth is acting like she does with people she is comfortable with and speaks her mind when needed and Colonel Fitzwilliam is easy to exchange words with. Georgiana will get a good company in Pemberley.
vickiel2r chapter 24 . 11/8
Being truthful solve further problems and as dense as Mr Collins could be he did confide to Darcy the mess he started with Lady Catherine. Further secrets have to be brought out as well in regards to Georgiana and Wickham and all for Elizabeth to know. Darcy and Elizabeth are becoming even more in tuned to each other, how well they are connecting.
vickiel2r chapter 23 . 11/8
Mrs Bennet is overwhelmed how fortunate her daughter is going to be Mr Darcy's bride, she is planning a feast for a mass of people she expects to attend. She might be disappointed if only the people of Meryton will comprise the bulk of attendees. At least they will be satisfied of a festive wedding breakfast.
vickiel2r chapter 22 . 11/7
Darcy and Elizabeth understand each other even with small gestures without any words. Caroline still tries to keep the men at her side but they are beyond giving in to her tactics.
vickiel2r chapter 21 . 11/7
Darcy's patience is reaching it's limit with the women around him all acting differently from the atmosphere he had been raised and the society he had traversed. Elizabeth alone and even Jane are no problems but all the others in her family needs a crush course in etiquette.
vickiel2r chapter 20 . 11/7
I like this Darcy, fierce in defending Elizabeth from Caroline who still has not given up in disparaging the Bennets like she is of any higher breed than they are. Did she think she would ever elevate her status to Darcy by doing so.
vickiel2r chapter 19 . 11/7
Charles Bingley had confided his intentions to Jane Bennet. Jane did not want to compete with Elizabeth nuptials so they have to wait.
vickiel2r chapter 18 . 11/5
Mr. Collins made a decision that he might eventually regret for he doesn't really know how he can execute what Lady Catherine wants him to do and make a fool of himself.
vickiel2r chapter 17 . 11/5
What has Caroline say to Charles announcement. Will she stay or pack up and leave with the Hursts to London. She must be thoroughly mad she might think of something else to either save herself or go for broke.
vickiel2r chapter 16 . 11/5
Mrs Bennet finally was shock but surely recovered to plan for ball gown and dress up the daughter that will finally save the family from the hedge grove. The Darcy family heirloom all for Elizabeth to wear. She statement will be made just her stepping at the Netherfield ball. Can't wait to see the shock on Caroline's face.
vickiel2r chapter 15 . 11/5
Lady Catherine was shut off for a change and Darcy took charge. How brave of Anne to spoke her mind, and having his uncle James with him, made the trip so much easier for Darcy. An heirloom, the engagement ring perhaps in his pocket.
vickiel2r chapter 14 . 11/5
What will it be wedding or elopement. Will Darcy make it back for the ball considering he also will stop ar Rosing Park.
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