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Guest chapter 37 . 7/18
Now This Is What I Call Good Writing️
Frioviss chapter 19 . 6/22
I was bored, in the mood for RE but didn't know how to find good quality stories, and came here with no expectations and found myself very glad that I'd clicked your link on SB.

This story has everything I didn't know I wanted; from the various POVs, genre shifts, that it's basically a collection of short stories. I love it.
Now I've been binge reading for several hours and should take a break.
DarkGidora chapter 39 . 4/10
Oh, this is a very interesting piece. I love taking what the game presents as pretty much a loony Wesker fangirl, and adding a bit of depth to her, by having her acknowledge that yes, she fell for him and let herself go along in a crazy scheme that really was never going to help her. This genre, where the villain switches sides without any actual redemption, just realizing for the first time that they've really not been working to their interests-that's very nice. You make her simultaneously stab Wesker in the back while maintaining Excella as that awful, selfish monster that she is.

Her realizing Albert Wesker's perfect world, and her vision of it are radically different-so much self-delusion (believable) into making such a huge investment, only to realize at the last minute that no, all those red flags were there for a reason. But she was the brightest person in the room, so of course the precautions and fears a normal person would have to take didn't apply to her. This whole thing is a really great character study of Excella. That lowkey jealousy towards Jill as someone else with Wesker's attentions (even if *holy Hell she wouldn't want that sort of attention*) is really great. And then, when Jill isn't "competition" anymore, but some horrible scary mutant-she realizes that's Wesker's goal. I love the line that she's *so* used to being hated, having been a figure of it during her climb up the corporate ladder, that she's not even intimidated by Jill.

Speaking of Jill-I love your work with monsters, and the way you describe Jill as a "well maded" tyrant-one whose internal organs are actually all internal and who is lean-and then we get to something writhing underneath the skin.

And we get to the plan. Swap out Jill's meds with salt water-I love the bit where Excella knows how fast Jill can shake off the P30 because of an incident-all of that is wonderfully in character (and the bit later, where she's reflecting that human!jill was a bit more clever than she gave her credit for-so hopefully the monster was, too). Jill beating the Hell out of her, Wesker finding it amusing, and Excella simmering with rage at him for that-now. Her dialogue with the tyrant, spilling more than she wanted to, but trying to be careful because Wesker's listening.

And that line "If she had Albert's apetite for violence, she would have left to watch what played out on the security system, but she didn't. So instead she listened"

I love it.

And then the finale. Switching POVs to a build from all the mangled Majini to Excella's home is terrific. I love noting the sort of ridiculous conspiracy pile-up where the BSAA's funding comes from Tricell-and how Boulderpunch McSquadgetskilled doesn't care about that. (I love that Jill dragged Excella along Majini hunting-that's just a terrific image that could be horrifying, hilarious, or both). And that bit about them having to burn Wesker's body just to make sure and *something* happening that makes her retch. The whole conversation, where she's had stuff to drink and is clearly trying to negotiate favorable terms on the count of who gets credit for killing Wesker's great (Yeah, my money made these monsters and was used to turn villages into mind-controlled murder slaves, but I flipped on the incinerator, that makes me good now!).

And then that last slimy paragraph, where obviously Jill has to take her in and let her have a legal defense, because obviously the only one who has the resources, medical and legal, to make sure Jill doesn't get put down is Excella.

This was a rather terrific read, thank you for posting!
Guest chapter 39 . 3/29
Woah, this chapter... I don't know what to say...
Gast chapter 39 . 3/29
Niiiiice. I think I have a new fav too
evolution-500 chapter 39 . 3/29
Man, what a story! Jill as a Tyrant? What a kick in the pants! I see one or two spelling errors, but overall it's excellent! Keep up the terrific work! :D
MetalScizor chapter 38 . 3/1
Okay, I got a good idea for another ficlet. So, here me out: What if Rachel Foley from Revolations instead of loosing her sanity when turning it to her ooze form, she still manages to have a firm grip on her sanity, at least some of it when she transforms, and she has to cope with the effects it has on her, and whatever else insews. So, please consider this idea. Hopefully your interested in it.
MetalScizor chapter 17 . 2/2
You want to know the worst thing about this fanfic, or more rather, this type of fanfics? None of them rarely get a fully-length story. This one in particular, not the one with Chris, but this one with Jill should have been a multi-chaptered story. The piers survived story should have been a fully-length story, and so on. I hope, eventually, soon, you'll return to this ficlet in particular and create a full length story.
epic chapter 38 . 9/25/2020
Guest chapter 38 . 6/14/2020
All of these are really good! I'm glad TvTropes brought me here. Ship of Theseus was also a great expansion, and it was a visceral and great read. In a way it reminded me of a possible continuation of RE Gaiden's plottwist, but... actually good. XD
WowohWow0 chapter 14 . 4/27/2020
Okay the cat part is extremely adorable
The Crimson Alchemist 56 chapter 20 . 1/17/2020
So, is Sherry like the third stage G monster but without the mental degradation? Pretty great stuff so far, I am really liking all these what if scenarios.
huruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu chapter 38 . 12/8/2019
Fuck yeah
DarkGidora chapter 38 . 11/30/2019
Heh. I really rather dug this chapter. I probably was one of the people rambling about the improbably young, improbably-highly credentialed team of specialists for a small-town police force, and I do like how you flip it around and make it all just a lie.

The opening line is killer, sets a perfect tone for this whole story. Jill being bookish and putting on a brave exterior, remaking herself works really well-being able to trick people who at best no know more than her with stories of being more interesting. Her being secretly bookish works (like in the original game, she can play a perfect IMoonlight Sonata/I with the music). And her growing interested in the thrill of exploring, the danger of maybe being found out-it fits, and sets her up for bigger and bigger things. I like the urban exploration (or misdemeanor trespass) actions she gets up to, all the abandoned places she finds her way in.

Then when she gets to breaking into the church, I like that. Everybody's thinking of a brute force way, while she's trying to figure out a smarter way-putting in effort in being an B&E expert because it genuinely interests her. Getting scared by a bubble in the basement and her and her friends putting on a brave face-I like it. Again, I like how you build things up. Details like how she can circumvent security with a clipboard and a straight face again feels very real-people do easily fall for intruders who just look like they belong.

Her flirting with more dangerous quarry-busting into something not abandoned, just empty, I like that. The bit about her managing to sneak out was effective, and to a degree a little sad-she's got these friends because she's so adventurous, but with this big stakes project, she just stays on the periphery while people celebrate. It allows her to slip out, but at the same time, it feels like she hasn't really fallen in with the wrong crowd (as her parents and teachers would assume) so much as there peripheral to her personal illegal hobby. And then they all drift apart as she's staying where she is, just going after bigger quarry without really having a plan for the future... and I like your description of all the Umbrella-funded renovation, and how there's always someone present. Details abut how work was just going through the motions and she really doesn't have much of a plan beyond continuing to carry on as she had been feel very real, very grounded-she's a good break-in artist, but she doesn't have any real plan (the bit about her mom suggesting she be an author, and her being more interested in the research than necessarily setting word to page in particular).

And then we get to the STARS application. I like hw this was nothing more than her playing around, seeing how far she can go-the fact that her resume's nonsense not really mattering since the point of STARS is less to be an effective police force and more to be monster fodder... makes me wonder if Wesker knows, but the idea is to upsell the Umbrella product line "Here we have a Tyrant, tested in battle against a veteran of Delta Force (at least according to her resume)".

And the last line is fun. Because the principle STARS cast is all way too young (save gundad, the dad that guns), and their chopper pilot is precisely the kind of steel-nerved professional a tactical unit needs.

As an alternate take on Jill, I rather did like it. It feels very real, and fits with both how young she is ingame.
Ashardalon125 chapter 38 . 11/29/2019
I love this take on Jill's history! It's a little tongue in cheek, while still taking itself pretty seriously. There was also a ton of fun little references sprinkled into the narrative that grew into the ending, which was well done. I especially loved how "real" some of the things felt, like the group joking about leaving the keys inside. That is EXACTLY the kind of thing real people do. Well done once more
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