Reviews for Fluffy Fridays
mansts chapter 111 . 5h
Interesting concept))
andria chapter 111 . 5h
this scene would've been cool to see in the actual show i enjoyed it
FiliandKili'sGirl18 chapter 111 . 7h
Just finished watching S5 and so it's very odd to revisit the start of this couple!
Alexa chapter 110 . 9/16
LOL! Love Killian putting on his pirate wear and sharpening his hook to intimidate and instill fear in his daughter's prom date was priceless! Poor boy will be looking over his shoulder for years! Killian apologizing to David and bonding over the trials of raising daughters was great.
FiliandKili'sGirl18 chapter 110 . 9/15
Oh God i can just imagine Killian sitting there sharpening his hook...would be a very scary sight!
PercabethHinny chapter 110 . 9/15
First off, very cute chapter! I love papa Killian! Second: how weird is it that I was thinking of Cleaning This Gun before I got to the authors note? It's one of my favorite songs by my favorite country artist!
mansts chapter 110 . 9/15
Overprotective Killian is too adorable)) great story!
OnceSnow chapter 110 . 9/15
I automatically love any story that uses the word "eponymous," but this one is far more than just a pretty word. From the application of guyliner to the adorable ending hug, this story tugs on the heartstrings and amuses at the same time. God bless overprotective pirate daddies!
Andria chapter 110 . 9/15
thought killian intimidating Phillip like that was hysterical loved the ending when she got home thought it was very sweet. as for the next one shot i wouldn't say no to a modern AU
Alexa chapter 109 . 9/10
LOL! Gotta love Killian's attitude about his son fighting (a good thing) and his teenage daughter dating (a bad thing). Can't wait to find out how he plans to instill fear in her prom date.
FiliandKili'sGirl18 chapter 109 . 9/9
Awwww. Killian is such an adorable (yet slightly maddening) dad
mansts chapter 109 . 9/8
He's adorable in his overprotectiveness))
Andria chapter 109 . 9/8
Love how over protective killian is but glad they are letting her go such a good family moment
OnceSnow chapter 109 . 9/8
That is adorable. I love Charles defending Killian's honor, too.
Alexa chapter 108 . 9/3
Sweet story! Good thing Ruby saw Eva and distracted her with coco till Killian could get there!
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