Reviews for Fluffy Fridays
Guest chapter 129 . 7/7
This was a good read. I would have loved to have seen this on the show!
Alexa chapter 129 . 7/1
Lots of angst but TLK saved the day!
OnceSnow chapter 129 . 6/29
You gave us plenty of angst, but you topped it off with lovely fluff. Great chapter.
tyraleanne chapter 129 . 6/29
So so incredibly perfect! You are fantastic! I feel like I can’t even leave good reviews because I’m always so overwhelmed with how much I love each chapter. I couldn’t ask for more!
ellegirlie77 chapter 129 . 6/29
Love it!
meglennox chapter 129 . 6/29
Oh, I loved that :) really good
mansts chapter 129 . 6/29
It would be so amazing if you wrote the episodes! Great story!
Skye-Blue 101 chapter 129 . 6/29
This one was great! If only we had gotten something like this in the show. I'm still annoyed that CS didn't get a True Love's Kiss...
FiliandKili'sGirl18 chapter 129 . 6/29
Awww! I would have seriously prefered this as the way the S4 finale ended!
ellegirlie77 chapter 128 . 6/23
Thank you. I'm so happy you still update. I love them
Alexa chapter 128 . 6/23
Sweet! Loved Emma's chat with David that inspired her to talk to Henry.
FiliandKili'sGirl18 chapter 128 . 6/23
I always loved David and Killians sorta bromance in S4!
mansts chapter 128 . 6/22
Loved David defending Killian))
OnceSnow chapter 128 . 6/22
This is officially how it happened between Emma and Henry. It covers all the bases, and now I feel all warm and tingly from the fluff! Loved it.
Guest chapter 128 . 6/22
I miss once upon a time too. Thank you for bringing a little piece of it back!
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