Reviews for Fluffy Fridays
Rag Doll 59 chapter 120 . 2/21
Awesome chapter.
FiliandKili'sGirl18 chapter 120 . 2/16
Don't worry about extra chapters. I can promise you none of us will say no to more Emma/Killian.
PopPotter777 chapter 120 . 2/16
Yes, that would be quite evil & the angstiest ending ever!
Res Ipsa chapter 120 . 2/16
Very cute chapter! I always enjoy lieutenant duckling
OnceSnow chapter 120 . 2/16
I forgive you for leaving us like this because you gave us an epic kiss.
Andria chapter 120 . 2/16
AHHH how could you leave that on such a cliffhanger? LOL Loved their time together and cannot wait to see what happens next. So excited you are extending these one shots i love them so much and don't want them to end
Rag Doll 59 chapter 119 . 2/4
Very. Good
Andria chapter 119 . 2/4
So glad this chapter was from his pov I cannot wait to see what happens in the next chapter
OnceSnow chapter 119 . 2/3
Oooh! Electricity in the air, and another cliffhanger! Can’t wait to see how their lunch date goes.
Alexa chapter 119 . 2/3
Can't blame Emma for keeping her name secret, they just met. No doubt Killian will eventually find out when they meet again!
Res Ipsa chapter 119 . 2/3
Very cute chapter!
FiliandKili'sGirl18 chapter 119 . 2/3
Yet another fabulous scene between Killian and Emma.
tyraleanne chapter 119 . 2/2
Please keep this going or expand it to its own story!? I’m so happy those two have finally met. And having Liam still alive and thrown into the mix while his little (younger) brother accidentally courts a royal! Should be great!
PastOneonta chapter 119 . 2/2
Killian 's first glimpse of Emma felt like coming home. That was lovely. Emma telling him she could save herself was so true to Emma. Those were two big men Emma, let Killian be the hero! So sweet, looking forward to the rest.
PastOneonta chapter 118 . 2/2
Emma felt something when she looked at the lieutenant, and he seemed to know she was looking. I think he is saving her from those two men, isn't he?
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