Reviews for One Final Mission
Allu chapter 3 . 9/14
Here I am now and crying cuz of Sarahs letter.
It is sad and sweet and arg.
berksboy chapter 8 . 5/13
I good last chapter, I surprising start to it, turned out nice and no SHAW! mentioned at all, yippee.

Overall a very good story, lots of dialogue which I like and the chapters weren't to long.

It appears I like these stories where C/S are separated for some time and come back together, (fate and soul mate spring to mind)

I look forward to reading another one of yours, thank you for posting.
berksboy chapter 7 . 5/13
Wow! What an absolutely superb story, I found it thoroughly entertaining all the way through, I still have to read the epilogue, but I thought I would write this before I forget.

Now as I have put in other reviews, I, like many did not like a majority of season 3, for a lot of reasons and luckily you skipped this, good call, when I read about Chuck having cult status, I sometimes wonder why, yes the concept was good, the cast was generally good, SW was to me an enigma and my fav, although I didn't like her character in quite a few episodes, but for me, it's the only show where I didn't like the whole series, bad writing I know but if I binged watch I could easily skip at least 16/17 eps, that's a lot.

Now as you pointed out in this chapters A/N, you mentioned maybe babies, I am so pleased you added this to the story, again, canon writers, wrecked the show, they spend several episodes talking about babies only to completely throw that out the window and do the memory wipe, for some reason, half the time there's a story in Chuck they don't follow it up and that includes a lot of the scenes in the dreaded season 3, sorry to go on

Anyhow, this story was great, it might have been nice if you had written a scene where Chuck & Sarah had to say goodbye and it was her end of assignment, that could have been quite an emotional scene.

Keep up the good work and thanks for posting.
berksboy chapter 6 . 5/13
Really good chapter, extremely funny in places, good choice of music.

That's what was sad in canon, that spent much more time showing Ellie's wedding than they did Chuck & Sarah's, I actually preferred the rehearsal scent in the flat with the doily, it could possibly be one of Sarah's cutest scenes in the series.
berksboy chapter 5 . 5/13
Another good chapter, ref last chapter: I was expecting a little more emotion from Chuck when he found Sarah in the kitchen, considering Sarah's letter was emotional and well written.

That said, you did explain you prefer writing about explosions, action etc, etc.

I will read on and the reason might be revealed but I was surprised that although Sarah had faked her own death to leave the CIA, she would want to go back to the states, new cover name or not.
berksboy chapter 3 . 5/13
Wow, so far this story is so good, loved the way you worded the letter, very emotional, look forward to reading the next chapter.

This is my first story you have written, I like your writing style and if the rest of this story is as good as it has been so far, I look forward to reading more of your FF.
bahall1964 chapter 1 . 2/9
I love the concept of how Sarah was able to leave the CIA and start living her life with Chuck. It was a very nicely done story that I enjoyed reading.
sudhanva08 chapter 8 . 12/4/2017
This is nice!
I like it very much. Thank you for sharing it.
jpwood chapter 8 . 8/27/2017
great story, would have been nice if we could have flash forward to something like this
sauza000 chapter 8 . 1/3/2017
Great Story!
tasteywheat chapter 8 . 7/11/2016
Really enjoyed this, those first chapters were pretty tough to get through, but it was definitely worth it. Thanks for writing this.
Dromaeo Prod chapter 6 . 6/17/2016
I'm rereading this story and I freakin' love this chapter, it's funny and emotionnal, it's perfect.
So well done !
Deathzbreath chapter 8 . 6/3/2016
This was a wonderful story thank you for writing it!
baldcoder chapter 8 . 5/7/2016
Great story. Well done.
Jace chapter 8 . 4/13/2016
Love the story. I'm one of those people who reads only the complete stories first. It dives me nuts when a story stops before the ned and never starts again. So I apologize for not reviewing the earlier chapters. I ready the whole story in one sitting. Great job, in taking our favorite couple through the progression of real life. I've known some people in the Intelligence community, the regular folks retire when they get to the age, but some of the highly specialized 'spooks' do in fact 'die' to avoid past foes from looking them up to get even. It doesn't make an agency look good if their retiree's start dropping like flies fro, past missions. IK have a very good friend who 'died' ten years ago before he 'retired'. We still have drinks together at my cabin and go target shooting. Good job on the characters and progression of couple.
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