Reviews for A Tale of Death
AislingIsobel chapter 1 . 9/22/2016
First - YAY Coulson! Second - Ol' One Eye - bahahahahaha! Third - The way Wade woke up Constantine - fan bloody tastic!

The Wade dialogue with his boxes was good, I really thought it was very well done and that those two personalities liked Dean. I liked the brief retelling of the French Mistake (one of my faves) and how Balthazar died. They never did find the key in the series, if I remember correctly. Any how brilliance all around and again just amazing characterization. Very true to form.

I have to add that I'm kinda falling in love with Jason Todd. The vulnerability and his apprehension along with willingness to go forward even though danger is screaming him in the face. I like the fine line balance you have with him. I love that he and Dean kinda share that Sammy/Dean relationship without it being too overly brotherly. It's respect and almost admiration they have for one another. And it's that characterization that I think I'm falling for, the quiet observance and non verbal queues you put in, a head nod, a glance or nudge.

I want this to be a major crossover movie, although not sure who would play Jason. I'll think on that and get back you in later chapters. I did find your stories on the other site and will head over there after I finish it here. This is just my homeland, haha. Fantastic my friend.
CopperN13 chapter 1 . 6/8/2015
Another amazing addition to the series. I was wondering when we were going to find out what happened to Sam and Cas? Also how is Dean able to die and not become a demon if he has the mark of Cain?