Reviews for Q&A with the turtles and my OC's etc
The Phantom-Otaku chapter 3 . 4/2/2018
I get the feeling that the OCs in this story have the same personalities as the turtles. I just wanted to point that out.
thePurpleFirebolt25 chapter 4 . 7/16/2015
My question is for

all of you : if all of you were in the hunger games, who would you kill first?

For Leo and Raph : are you aware that people are shipping you two as a couple?
Voisisisususus chapter 4 . 7/15/2015
Raph:I dare you to go listen to Monster by Skillet. Tell me what you think.
Leo:How hard is it being the oldest out of 3 brothers who don't even listen?
Mikey:What was your first prank?
Donnie:When are you gonna tell April how you feel? This world needs Apriltello,everyone needs Apriltello.
RFB:My name is hard to pronounce, I know that so you so you can just me V and who is your favorite turtle?
Jade:Which turtle do you like hanging out with, other than Mikey?
Amber:What is it like being on a cruise? Is it scary and what's it like waking up and seeing nothing but water? Sorry about those questions, I just need someone to tell me what it's like cause I am going on a cruise soon and u am kind of scared.
Master Splinter:What ninjtisu lesson was the hardest for the turtles to learn?
Casey:I dare you to dance to gangnam style. (Sorry I spelt that wrong).
April:Which turtle would you spar against?
Laph4ever chapter 4 . 7/15/2015
this is real cute and i have a question for you um well how would they feel if they got a new 7 year old turtle mutant name Venus De Milo and is there a love interest between leo and raph?
You dont have to answer the second one if you dont want to but please do answer the first one. And hey maybe you can come read my story. Just search Laph4ever in writer search engine and click on all together i hope you leave a comment
V chapter 3 . 6/16/2015
RFB, I got an account and my name is Voisisisususus . Hope you read my stories. I have one question , how old are ya ?
Raph, do you like Skillet 's Monster because it basically describes you?
Leo, who do you train with the most?
Donnie, what would you do if ... April and Casey got together? They won't as long as I live but what if they do?
Mikey, What is your favorite prank?
Jade, how long did you have a crush on Mikey*wink,wink*
Amber, how is your cruise going?
Master Splinter, can you tell us an embarrassing story of the guys when they were litte? Turtle tots !
Everyone, favorite band? Mine is Pentatonix .
Hikari Lindell chapter 1 . 6/15/2015
Casey and Raph kiss PWEEZE I SHIP IT WAY TO HARD
Melody Song chapter 1 . 6/15/2015
Jun 13 c1 Melody Song
Hi! I have something to say and some questions!
Mikey, you're super nice and hilarious, but you need to take certain things seriously.
Raph, it's funny when you lose your temper, but why are you such a jerk to your brothers? Leo, you're a great leader, but you have to take it easy on your bros. Also, did you have a crush on Karai?
April, I feel sorry for you. Your dad was mutated, you were chased by the Kraang… Your life sounds terrible.
Casey, STOP BEING SUCH A JERK TO DONNIE! So what, he likes April? It's not like you impress her by being lazy. You are SO not smooth, cool, or awesome. Donnie is all that. Casey, you're a total savage and don't plan things through. You suck. Donnie, you're the best!
Karai, you're pretty, but dangerous. Like April. Did you have a crush on Leo?
Shredder, just because Splinter took your girl, that doesn't mean you have to try to KILL him! Splinter, I'm sorry that your daughter was mutated. You've been through so much…
I saved the best for last: Donnie, you're the smartest, coolest, and most adorable turtle. You're my favorite! *Kisses Donnie's cheek*
Love ya, Donnie!
Brian chapter 2 . 6/11/2015

Ninja Turtles, Why are you guys so AWESOME?

April, (grins) Do you like Donnie?

Leo, What's it like having 3 brothers?

Raph, What's it like being a vilgant?

Donnie, How did you took pictures of April without her knowing you're taking her picture?

Mikey, Who do you love pranking the most?
Voisisisususus chapter 2 . 6/11/2015
I am also V so yeah. And I am also going on a trip that same weekend and I finally got an account.
bookworm563 chapter 2 . 6/11/2015
Have fun on your trip! Glad I found this!

Leo: Have you ever tried to play a prank and succeed?

Awesome chapter, see ya! ;)
V chapter 1 . 6/8/2015
* a girl with long silky black hair with red and orange T-shirt and black shorts and green sneakers walks in* Hey guys!
Leo: How did you learn about Space Heroes?
Raph: Which brother is the best and helps you out and cares about you and makes you happy?
Donnie: What is your favorite invention?
Mikey: Who is your favorite human friend?
Master Splinter: How old were the guys when they started ninjtisu?{sorry if I spelled that wrong}
April: How is your favorite guy to fight with? Casey or any of the guys.
Casey: Did you have training cause how could you fight like that without training.
RFB: Your stories are awesome and how long have you been on this website and do you recommend it for me since I have lots of ideas and stories with the guys in it?
Jade: You are so awesome and which turtle do you like to hang out with the most and what is your age?
For everybody: Favorite song and movie?
You are all awesome and cool. See ya
V chapter 1 . 6/8/2015
Everyone what is your favorite movie
Cat girl chapter 1 . 6/8/2015
( A beautiful skinny teenage blond hair girl comes in wearing a black skin tight cat woman suit.) To Everyone: Hey guys I heard that another magnificent Q.D was up so I had to come and see! To Casey: Hey handsome stuff. Want to go out and fight some purple dragons with me? From One to Ten how awesome is hockey? To Raph: Raphael why the big fear of cockroaches? Its okay I mean I have a healthy fear of them too just I was wondering the reason for your fear. To Donnie: Whats your I.Q level? To Leo: Dude how can you stand Space Hero's?! Its just so slow! Not enough REAL action! Like the kind of action you guys have! To Mikey: Hey dude! What's the best video game you've ever played? To April: How is Casey's home work going? If its down in the dumps I'll make sure to keep him on it before we hang out okay. To Master Splinter: * bows* Thank you very much sir for your sons time. * senses his uneasiness.* Do not be afraid of me though I have Cat DNA in my bloods mutation it doesn't mean I like to eat rats yuck! To Everyone: I'll see you guys soon! Here guys have candy! * a GIANT pile of candy falls on to the floor.* Enjoy! Save some for the reviewers to! Thanks, Cat girl ( Cat girl disappears.)
V chapter 1 . 6/7/2015
I have a question for all of you guys, what is your... FAVORITE SONG? Mine is Bad blood by Taylor Swift cause it's catchy.
chococookie212 chapter 1 . 6/8/2015
*teen girl with black bunny ears, bunny tail and brown eyes walks in. Wearing a plaid yellow shirt, a white tshirt with a bow on it and black flats, also wearing lots of bangles on one wrist* Hi, RFB, I'll just call you that cause Random Fluffy Butterfly is too long to type. My name, nickname, is Cookie and I be a descendent of a female mutant rabbit and human man! And I bring with me... Questions!

Leo, how many posters of Space Heroes do you own? Hoensty, please.

Raph, you are unique. Why do I say that? Well, your the only brother with a mask that's alittle torn, the only brother who uses... What's it called? I'll just say wrappings, like the wrapings around your forearm. Your the only one with wrappings under your knee pads, your the only one with green eyes (Leo and Mikey and April have blue, Donnie and Casey and Splinter have brown) and your the only brother with a fear that no one knows how it came to be... Unless you'll tell us. Pleeaase? *puppy dog eyes*

Donnie, I'm tired of this. Just... When will you ask April out?! Some people are dying here *holds hand to chest and pretends to choke and falls to ground looking lifeless* *Jumps back up* You two would look soo cute together, too.

Mikey, up top! *hi fives Mikey* Holding onto your youth for as long as possible, I really respect that. It seems some of us *looks at Leo* prefer acting like a 30 year old most of the time instead of 15, others *looks at Raph* prefer holding in our emotions and others *looks at Donnie* don't know when to take a break from being them and just let loose and have fun! What is your secret? Between SMRFF and Crognard, which is your favorite?

April, do you like Donnie or Casey? Please tell us! I'm dying of suspence here! Your awesome, you've been the only girl in the group for so long.

Casey, have you played land hockey? Like, no ice rink or pucks, just a hocket ball and stick? *pokes freckles* still surprised you have these. Seems all the human friends of the turtles have freckles.

Master Splinter, tea? *pours him a cup of tea* It's delicous!

RFB, are you a girl, right? Since not many boys call themselves RandomFluffyButterfly. Who is your fav turtle? Mine is *whispers* Mikey *squeels happily*

Thanks everyone, see you soon!

Ps, how often are you gonna update?