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Guest chapter 36 . 6/2/2021
holy crap this story was long but it was epic I just love the both the canon and LK version of the characters of guilty crown it's like the the end of the infinity saga of the mcu with avengers endgame.
DannyWapBang chapter 36 . 11/26/2018
Swayzak was NOT voiced by Brian Drummond! Nobody knows who voiced him because Jason refuses to tell us because of me. I spammed Jason and now he hates Swayzak and thinks he's "dumb shit." However! I do think I know who voiced Swayzak! None other than Khary Payton himself!
analshitterUNBAN chapter 1 . 8/22/2018
Lol is this supposed to impress me?
Exiled Soul Nomad chapter 36 . 9/16/2017
That was a wild yet quaint ride. I enjoyed it or the most part but it did maintain that crowded feel.
Exiled Soul Nomad chapter 2 . 5/30/2017
I laughed at that Deadpool reference. It was kinda funny, y'know.
Exiled Soul Nomad chapter 1 . 5/30/2017
Alright, there's an interesting character lineup here, but it feels like there's just too many of them in this first chapter. While it is a pretty swell idea to get the introductions out of the way early on, it's easy to lose track of the characters as we go. Either way, nice job!
Jacob9594 chapter 5 . 3/13/2017
Oh boy
Jacob9594 chapter 3 . 3/13/2017
More guests
Jacob9594 chapter 2 . 3/13/2017
Sweet chapter
Tsunashi777 chapter 36 . 12/7/2016
Pretty neat fic . Interesting conception
Saint Lake chapter 36 . 5/11/2016
Favorite Male Protagonist: Yagami Taichi, Canon Oum Shu, Godzilla, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Deadpool

Favorite Female Protagonist: Alice McCoy, Yagami Hikari, Yuuki Asuna, Shinomiya Ayase, Lightning

Favorite Antagonist: Yuu, the Indominus Rex, Tsutsugami Gai, Ouma Mana, Ultron

Favorite Antagonist You Love to Hate: Oberon (pretty much about just him)

Favorite Partners: Pretty much every partner Digimon and the Charizards

Favorite Dinosaurs: The Microraptors, the Tyrannosaurus and Blue the Velociraptor

Favorite Awesome Moment: The ones involving Godzilla, the Avengers, Ultron and Thanos, the Dinosaurs and the Digimon with their Human partners

Favorite Funny Moment: The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future moments, Deadpool moments, that one time someone called Kirito he is a Mary-Sue, then the time with StarLord and Blue the Velociraptor

Favorite Heartwarming Moment: most of them were in the last four to five chapters and the earlier chapters before shit started happening (I wouldn't really call them heartwarming but happy smiles and nods moments)

Favorite Battles: the Avengers and Guardians vs Thanos and Ultron, the Dinosaur fights, the Digimon battles the battles featuring the SAO gang

Favorite Final Battles: The Mana battles

Favorite Unexpected Twists: I honestly can't remember

Favorite Couples: Naruto and Hinata, Takeru and Hikari, Kirito and Asuna

Favorite Music: Jurassic World OST and those from Linkin Park

Favorite Calling All Parties: Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Gollum/Smeagol, the Avatar: the Last Airbender gang, Lelouch vi Britannia

Overall Final Thoughts: Honestly speaking reading this was a headache inducers as I am not familiar with over half the elements in this story. But nonetheless I give this story extremem amounts of kudos and praise for all the battles scenes and the individual length of chapters and the overall length. Not to mention getting this all done within a year. Not many fanfic authors can write this much and get it done that quickly. I envy you and your talent for this.
Saint Lake chapter 31 . 5/11/2016
One word: WOW!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 36 . 4/22/2016
And here's my long-awaited last review for Shinnen! Sorry for holding off on reviewing, but y'know I wanted to take my sweet time with this. I'm sad it's over. Guess good things have to come to end. (sad)

Really liked the epilogue. I liked the last scenes with both Guilty Crown casts (the LK and Canon ones). I even liked Skogul becoming time guardian and talking to those deities. John and Setsuna meeting the Doctors was great. I even shed a tear for the cemetery scene. That was a nice tribute for K's late friend. Glad Kotori's made a new friend in Sinon and gonna move on to be an officer.

This was a long story, but it was a fun ride overall! Glad I can read this piece of work from you and K.

So, let's go! Survey time!

Fave Male Protagonists: Both Shus, Takato & Guilmon/Omega X, Yusuke, Tai & Agumon, Yamato & Gabumon/Metalla X, Max Kamiya, Dimitri & Faith/Angemon X, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Eren, Levi, Armin, Deadpool, Iron Man, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Batman (TAS), Superman (TAS), TOM, Ford, Takeru Cage, Beerus, Beerusmon, Hellboy, Godzilla

Fave Female Protagonists: Me, of course! LK!Inori, LK!Ayase, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Sedna, Homura, Sayaka, Rika & Renamon, Ryuko, Satsuki, Sinon, Mikasa, Kotori/Brunhilde, Kari & Gatomon/Celesta X, Athenamon, Sasha/Skuld, Skogul/Jessica, Yui/Shaka, Jean Grey, She-Hulk, Jessica Jones

Fave Antagonists (Regular and Da'ath): Da'ath leaders Yuu & Kriemhild, Sailor Charon, Ragyo, Nui Harime, Ultron, Thanos, the Four Heavenly Kings, Freeza, Cell, the Joker, Makishima, Burizalor, Digital Warlord, the Rajita Warlords, Canon!Mana, Yami Houou, Zeed X

Fave Antagonists: Yuu, Ultron, Thanos, Canon!Mana, Canon!Arisa, Oberon

Fave Partners: Same as the ones you listed

Fave Dinosaurs: T-rex, Blue, and Spino

Fave Fusions: SuperUniversal X (like holy friggin' Super Saiyan Gurren Laggan!), Kaiser X, Gogeta, Most of the fusions during the DBZ/DFK rumble

Fave Awesome Moments: Too many to count.

Fave Funny Moments: Deadpool trolling Bale!Batman, Kirito called a 'Marty Stu' by Arago, Sailor V's rant on Naruto (you go girl!), Mandark, Sharon's labor scene, the Fourth Wall Breaking moments, Death Ball!Superman getting punked, oh boy just too many to remember and count.

Fave Heartwarming Moments: Too many to count. The final scenes and reunion stuff in the final chapters were sweet. Oh, Canon!Shu getting the respect he deserves from the YYGDM heroes!

Fave Tearjerking Moments: Same as Heartwarming moments.

Fave Nightmare Fuel Moments: Same as yours.

Fave Battles: The fights involving me of course! After that, the Avengers and Guardians vs Thanos and Ultron, the Dragon Ball/Digimon Fusion Kai rumble, Ryuko/Satsuki/Brunhilde vs Ragyo/Nui/Mist, Skogul vs Geirskogul, the ones involving the Sailor Senshi & Digimon for the most part, Kirito & Sinon vs Death Gun rematch, the Kaijuu battles

Fave Final Battles: Canon!Ayase vs Canon!Mana, All Parties vs Inkarinarte Mana, Asuna/Sinon/Leafa vs Mananite Clones, the Heroes vs Yami Houou, the Heroes vs GranZeed X.

Fave Unexpected Twists: Too many to count. Same as yours I guess. The last minute cameos of the Justice League, Titans, X-Men, and freaking Gurren Lagann was a good one. Oh, and the death of the three Ascendants honestly shocked me!

Fave Couples: Yeah, can't really choose. Too many to count. And no fanfic writers, don't even think about shipping me with TOM! He and Sara are the OTP. :P

Fave Music: The ones you listed for the most part.

Fave Calling All Parties/Few Day Later Cameos: Team Gurren Lagann, Justice League (DCAU), Teen Titans, the X-Men, the Doctors, and that's just at the top of my head. There's more!

Overall Final Thoughts: Awesome crossover work, you two! Ya outdid yourselves with a near impossible task! Though I did get lost in some parts, y'all meet and conquered the challenge. I enjoyed the fun character interactions, the awesome battles, and the funny moments. This was a nice feather in the cap for you, Ford! Glad you'll be sticking around for K's stuff! This fic will require re-reading from me if I have any down periods.

I wish you the best for your future, Ford! Thanks for letting me part of this!
Guest chapter 9 . 4/5/2016
i like gt
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 35 . 4/6/2016
Yeah this one was short compared to the others before it. Still fun nonetheless!

The aftermath parties are underway. The French party turned out all right... until Sasha climaxed and went full Skuld on Phillipe! Oh gosh, poor Phillipe! You're in for a looong night! (evil laughs)

Fantasy party was packed with a lot of fantasy characters from all types of media. So cool for Kotori to meet Asgardians, including Valkyrie. Same with Mist. Is this foreshadowing your Valkyrie Advent fic? I look forward to that fic!

LOL, the Sci-Fi Party might as well be the Drunk Off my Ass Party. Geez, everyone nearly got wasted. Nobody beats Bender in a drinking game. No one. Kinda neat for Ryo to meet Doc Brown. Hah, Star-Lord and Drax passed out from drinking. Not a party I'd go to unless just to laugh at drunken idiots! And yeah, JNaegi, Kylo Ren is a bitch.

Good homecoming for the remaining YYGDM crew and the villain cast. Some leave for other late-parties and others just go home to turn in. Oh boy, I feel exhausted, too. All that partying and fighting will do that to ya.

Lastly, the Canon!GC, Swort Art, and Kill la Kill crew arrive at Canon!Shu's old school. Aww, sweet reunions! Nice cameos from the other Attack on Titan crew. And we end with fireworks! Yay! Happy New Year!

And the final chapter awaits me for another time. Cause I see there's a survey. I need time to give my picks and thoughts on this fic. This story's been a wild trip, but I've enjoyed it through and through, guys! Top-notch crossover! Laters!
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