Reviews for The Silver Mage's Captive
PaulinaDragona chapter 36 . 9/23
I like your fiction !
sherriithewriter chapter 36 . 9/3
Great story, written with your usual attention to plot detail and character development. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
salamasina chapter 36 . 9/2
Chapter 36:

Wow :D ! That was the most heartwarming and happy ending ever! I wasn’t expecting it but I’m so glad that they were both kept safe and sound. And I’m happy for Hermione and Lucius! I actually can’t wait to read the Dark Mages Captive! I want Antonin to have a happy ending as well even if they’re in different stories!

Thank you for writing this! The past few days I’ve been reading it have been filling with sorrow, joy, anxiety, and a lack of sleep (lol)!

salamasina chapter 35 . 9/2
Chapter 35:

Oh my hearttttt *cryingggggggg

I really hope that wasn’t Antonins ghost that visited them! I still want him to some how he a part of their lives! Damn my emotional bleeding heart ughhhh!
salamasina chapter 34 . 9/2
Chapter 34:

That solemn shake of Arthur’s head better not have been what I thought it was! Antonin cannot be dead! Stop standing around staring at him and heal him already! Or run up and do a quick spell to Heal Poppy and have her patch Antonin up! DAMN IT! THE MAN CANT BE DEAD! *ugly sobbssssssss
salamasina chapter 33 . 9/2
Chapter 33:

NOPE! HELL NOOOOO! I don’t care now that he’s not entirely good or whatever he’s done in the past! Antonin Dolohov must he protected at ALL COSTS! Did you see how excited his unborn son was when he could hear his voice?! HELL FXCKING NO! He better not die *sobsssssssssss

Also - I STILL WANT LUCIUS SAFE AND SOUND! My heart wouldn’t be able to take it if anything happened to any of them.

I think I’ve been crying this whole damned chapter! Every time I saw a couple arguing about whether or not the wife could go into the fight, I started bawling. George’s encounter with Angie had me ugly sobbing! When he suggested what names to call their baby I just about died. Lawdddd please let everyone come out safely *more sobssssss (I’m not naive.. just really really hopeful
salamasina chapter 32 . 9/2
Chapter 32:

I swear Hermione can’t ever catch a break lol. Lucius wasn’t wrong when he said she always seems to find her way into trouble when she’s left to her own devices.
salamasina chapter 31 . 9/2
Chapter 31:

Omg! There are only 5 more chapters to go *sobssss

I’m glad that Malfoy was able to get to her to provide the little comfort he could. Hermiones magical baby is a wonder. I’m still terrified that something bad will happen to Antonin or Lucius. I STILL don’t see how they can all survive and coexist knowing that Hermiones son isnt biologically her husbands (Lucius bc he already said he’d marry her lol).

I really hope they both come out unscathed...
salamasina chapter 30 . 9/2
Chapter 30:

Okay, so my guess about twins in my last review was wayyy off lol. And apparently now we know she’s having Antonins baby. I can’t say I’m completely upset by that. Still worried about Lucius’ reaction regardless of the sweet things he says. ROWLE IS A BASTARD! I’m glad the mention of Reinas name stopped him for the fine being though.
salamasina chapter 29 . 9/2
Chapter 29:

Okay.. now I see why Hermione is referred to as Princess in other fanfics. It started here.


Glad the minister is gone. Despicable man. Also poor Katie but I’m glad she’s okay and in a happy relationship.
salamasina chapter 28 . 9/2
Chapter 28:

There are only 8 more chapters left and I have a heartbreaking suspicion that a major character death will take place in the final chapters. I don’t see how Lucius and Antonin can ever live in a world together harmoniously. I’m happy that Hermione chose Lucius but I still can’t get rid of this nagging feeling that I want Antonin happy as well. The alliance wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Antonins love for Hermione. *sighssss I hope they some how come out of this untouched but I really can’t imagine Antonin staying away indefinitely in exile knowing that his child and love of his life are out there somewhere...
salamasina chapter 27 . 9/2
Chapter 27:

I don’t want Antonins suspicions to be right. And Lucius’ response to everything just makes me love him more but I really really really hope that what he’s telling Hermione is genuine and not just him trying to find a way to hold onto her..
salamasina chapter 26 . 9/2
Chapter 26:

Damn it, Canimal! Why do you make your characters so lovable and kind with redeeming qualities! I still want Hermione within Lucius but when I see the way Antonin cares and loves her it makes me ... I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN MY FEELINGS! UGHHHHH DAMN IT
salamasina chapter 25 . 9/2
Chapter 25:

“Then my darling Hermione, there will be a dark haired Malfoy in the family for the first time in several generations and the world will not end."

This just made me LOVE Lucius even more! I’m so happy he feels that way! Seriously! It makes it a little more bearable that Hermione is pregnant. I was afraid she was gonna get herself caught again when she went to her parents house, but luckily she apparated in time. Gawddd, I love that Malfoy man.
salamasina chapter 24 . 9/1
Chapter 24:

Omfg! When I read the first sentence I thought the previous chapter had been some weird illusion Hermione was under and I was scared for a second! Even knowing what I did I still had doubts that it was all real and then when she said Antonins name, I was like OMGGG NOOO THIS CANT BE! But when he suddenly moved away I realized only a hurt Malloy would do that after hearing another mans name. So.. we’re good for now lol

NOOOOOOOOO! CANINAL NOOOOOOOO! I had a feeling this was gonna happen because of course how would Antonin be able to be involved in the plot if she’s safely back in Lucius’ arms! Whyyyyyyyy?! She’s finally happy with Lucius and now she has to worry about having *SPOILER* Antonins baby! *ugly sobsssss*
I have a soft spot for Antonin but SHXT! I want Hermione with Lucius! I don’t want her pregnant with Antonins baby! And knowing Hermione - she’s probably not gonna get an abortion (do they have them in the wizarding works? probably some spell out there for it, right?) UGHHHHHHHHHH YOURE KILLING ME!
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