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Guest chapter 10 . 6/14
This is great! Favorite chapter is no. 5 (because there’s something so satisfying about the “mugging the monster” troupe), but the one shots with each character are so touching, especially Yang’s. Not a huge fan of how Weiss’s chapter was handled; I like WhiteKnight, but this felt a little mean-spirited. Loved the rest though!

Also, while I don’t wish to introduce politics into your review section, and have no intention of influencing people on either side of the issue, I would like to say that, as someone in the US who leans pro-life, this story meant a lot to me. You didn’t attempt to sugarcoat the problems faced by the new parents but still showed that it can be worth the effort and in such a way that showed parenting as a partnership, where kids don’t prevent mom from fulfilling her dreams while giving Jaune a shot at a different dream, yet still giving him room to become a huntsman in his own right at the end. I understand that this is a bit idealized, and that “real world” circumstances force choices on people that lead to different outcomes, but it’s still nice to see this as a story where keeping the kids leads to something happy. Thank you.
Nyx the Author chapter 10 . 4/24
Aww, that was a lovely ending.
Guest chapter 10 . 3/23
This was great. I had a rough day and this was exactly the kind of sweet story I needed, thank you very much for sharing it.
Yexius chapter 10 . 3/18
Dude, this was amazing! I can totally see Juane as a stay at home dad. My favorite ones were of Ruby, Yang, Weiss, and my fav Godfather Ren. Loved it
Grademaster chapter 3 . 3/3
I just now thought of this but Tai Yang must have been a legend to have raised two kids; one hyperactive and one a pseudo delinquent all while dealing with his recent "divorce" from Raven and the death of Summer not two years later. On top of that already frighteningly large emotional load there's the glaringly obvious fact of Ruby actually being Qrow and Summer's daughter (there's a whole theory on it. Look it up. It might make an entrance later on in the show.)
Grademaster chapter 3 . 3/3
The highest tier of manhood where badasses fear to tread seems like a good description of this. I read this and I look at Jaune and I think "I can see him being a hero but this?! No man is capable of such colossal feats!" And yet he sacrifices himself and his manliness for being an unsung hero. I fear his power.
Jazzatron chapter 10 . 1/14
Well overall this was a lot of fun to read and if I was to say anything about the individual chapters Ruby, Yang and surprisingly Nora's chapters were all very sweet and hearwarming. Weiss' chapter was fucking hilarious. Blake and Rens were kinda meh. And most surprising of all Pyrrha' s chapter was the weakest.

Oh and the 3 anyone chapters were all really good especially the second one.
Ic3pup543 chapter 9 . 10/8/2017
Good ol' Ren, here to put the fear of him, expulsion, and potentially death into new candidates for free babysitting class. Thanks Ren! On a side note, if I had to pick a different way he decided to handle leadership, it would probably be to go mute in protest, or use a loudspeaker. Just him standing there with a great bigass microphone thingy, speaking just like normal, and blowing out eardrums all around. Or, you know, Nora. And of course, there's always the fallback of sneaking up on people and explaining very quietly with a knife thing. So many options here, honestly. And honestly, who doesn't love Ren as a god-father? The rumor mill there was beautiful, I feel I should say. Somewhere in between high school, small office jobs, and a third-grade pizza party.
Ic3pup543 chapter 8 . 10/8/2017
Ah, poor Jaune. Lucky Blake though, leg in a cast, still hasn't changed a diaper yet! Wonder how long that'll last after this though. Hm. On a related subject, "Shit indeed." was probably the best joke I've heard today. Just, Blake's delivery here was gold. I do like that you brought Sun back here, too, even if Jaune might not let him back in the house again after this. Who knew he was a soprano? I like the contrast on this chapter too. Most of the action had no Jaune in sight, compared to most of the others where he held spotlight. Really though, you'd think three adults would be able to change one diaper between the three of them, right? And I suppose it could have been worse. Somehow. Probably.
Ic3pup543 chapter 7 . 10/8/2017
Clearly selfless and mature. You said it best boss. Nobody better. Either way, I wonder what the Jaune from initiation, the first time he met Weiss, would say if he saw their relationship here? Probably nothing, honestly, too busy curled up in a ball in the corner. Living life on the Edge has never felt so terrifying! Speaking of which, I just remembered that you use Edge for Jaune's hometown for almost all the fics it's mentioned in. I think so...? Sorry if I'm wrong there, its at least two. Just made me wonder if he actually had a defined hometown name, or if that was just a thing since I've seen it as a few things. I like what you did here with the cleaning thing too, because that was gold. Where did'ja come from, where did'ja go/ where did'ja come from, great-big o'l booger!? Must be nice to be able to afford a couch that comfortable and a bed like that, but somehow I doubt that's the only one. Arc or Schnee, which shall prevail in the young son? ... Probably whichever drives Weiss insane fastest.
Ic3pup543 chapter 6 . 10/8/2017
There will always be that little voice in the back of my mind that just never shuts up, sits there and questions and asks what if that's it, what if that was the last time, what if never is now, and I will always hate it. I know that I have relatively little reason to wonder and worry compared to many, but still I hear it, late in the night, early in the morning, middle of the day. For Jaune, who knows his wife goes out against major threats where things could go horribly wrong from one bad move? Who knows how much this life means to her, who could never ask her to stop because she's making a difference, who sits and waits and waits and waits, and all it could take is one bad mistake to make the worst day of his life, for Jaune and for everyone in his shoes, it's a horrible feeling. It can't be any better for Yang, who goes out and does this work, who can't stop because this is her dream and she's still okay, see, a little bruised and you can see it better now than before but still fine, yeah there were complications but it worked out, for Yang to see him sit there as helpless as he is it must have been her own kind of torture. In the end, as it always is, compromise was the answer. In all things, moderation. Know thy limits lest they turn into ninjas with crocodile teeth and, like, dump you in a desert or something, I don't know. It's about knowing when and where to draw the line, and it helps more than we might think it does, and knowing that there will be good just as there will be bad, and to take both. Also, totally angst, just not random half-baked piss-poorly-planned angst.
Ic3pup543 chapter 5 . 10/8/2017
I know I said in the first chapter things didn't really flow as well because you were trying to keep that level of ambiguity, but that didn't happen here at all. I enjoyed it, and the image of Jaune being Agent Double O Seven over there with a frying pan and some kitchen knives, keeping the babies entertained with silly little faces in between asskickings. And Ren, ever the go to gofer (gopher? can never remember) for good company and pancakes. Can't really say I blame Jaune for wanting new kitchenware after that fiasco, either. All's well that ends well, and in this case, it ended well. Unless you were the idiots who got beaten to death with a falsely advertised frying pan, who narrowly escaped death by angry spouses and Ren, in which case I might say they got lucky Jaune kept up with his exercises.
Ic3pup543 chapter 4 . 10/8/2017
So how long did it take you to think up those puns, I wonder? And were they before or after you thought up the idea for the house itself? Questions, questions. Unsurprising that Yang would be the one to dish them out, and at least it seems Jaune can still take it. Nora in general isn't really a pairing that gets too much love, and I like how this went,. Especially with the whole 'Ren still as the godfather/confidant/talky-person Jaune needed,' because let's face it, somehow I doubt those two could be separated with anything less than a crowbar the size of Jaune's new birdhouse. That it adds a whole new level of hilarity here is only tangentially relevant. It's also cool that you didn't just go the easy route and make a wafflehouse, wait, what am I saying, who wouldn't want to live in a house shaped like a waffle? Let me tell you now, I'd be all over that. Probably still good that you didn't though.
Ic3pup543 chapter 3 . 10/8/2017
Ah, morning people. Good for you Jaune! A good sleep schedule, a nice routine, and delicious cookies to keep the whole household happy. I can see why Ruby forgets her lunch as often as she does; impressing any and all spouses/children with an awesome exit would definitely rank higher than remembering lunch in my book. Definitely wouldn't say no to that warm dryer feeling in the morning either. Pity Jaune is taken! Ah, the plights of fictional characters not being able to do my laundry. Either way, sugary sweet and good to eat this was, much like Jaune's cookies I'd hope.
Ic3pup543 chapter 2 . 10/8/2017
I'm all for the dark, gritty, angsty stories, but every once in a while it's great to just have something without darkness and doubt beating people in the face. If fluffy was your intent here, I have to say you nailed it. No drama just for the sake of it, Jaune knows Pyrrha wants to be there with him, just like he still wants to be training beside her. It's nobody's fault, and lack of sleep and energy turn the best of us into horrible jerks. It's nice to see something like this, where you can really tell how close people are, when they can see and talk things out and not freak out and beat each other with baby formula. It's nice to just see a healthy relationship once in a while. Anyway, great job on that slip Nora, Ren. Somehow I wonder if Jaune will do as good a job in Ren's shoes as he did in his own, but the guy is full of surprises.
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