Reviews for A Househusband Macho or Something
Arkeus The Infinite chapter 10 . 7/24
Perfect and it really is something great!
zeonista13 chapter 10 . 7/14
I should mention here that you did a great job using the song verses as jumping-off parts for all the variations. Kudos for your celebrations of great Dads, both away & at home. You are quite right, great parenting is great parenting, no matter which spouse is doing it at the time. The final ending on a high note *snerk* is awesome. Jaune the daihusbando & (insert wife here) have passed all the hurdles of their early life together and are planning for the long run. They are parents with lives, great lives, and they are ready to proceed onward.
zeonista13 chapter 9 . 7/14
If a baby-raising class was only possible these days. It would solve a lot of problems for guys & girls alike! In the old days of course there was no need for such a class, the extended family was on hand to assist, teach, and learn. But with families become smaller & more spread out, your situation here is appealing.
zeonista13 chapter 8 . 7/14
I don't think Blake in this chapter has changed much-or-learned much-as a parent. It must be the cat in her. "It's everywhere!" Terrifying realism there, although I laugh 'cause it's true. I have faced the terror of a full diaper before, not to mention one soaked in urine. Can a toddler totally saturate a super-duper absorbant diaper? Yes, yes she can... Children can be a real mixed blessing sometimes, it makes those birthday & confirmation & graduation parties the more reason to celebrate.
zeonista13 chapter 7 . 7/14
Tsundere Weiss is fun Weiss. That is all. I suppose that if Jaune was an anime butler this would be the Good End to his story. He is Weiss's safe zone keeper, and she loves him for it even if she cannot always show it. (The comfy sleeping couch for when Mama isn't happy was a nice touch at covering for bad habits.) The son who hasn't learned to balance the Arc & Schnee is a great unindicted co-conspirator.
zeonista13 chapter 6 . 7/14
This is Jaune as the cop's spouse. Everything you have written is the story of the policeman's wife (or policewoman's husband) who loves her (his) spouse very much, sees them off to work every day... And promptly prays to the God of choice that said spouse comes back home safe & sound. There is a reason why many hero cops of fiction are divorced. It is a sad reflection of reality, where too many wives (maybe husbands) got too stressed out waiting, or dreading the late-night knock on the door or telephone call. "Ma Yang" and a daughter who thinks she's clever are good specific Yang-related bits.
zeonista13 chapter 5 . 7/14
Papa Bear in the house! This chapter has no gender-role confusion. Ever since Mankind had a hearth to guard, the man of the house has been guarding it. And boy has Jaune guarded it! I guess the WHite Fang lowballed the odds of Jaune the dropout being a dedicated fighter with the motive to go to the wall to protect home and family. (Even an Academy dropout is several times more dangerous than any civilian. Mission prep fail, Fangs...) IKROP wrap scene is vintage action movie goodness.
zeonista13 chapter 4 . 7/14
You know, I could see this one happening & working out. Before the end of Volume 4 I would have conceded it as possible as well as plausible. So good on you for making this ship float! I also think Jaune as house-hubby here is vitally necessary, since Nora's impulsive and worry-free life makes me suspect her maternal capacity, no matter how well-meant. "Aww, it's broken." *shudder* The attic room really works as a metaphor here.
zeonista13 chapter 3 . 7/14
Jaune now becomes the "can-do dad" instead of the traditional "can-do mom" of daytime-TV advertisement land. Yessir, Duncan Hines, Kool-Aid, Folger's Coffee, Proctor & Gamble, and Hefty Bags would love the hell out of this Jaune Arc! You are right and no doubt canon-prescient in presuming that Jaune & Ruby would easily cross the dividing line between friends and lovers. Very compatible, and no relationship issues to be manuevered around. It is a current update on Taiyang Shao Long & Summer Rose, with the happy ending that never came for the older couple. Ruby is awesome, Jaune keeps her & the kids going, and now we break for a commercial for Jell-O brand gelatin.
zeonista13 chapter 2 . 7/14
I should have anticipated a lot of gender role-swapping. Somehow I am not surprised, but it is not a letdown. So Pyrrha is the Career Woman who wears armor instead of an Armani suit, and has to be away because of The Job. Renora is on hand as the helpful family friends & it's all good. I like how Jaune is loving enought to know when stress is talking instead of his heart. Yeah, the first 12 months are difficult, with infants needing round-the-clock attention. Screw society's current norms, this is an older rule and one that must be followed to have a healthy child! So Jaune provides the nurturing while Pyrrha brings home the bacon & the sponsorships.
zeonista13 chapter 1 . 7/14
"You are going to be an excellent father, Jaune." Truth! He will be a house-hubby hero for the ages, in truth. There ought to be a lot of Mister Mom humor here (an old comedy classic) but I think you will do better in showing how Jaune relates to each girl in turn.
shuujin.takagi chapter 10 . 4/25
Increible fic, me encanta como escribes todas las opciones que Jaune pudo haber tomado. Gracias por escribir
Kratos1989 chapter 9 . 4/23
Ren going Full Metal Jacket on those hunters, Beacon would never be the same again.
howmanyisthat chapter 10 . 4/19
That was good
GreyscaleWriter chapter 2 . 4/18
Holy crap I want a country song of the lyrics posted.
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