Reviews for Broken Angel
Visual Bliss chapter 102 . 11/6
That is so unsatisfying I can't help hut feel annoyed
Lesskarr Wolf chapter 108 . 10/19
this has been one of the best fanfics of this type that i have come across in a good while it was fantastic and i look forward to devouring my way through the sequel as well :)
Lesskarr Wolf chapter 63 . 10/17
interesting fanfic i came across this and one of your other fics on archive of our own website and devoured my way through both fics but seen that they hadnt been updated in awhile but then noticed in one of the authors notes on the fics that you primairily posted here and not there so glad to see these fics still being worked on overall :)
asdasd chapter 106 . 10/5
I had my complaints but if this wasn't good, I wouldn't have read over 900 000 words of it
asdasd chapter 101 . 10/5
again stupid. if she was going to use the universal push shinra tense, why not start with it? she wasted time destroyng the portals manually and then she destroyed everything else with on jutsu she should have opened with
asdasd chapter 100 . 10/5
I was so sure it was salazar, but it was herpo. Didn't see that coming
asdasd chapter 99 . 10/5
I think the stupidest mistake of riley's many mistakes was not to connect zetsu to the gravemind. But hgey, that would make the plot too easy...
asdasd chapter 98 . 10/5
The hanger on mates use way too much time psychoanalysing riley during war or battles. It has happened so often by this point I have to mention it.
asdasd chapter 98 . 10/5
seriously. why are the weaklings worried about the god when they too are heading for battle? riley never denied them to fight in wars but they constantly do it to riley. many harem falls to this shit
asdasd chapter 98 . 10/5
I'm getting pissed at rileys mates for trying to baby her and holding her back. If they only allowed her to train she would be much more cabaple handling this threat.
asdasd chapter 96 . 10/5
raam was made to be a general but not once has he commanded anything other than smaller squads or divisions. Mostly he just acts as another enforser
asdasd chapter 95 . 10/5
this forshadowing that has lasted for the entire series is getting old
asdasd chapter 93 . 10/5
Hey, there is a world ending demon trying to suck the souls of everyone living and to pull earth into hell and make it one of the dark realms where there is no joy or happines but only enslavement, death and torture. Let's leave that for the last, it's not like it's urgent... Again, utterly stupid
follower chapter 93 . 10/5
I haven't finished the chapter yet but I do hope that Riley is more skillful than Pain. She has trained for a century so she is the more experienced and the more powerful player. Pains only advantage should be the bodies he uses as puppets and whatever Mito or the skath? has given him. Though if any my ff experience is to be followed, she is the weaker one. the mc always the underdog. ridiculous
tudyk chapter 88 . 10/5
So glad it isn't another bioshock thing or something else I have no knowledge of
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