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RaidenRoxx chapter 72 . 11/17
I'm calling it now, Kane is from the Command and Conquer Tiberium Universe.
oli.rom3107 chapter 12 . 10/30
one would assume having been on the opposite sides during the last war, you'd at least resent one another?

that was exactly the opposite of the story of Franz Stigler (German) and Charlie Brown(American)in WW2

if you don't know the story its on Sabaton History (No bullets Fly)
AvidReader2425 chapter 92 . 10/19
Another fantastic chapter, thank you. So now I’m curious, how does Riley‘s power and Trigon’s power compare?
fireboy122arthur chapter 3 . 10/18
I like hermione
oli.rom3107 chapter 70 . 10/13
dressed in an armored suit who screams about putging them in burning fire

is that an spacemarine reference
ScGonzaga chapter 70 . 10/5
No... NOoooo... YOU DID! MY GOD, do you have any idea how long I have been trying to find a good Bioshock Infinite story! It may be a crossover but THIS IS GREAT!
ScGonzaga chapter 69 . 10/5
Welp... I was very excited that this story had some Bioshock Infinite element to it (Bioshock Infinite is my favorite game, especially Elizabeth) so I continued reading... I have never cried and heartbroken to older Elizabeth's sacrifice... This story is amazing and I can't wait until I'm caught up to the sequel of this story.
oli.rom3107 chapter 51 . 10/4
I could immagine RAAM with headphones listening to sabaton.

if you don't know sabaton is the equivalent of an metal head who teaches history
they specialise in historical war heros like stigler, a man from natzi germany who spared and escorted an american B-17 out of enemy territory (SabatonNo bullets fly). Or the Manfred von Richthofen, one of the most famous flying ace in ww1, who trew the logic of keeping subtle collors to not beeing spotted easily out of the window and flew an bloodred triplane and got credited for 40 enemy shotdowns (SabatonRed Baron). Or also impressive or respect worthy moments like the impressive defence of Poland against Germany where they were outnumbered 40:1 and still kept them at bay for three days (Sabaton40:1). or how a Russian outpost got hit with poison gas wich turned into litterly accid but the Russian soldiers still stood up and fought back against the germans and forced them to retreat (SabatonAttack of the Dead men). Sabatons goal is to remind the people of what happened in history so we could learn out of it. a wise man once said if you forget your history you're destined to repeat such mistake
oli.rom3107 chapter 16 . 9/28
do you know this picture of the country balls
were Germany got attacked by an arabian(?) germany just calmly walked up to it loomed over it and said just one thing
Arabian(?) was scarred like it got infron of an monster
here is the link for the pic
httpswww. google

i wanted to see ron and dean trying the polymorp potion with grab and goyle as disguise and just walking into the common room only to be met by riley looming over them just saying Guten Tag Jungs
oli.rom3107 chapter 6 . 9/15
every time i hear france i hear russian badger
oli.rom3107 chapter 80 . 9/10
if im beeing honest when I first read about the golems I thought of the titans from anthem
oli.rom3107 chapter 74 . 9/9
For albedo
Extremely loyal and in love, Albedo is infatuated and needy/clingy with Ainz, often showing obsessive tendencies when it comes to his affairs. She is always dying for Ainz's affections, showcasing outbursts of jealousy whenever anyone else appears to be getting close to him. Yet despite this, she states that as the Supreme Ruler, it would be bizarre for him to only take one wife, implying that she would be content with him taking others as wives as long as she is the one he loves the most. Due to her nature as a succubus and how she was programmed by Ainz to be in love with him, Albedo is quite assertive to a fault. She sometimes loses control of herself around what Ainz says to the point of going to extreme actions, such as almost raping him against his will.
Among all the Guardians, she is the most vocal when it comes to expressing her opinions. Albedo will openly denounce any statement or action she deems inappropriate, reaching the point where Ainz sometimes considers it an annoyance. As the Overseer of the Floor Guardians, she is very levelheaded. Albedo can make calm and collected judgments that even Ainz sometimes doesn't think of. She takes Ainz's orders as a top priority and absolute, punishing anyone, even a Floor Guardian, who'd dare to belittle or not take it seriously. According to Ainz, he can sense that Albedo harbors hatred and hostility toward humans, whom she calls an inferior species.
Albedo can easily lose self-restraint and go mad if Ainz is harmed, even by an attack that may not hurt him whatsoever. She becomes very emotional whenever Ainz is put under mortal danger, such as a life-or-death situation, or if he considers abandoning her

Albedo boasts the highest defensive power among all the NPCs of Nazarick. Especially, when she is fully equipped with her personal armor, Hermes Trismegistus, Albedo's defense is virtually impregnable. She is also immune to a variety of diseases.
Albedo possesses a special skill which allows her to transfer any damages she suffers to her armor instead. With this skill, she can even withstand a Super-Tier Magic spell and remain unscathed.
However, Albedo's special skill has limits as she can use only it 3 times a day. Moreover, the piece of armor that absorbs the damage will break apart regardless of its defense capabilities. Once the limit is reached, Albedo will lose all outermost part of the armor and her defense and combat potential will fall drastically. Though she still can compensate this by changing to her true form and assimilating the remaining armor parts to harden her own flesh.
As a warrior, Albedo also has high-level physical abilities.

During her outburst of anger from jealousy towards Shalltear, Albedo easily destroyed parts of the fortress built by Aura which also shook an entire fortress in the process.

A simple punch from Albedo can send Azuth Aindra, who was in his Armor of Reinforcement, flying to a considerable distance. According to her, it felt like she punched a tofu.

In the incident where she tried to rape Ainz. it took a combined effort of Mare and several Eight-Edge Assassins to restrain Albedo.

While wielding a halberd in combat, when facing a Power Suit wearer using a Heavy Machine Gun, Albedo is known to be capable of redirecting a few of the bullets back at their foe as a counter. Not only would this damage the opponent’s weapon, the damage of Albedo’s halberd was also added on to it as well. Combined with the damage she could deal with her skills, this can deal a considerable amount of damage to the enemy.
Though her hearing ability is keen enough to detect the sounds of metal or the wails of the fleeing men, Albedo cannot accurately pinpoint the sources of sound without visual contacts due to her lack of levels in ranger and rogue-type classes.
Besides her combat prowess, Albedo is among the top 3 NPC in terms of intelligence. Befitting her status as an Overseer of the Guardians, Albedo excels in Internal Affairs and is in charge of the management of the Great Tomb of nazerik, especially during Ainz's absence. Similar to Ainz, Albedo can also access Nazarick's administration system for verifying the NPCs' allegiance. She has her own defense system set up in place throughout Nazarick to help alert her of intruders and then ensnare them with magical traps. In a way, she is tasked with stationing soldiers, constructing the defense network, checking maintenance inside Nazarick, and anything that concerns the Throne Room.
By her own admission, Albedo is not as good as Ainz or Demiurge when it comes to diplomacy. However, in Nazarick, only Albedo the Floor Guardian Overseer can successfully manage the vassals of every single Floor.
oli.rom3107 chapter 74 . 9/9
me :sees dante and vergil
lets prepare for motivation and style who are op as fuck

don't forget that in dmc 5 urizen(the demon half of vergil) had the power to shake the foundations of the world. and he got his ass whooped by dante

now immagine how powerful dante must be and vergil is his equal

dmc is acctualy my fav game franchise
oli.rom3107 chapter 65 . 9/9
damn divine hate ost fitted perfectly for this
Rhyn3 chapter 66 . 8/26
if the attack was only a few hours ago, then why couldn't Riley Res Jiraiya?
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