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hiareportsyou chapter 100 . 10/11
Any chance we can get a new stat screen on everyone?
Shadow Azula chapter 100 . 10/7
Good Chapter.
Riley should make a weapon that resists healing/regeneration with the demon souls she's absorbing.
naruto chapter 100 . 10/6
great chapter keep it up
darth Queidus chapter 100 . 10/6
Very good. Can't wait to see her rage with the 10 tales. Will the next book have her skipping universes more?
Kilare T'suna chapter 100 . 10/6
I wonder who will be the rest of the children?
tymaxion chapter 100 . 10/6
Things are getting even more heated, I am so looking forward to the next chapter and once more re-reading this story for the 9th time because it's JUST THAT AWESOME!
Aaron Leach chapter 100 . 10/6
Awesome chapter.
Tsukoblue chapter 100 . 10/6
This was an extremely enjoyable chapter

Can’t wait for 101
bitten2 chapter 99 . 9/27
Awesome! More please!
Guest chapter 99 . 9/27
MOAR!. Enough said.
Guest chapter 69 . 9/19
I love your story but the moment you brought in timelines I stopped reading. You probably had different intentions but I felt it was more crap to give Riley so that the story lasted longer. I felt the moment you added timelines the plot started fall apart. This story is probably still really good but the timelines were too far for me and I feel cheated, getting so invested and then thrown into a loop. I already had some other problem with your story but I was able to deal with it, the timelines were just the breaking point. If I had continued it probably would have gotten better but I am too miffed to continue. I am sorry and you mostly likely had different plans, I just wanted to share my opinion with you and vent a little. I hope you continue and make this a great story despite my words. Good luck
Deus Ex Machina chapter 74 . 9/17
I have two more suggestions for you, one I recommend be done under either Luna or Daphne in terms of them being their mothers but in the end i will leave the choice up to you, should you choose to accept it. The first pair with either Luna or Daphne being the mother comes from Black Lagoon, a pair of twins who have been tortured and abused sexually to the point that it is believed that their genitalia have been horrible malformed, in the making of pedophilia snuff films for the orphanage. This combined with the fact that they were forced to kill other children to survive has lead to them becoming rather um well...unhinged to say the least as the two Hansel and Gretel, not their real names but their stage names, believe that by killing they can live forever. It is also hinted at the two being the same gender, though which gender that is I cannot tell as they frequently swap clothes and use a wig and even alter their voices to the point that they are indistinguishable once they have swapped. I can just imagine the rage and fury that would sweep off of Riley and her mates upon learning of this. The horror that would come at what had happened to her children, the fear of what their suffering has done to them, the hatred towards the worlds as a whole for condemnation them to their hellish existence, and the utter horror at the realization that she might be unable to help fix her children shattered psyches.
The second I recommend having Kaede be the mother. The child in question is Crona from Soul Eater, a young boy conditioned by his mother, a witch named Medusa Gorgon, and yes that is her name, into becoming a tool that would devour the souls of humans to the point that he evolved into a demon known as a Kishin. To further increase the odds of this happening Medusa melted down a weapon named Ragnaroc and then somehow transfused him into her child making him into Cronas Black Blood. Ragnaroc emerges by erupting from Cronba's back in a fountain of black blood and behaves in a manner similar to a bully with how he picks on Crona. I can imagine the shared rage of two mother's, well technically one mother and one sire, but regardless you get the point at how their child was treated.
I leave it up to you if you decide to accept or decline these invitations, regardless WE will be watching and waiting with baited breathe fore the next chapter. Till then, Auf Wiedersehen.
P.S. I do apologize for leaving other reviews behind other names.
HellomeIamyou chapter 99 . 9/17
Ia!Ia! Cthulu R'lyeh Ia!Ia! I can just imagine the WTF look on everyone's face when they first meet their son/brother if you choose to make him her son. The high-priest of the outer gods, the great demon god of the seas, the lord of the corpse city, may he walk the Earth again! Ia!
P.S. i didn't know which chapter to put this on so i just chose the most recent. Sry if i'm wrong.
AngelHufflepuff chapter 99 . 9/12
I just LOVE what you did with Zabuza and Haku! I never did like that they died in the series and the fact that you made them her children was brilliant! Can't wait to read more!
Ex chapter 99 . 9/11
Have you considered adding Shinji Ikari from neon genesis evangelion as a son from the future or an alternate world. The kid needs someone to save him and i think it would be cool to see Riley react to the evas and the angels and the amount of bull that kid had to go through.
P.S. please see about making it where he is in a relationship with rei and asuka with both of them being dominant, if for no other reason than the fact that I adore the Holy trio ship, and want to see the three happy after they flip Gendo and SEELE off with their evas.
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