Reviews for For What It's Worth
Black Night Wolf chapter 1 . 4/18/2017
Ah, you just gotta love Donna. XD

Thank you for writing this wonderful story. I feel like it did all of the characters' justice. I really did like Jethro in the episode Midnight, and I feel like this would've been the perfect ending for this episode.
PetitPentagram chapter 1 . 3/20/2017
That's really how I wish the episode ended. Cause honestly, I just wanted to punch his parents when watching this episode. Thanks for writing this :)
Razell chapter 1 . 3/6/2017
I felt similarly, though I never blamed Jethro. He, and Sky, before she was possessed, were probably the only people on board who seemed sympathetic. Midnight was the most terrifying episode of Doctor Who (old and new) I've ever seen. There's nothing more frightening than a scared human being. Like I said, Jethro was the only one who didn't anger or frighten me I just felt sad for him at the end, he seemed so lost.

The way I look at it, Jethro was a kid in an impossible situation. His father was trying to kill The Doctor, as was everyone else on board, his mother included. He was trapped in a broken down tour bus on a lethal planet with a possessed woman and terrified. He broke. I honestly think he had a temporary breakdown. It was too much for his mind. He tried to help throughout the episode, but he froze at the end. He didn't help, but he didn't try to hurt anyone either. He just didn't know what to do.

All of them were driven by fear, but Jethro held out the longest and only lost it when his father was about to murder someone. But, like most people with a conscience, he probably would blame himself. I'm glad he was able to apologize and be forgiven.

Lauren. I can't believe he was the only one who asked what her name was. Or that everyone else just acted like it never happened.

Why was Donna so mad at him? I mean, was it because he was the only one involved within kicking distance?

A wonderful story, like a missing page from the script.
queenofmoondoorswife chapter 1 . 1/24/2017
Lily Violet Oak chapter 1 . 6/25/2015
This was really good! "Midnight" is one of my favorite episodes, and I have watched it many times. Just, oh man, the LOOK in the Doctor's eyes when he's paralyzed, helpless to do anything but repeat the orders to throw him out. Utterly, utterly terrifying! And NONE of those morons could see how obviously smug "Sky" was acting? I mean, she was being more unbelievably smug than an Ace Attorney villain on the witness stand! And with the same results, really, since no one but your character seems to see it in the games! What idiots. Clearly that is not the behavior of a woman just freed from a terrifying alien possession. She should be horribly traumatized. That and not saying the thing had been waiting until "you" came along. "You", not "we"! Though, truth be told, I missed that one at first, too.

And I really felt bad for Jethro. He really did seem like a good kid, and when all the chaos is going on and they're trying to throw the Doctor out, he's a mess. You can see what it's doing to him! He and Dee Dee (did I spell that right?) probably felt the worst after, even though they were the least culpable.

Humans can do horrible things when they are afraid. I am reminded of a true incident where a teenage boy (19, I think) was beaten to death on an airplane by several other passengers after he freaked out and apparently they were afraid he would sabotage the plane or something. From what I read, should they have attempted to restrain him? Absolutely, for his own safety if nothing else. Did they need to beat him and then all sit on him so he couldn't breathe, among other things? Absolutely NOT! They were scared, and they wanted to punish the person who had made them scared. Humans are a bigger danger to themselves than anything else, and frightened humans can do terrible things
AnitaHoward chapter 1 . 6/22/2015
This was really good! I liked Jethro; despite being a teen with a typical teen attitude at the beginning, he showed that he was much more rounded by the end. I think of all of them, he would definitely have been the one most bothered by what he'd done (or failed to do). And the Doctor's response to him was so in character, as was Donna's :D Don't mess with the Doctor around her!

Favorite line:
"Don't let the other people and the noise push you around, or one day you'll wake up and the good kid who made a mistake has turned into a weak man who makes the same mistake all the time."
ooperdupe chapter 1 . 6/12/2015
I realize i never really noticed Jethro...i only noticed him cuz he was on merlin. Good story u should definitely write more. _
Redheadsrock4ever chapter 1 . 6/12/2015
Great take on Jethro! I could head the Doctor saying those words and the indignation in Donna's voice! I have a feeling though he would have asked what the heck that was though! Good job!