Reviews for Another Realm II: Terminus
TheRedMezek chapter 5 . 10/5
The picture of batarian society you paint in these stories is very interesting. You've probably dealt with this in a future chapter or story, but I wonder if the batarians outside of the Hegemony, like those in the Blue Suns, still stick to the caste system in the same way?
Ah Puch chapter 3 . 9/11
This is amazing I love the way the characters interact with each other I love the OC's they feel like real people and not shells I love the SI it's rare to find a good SI most are terrible Gary Stu's and what I really love is the romance it's amazing I get excited every time their together it's a blast to read and this is coming from someone who finds Mass Effect boring
ForgottenPrince chapter 35 . 8/26
Love it, off to read the next one.

I knew something like the exile was gonna happen, just more alone the lines of her dying or some such.

But this is soooooo much better.

Best regards,
AngelForm chapter 34 . 7/10
A reasonable continuation to the story.
Can’t say I enjoyed romantic drama shifting from side plot to primary focus.

Slightly annoying note: The treaty of Farixen does not limit the Turians in any way. They can build whatever they please as they are the benchmark that others are compared to.
Not to say that the Hierarchy isn’t being hamstrung but the treaty isn’t one of the tools used.
twentyitalians chapter 30 . 5/31
Well I thought it would come to this some chapters ago and I think you handled it rather well. Excited to see what the future chapters and stories of AR bring! Although, since I haven't read ahead, I don't see how the True Sons did this. Could it have been Korm? Possibly, as the assassins did infiltrate the hotel via the sewers, but I also think it was SIU so that Nynsi would be snapped back into the Hegemonic fold, and right into Balak's waiting arms. So neat and tidy in a patriarchal, caste-based society.
twentyitalians chapter 20 . 5/30
Balak...what a piece of work.

Hopefully Shepard ties him to the back of the Normandy and goes to FTL.
twentyitalians chapter 10 . 5/30
Another good chapter, would have liked to see you pay more attention to capitalizing "Scales" each time it was used. But hey, it's your literary work and I'm just reading it.
twentyitalians chapter 7 . 5/30
Good chapter. Where are you getting information from to describe the planets? The Codex as a base, I would think, but then just going full imagination for the rest of the description?
twentyitalians chapter 1 . 5/29
While i appreciate the series, and know that it has a lot written already, your continued sexing up of the Asari is really cringeworthy. the codex even says thag the human perception of Asari promiscuity is incorrect. yet, here gain, it's a refernce to an idiom about sexual favors. like damn dude, we get that you like Asari. other than that continued drawback and the multitude typos, this is still a good read.
Staph. Aureus chapter 12 . 5/27
Kat. I just want to say. You so fucking awesome, and i cant wait till the canon arc. The way you slow cooked and spice this universe up, damn, you like gordon ramsey in fanfic. I hope you keep this up, as much as i have fallen inlove with the canon. This? Takes it to a whole new level.
Badgedbadger chapter 17 . 3/25
I can't really see Trena and Nyn ever making up from this. Not that they ever really cared about each other in the first place, what with the spying. Which is... sad. Considering how the fluffy innocent marshmallow has fond memories of them laughing and drinking together. It's not a betrayal of him, but it would hurt like one.
Badgedbadger chapter 16 . 3/25
Trena had me nodding along there. She was making so much sense that I almost forgot about the genemods and the command line and stuff.
Badgedbadger chapter 10 . 3/25
Shit, Udina. The man everyone calls the Butcher of batarians rejected because of his attitudes towards... the species that actually matter. That's harsh.
Badgedbadger chapter 8 . 3/25
Oh maaaaan.

Really, I've been thinking that Cieran's much too good for Nyn. I love him being her champion, but the romance between them seems so volatile. And her most attractive quality (besides competence) seems to be "Not as much as an asshole as you would expect from a princess."

Not that I dislike her character in the least, but it seems as if they'd be better off batarian-married. They're just too different. And I say that in a way that makes me space classist rather than space racist. I think. :P
Syuriix chapter 12 . 3/22
Loving it, just got a note about the fun facts. Know you've long since finished the story, but in the Blue Suns War timelines the year doesn't add up to me. If Cieran arrived in April 2180 (according to previous chapters), then the carryover into Jan-Mar would be in 2181, though on both chapters involving those months the year is marked 2180.
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