Reviews for Ranma MIB Renewal - Sample
Tritan chapter 1 . 5/2/2018
Oh hey you're an idiot who desperately tries to get in the last word by using blocking.

Tantrum throwing baby IS an accurate description of you. But no, I'm not going to let you get the last word, especially since you're a pathetic screaming child I can't actually read the entirety of your stupid "rebuttal"

So enjoy having guest reviews clog up your bad stories until you become an adult!

First off, your stories are nothing new. They're the same bland, tied, bad fanfic cliches I've seen a million times before.

And no, Takahshi does not "reset" stories back to the beginning. If you, you know, actually ever read anything she wrote instead of just reading bad fanfic you'd see the character development and the chapters literally screaming at the top of their lungs about how things are going to end.

And no no, telling somebody to write good stories instead of bad!? How awful!? You're pathetic.

And hey, moron. AKANE IS NOT ABUSIVE.

What she IS is a female character who doesn't put up with the male leads crap. But misogynists can't stand that so they cry and weep and make up lies about her character because they hate women with a spine.

And no, writing characters, you know, in character, is not "repeating" stuff. With as awful as Ranma fanfic is, wriitng Akane properly is a fresh and unique thing, but you wouldn't get that.

Now fuck off, grow up, and stop being a baby.
Blackholelord chapter 1 . 7/18/2015
Well its a nice chapter. Its clear the original story author has left for the real world, so there is no worry about you rewriting the story. Just put up a note for the place you got the idea, and recreate it as a original story. As for giving the story some filling, I have a suggestion the MIB cartoon series could be modified for R and Red to take the leading role, but in Japan.