Reviews for Run With You
Guest chapter 24 . 12/25/2020
It’s gaping, not gapping. A lot of misused words or misspellings throughout, but you seem to make that one mistake in particular a lot.
Guest chapter 18 . 12/25/2020
I’m glad it all seems to be coming to a head, but I still can’t fit the life of me think how it was ok to hide their relationship from Martha this long. Martha also seems really dense to have missed it and ignored what she did see.
Guest chapter 14 . 12/25/2020
I’m glad you plan on Martha smarting up, because she’s really dense and unlikable so far, and I didn’t mind her so much in the show. The Doctor is at fault here, too. I have no idea why you’re having him purposely hide his relationship with Rose; it’s actually really unkind and unfair to both Rose and Martha. Martha had a better idea how he felt about her on the show than she does here with Rose right in front of her!
Guest chapter 10 . 12/24/2020
Why the heck is Tallulah so anti Rose? I’m still having a hard time figuring out why you’re building up a fake love triangle when the Doctor has clearly stated his intentions with Rose.
Guest chapter 10 . 12/24/2020
I’m actually very happy to hear you’ll be deviating from the episodes. First, it’s boring as heck to read essentially recaps of the episodes with a few extra lines throw in. Second, it makes no sense that the stories would play out exactly the same way with bear identical dialog, or even that they’d go to all the sane places, when Rose not being lost would change the dynamic and indeed the Doctor’s whole attitude since he didn’t have to deal with her loss. Third, there’s no point in writing “what happens if Rose is there” fics if the answer is pretty much the same thing that already happened. So I welcome the deviation and hope you stuck to it.
Guest chapter 9 . 12/24/2020
To like the story, but you’d grammar and punctuation is atrocious. I’m having a hard time figuring out Martha in this. She’s even more jealous and infatuated than on the show, which is odd given that Rose is there. Also, I’m really confused as to why the Doctor seems to be hiding any hand holding, hugging, or signs of affection with Rose from Martha. I’m honestly not sure why he wants Martha around at all the way she’s acting combined with his developing relationship with Rose; all the reason she’s a companion on the show kind of disappear with Rose still there. She’s essentially a third wheel, yet you have her thinking arose is the third wheel. Very confusing.
Nightwing Josh chapter 33 . 10/28/2020
Love Francine's hug. Out of the 3 moms from the rtd era, i hated her the most. You definitely showed more of her snobbish-ness in the Lazarus experiment with rose. But I do like that they may have become friends over the saxon year if because of her guilt. I never er got that from the episode, maybe she blamed the doctor for traveling with Martha cause the events led to her families enslavement.

Another tim moment that makes me feel he loved the doctor as a friend and he under-reacted to the doctor's accusation in the dungeon.
Nightwing Josh chapter 31 . 10/27/2020
While cool to see Sarah jane, part of me is curious where luke, clive, maria and k9 from her spinoff show. Sure, clive and maria could have been with their parents, but luke was sj's adopted son. K9 could still be dealing with the black hole. They could have been part of the 1/10th that the toclafane killed. Also curious what the torchwood team was doing during the saxon year.
Nightwing Josh chapter 30 . 10/27/2020
The stuff Tim says about missing the doctor and how the doctor and rose changed him, it's stuff like that that makes your future writing make the doctor forget that he's also tim's friend and was tim's first friend. It makes Tim's later reaction to the doctor accusing tim loving rose an under-reaction.
Nightwing Josh chapter 28 . 10/26/2020
Nice to see Grace, she rarely gets mentioned in the fandom (mostly because they blame her for the 7th doctor's regeneration into 8). But I like it since the fox tv movie took place a few years ago by that point.
Nightwing Josh chapter 22 . 10/22/2020
It is interesting to see doctor and Martha (or in this case: doctor, rose, and Martha) perspective of this doctor lite story. A tad anachronistic because the 3rd doctor started working for UNIT in 1970. I watched the old service by renting dvds from the library and watching on dailtmotion. Nice foreshadowing of jenny and river, not many would think that further in advance.
Nightwing Josh chapter 21 . 10/22/2020
Several things: i live that this is a short story and as soon as they escape, they go for the watch. It was annoying that the episode was stretched out for time. I like that his relationship was still with rose than Jessica Hynes' character. Plus the annoyingness of 1913 rathervthan 2005 Canada was better. I feel bad for Dave, he was John's friend in human nature part 1 and now he's going to die :( i like this version of tim, though i could be using him as the character i see myself as.
Nightwing Josh chapter 3 . 10/18/2020
Nice story, only thing that bugs me is Rose's reaction to the extrapolator. She should be aware that it's a powerful force field since it protected her, 9, and jack from the daleks and Margaret slitheen used it to open the cardiff rift. Unless you're insuating she's not remembering both adventures because of the doctor activating the huons in Rose in the lab.
Oh well, just nitpicking.
midnightscar17 chapter 7 . 8/24/2020
I hated donna red haired bimbo.

Martha in this story just aggravates me
MrsPandaBrowncoat chapter 33 . 7/15/2020
Oh wow. I love this story. I love it. Absolutely brilliant. Great believable character arcs, I love how we had a mix of familiar scenes and new ones. I love how you included Nine and Eleven so beautifully. Honestly I’ve searched for a big long story like this for ages. Spectacular. Thank you for writing. I particularly liked how this stayed a T rating, with the violence related warnings as needed. I look forward to reading my way through the rest of your library!
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