Reviews for Mid Winter's Eve
Ainaechoiriel chapter 1 . 12/20/2002
Nice little story. I like that you mentioned the rings and how Thranduil doesn't have one and yet keeps his realm safe. Legolas stretching out his senses was good, too.
Artemisa chapter 1 . 12/20/2002
I just love Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir stories and this is one of the best I've ever read. It is very cute and interesting and I really hope you write more of this kind.

Really this very good.
tenshiamanda chapter 1 . 12/20/2002
yay! This is great, well done. Legolas should know better than to look away during a snowball fight.
PuterPatty chapter 1 . 12/19/2002
I just love all these Yule and Mid Winter Festival stories that are popping up. They really serve to bring about the season, which I have not been feeling recently.

Ah, but we're finally getting our first snow (very late for us here in Minne-snow-ta), though not much. It was great fun seeing my favorite elves take part in a little snowball fight. Makes me want a least of foot of that wet snow that makes for perfect snowball consistenty. Alas, it will come soon enough and then I'm sure I'll be complaining about it.

Fun to see that elves do not enjoy blizzards. Also, I like that those Imladris elves kind of have it easy, what with Elrond using his ring. (I picked up on that right away-I liked that.) Yeah, Mirkwood elves are so much better, much "manlier" than those sissy Imladris elves. :)

Ha, ha. I love it when Legolas plays pranks on the twins and his was indeed a good one. Very inventive of him to use black shawl. (Just curious-how old are Legolas and the twins supposed to be in this story, and how old were they when he played that trick? Just curious.)

So the twins curiousity has been piqued. Of course, it would be; they love those Mirkwood spiders.

Nice job with Brethil. Poor elf-everybody goes to him to get the story that shouldn't be told. Too funny, that Legolas didn't tell him. He knows his friend well, doesn't he?

And there goes my favorite elf, using his elvish senses again. Not relying on some stupid ring to do it for him. :)

The hug always comes first, but we all know what's next? Thranduil and Elrond-now *that's* a formidable pair.

Oh, I love the visual of these packages hanging from the tree branches. I always love waking up after a blizzard or ice storm, where the branches are just coated with ice that sparkle in the bright sunlight, made even brighter because of all the perfectly white snow covering the land. Beautiful sight. And the elves going out to get these packages, and Legolas and Elladan and Elrohir only taking one and giving the rest to the little elflings. Awwww! How sweet! :)

Great job, Jay. A wonderful story!
Jay of Lasgalen chapter 1 . 12/19/2002
Sorry, I should have made it clear. Thranduil is refering to Elrond's use of Vilya to protect Rivendell (including the weather), when he says 'You still have it'.

It seems Legolas wasn't the only one to wonder what they were talking about!
Angaloth chapter 1 . 12/19/2002
Awe, that was very cute. I love these Elvish Yuletide stories...or Mid Winter Festival.
TreeHugger chapter 1 . 12/19/2002
Wow! I am an Enterprise now, hmm? LOL I haven't been one since we sold our businesses! It feels rather nice! :)

LOL Right off to bat Legolas gets swatted by a snowball! You should never, ever let your guard down when in the midst of a fierce snowball fight...not even to wave at your Ada! I love it that Elrond and the twins have come to Lasgalen for Yuletide. :) Very, very nice! LOL to the twins being the culprits...his very own team members! :0

Jay! LOL The prank Legolas played on Elladan and Elrohir is too funny! I am certain that they were scared out of their wits! That would scare anybody! OH NO! He knows where they hibernate! Goodness! That sounds like a lot of trouble! LOL Trouble for them and fun for us! ;) OH NO! The twins are going out to find the ravine and the hibernating spiders alone! They will end up regretting this I suspect...or maybe not! ;)

Uh oh, Ada knows something is up and Legolas definitely knows what has happened. Silly twins going out when a storm was coming. Yes, snow is fun, but blizzards are not!

Okay, I am puzzled too. What are Elrond and Thranduil talking about?

Legolas is very lucky that he found Elladan and Elrohir, but Jay! Those three younglings out in that cold wind and blowing snow is not a Good Thing. It is very easy to become disoriented in driving, blowing snow...not that we have ever had that much driving, blowing snow here...just on very rare occasions, but it is rather disconcerting.

Oh no. The search parties are out looking for the twins, but now Thranduil realizes that his own son is now missing.

Poor Brethil! LOL I had to say it! He is trapped and well, I love King Thranduil dearly as you know, but he can be rather, shall we say, FORMIDABLE? Oh, Valar! It is very fun to read someone else writing Brethil. You do a very good, and funny job with him, nin mellon. LOL They wouldn't let him listen, Legolas wouldn't tell him anything, but he didn't believe it anyway and he was sure Legolas was making it up! Perfect!

Oh no! Well, that secret is out. The elflings aren't supposed to know about the ravine, but they do and now Thranduil knows that they know, and he is going to kill them if the spiders don't. Poor Ellahir, and Legolas.

Wow! I love the idea of being able to sense where they are. Very cool! And it worked very nicely! Very, very neat!

I really loved that Legolas didn't care if the twins saw him swept up in his Ada's embrace...of course Elrond had the twins swept up as well. Thranduil sounds just like every concerned parent does when the danger is over and all is well once more. How many questions can a parent ask? Very many all run together!

"Anyway, tell me one thing. Did you find the spiders?" LOL Of course he would want to know that!

Awww! I loved the end! How sweet and wonderful is that. I guess the three learned something. That was very mature of them to pick the sweets for the younger elflings.

Very wonderful, and touching story, Jay! Thanks so much for yet another wonderful Yuletide story to add to the growing collection!

Elenath sila erin le!
JastaElf chapter 1 . 12/19/2002
Oh, Jay, that was just wonderful. *sighs happily* what more could a story possibly want, than Thranduil AND Elrond, GOOD fathers both... Legolas AND the Twins... and Brethil! I love it!

VERY nice job, thanks for posting it!
Soledad chapter 1 . 12/19/2002
Awwww, what a sweet story! I feel so spoiled! The best Wood-Elf fanciers answer my challenge! :))

It's a real treat to read a story where Elrond and Thranduil *don't* hate each other and the elflings are friends, too. I found the idea with packages of sweetmeat hanging from the teres with the elflings splendid, and them playing in the snow was such a sweet scene. Thank yo very much. :)
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