Reviews for It's not the Raptor DNA
Guest chapter 78 . 5/3
You should do a fanfiction on feugo that would be cool
Dino-Fan chapter 89 . 4/19
Took 4 days to read this and now I feel sad to discover the story is incomplete and that haven't been updated in years which is sad because is a interesting take of the "What if?"
With Elise and I wanted to know if Tacet will be truly helped instead of the humans keep labeling her like a dumb monster without even understating her at all, not to mention she could be pregnant as well.
Dino-Fan chapter 63 . 4/16
Dammit I wanted that dumbass Blake to get eated by the Dilos he deserved it for being such a unprofessional dumbass
Dino-Fan chapter 49 . 4/16
Even big movie studios fail to make a interesting conversation among two highly amoral human beings (aside from the parody movies, stories or TV series) like you have and that is impressive.
Though I hope that Elise is not forced to go throughout something traumatic as basically getting raped by a murderous hybrid dinosaur.
Dino-Fan chapter 48 . 4/16
I can't feel anything for Debra or Blake they're so stuck in this anger that they don't realize humans are the cause for innocent Elise behavior, actions and subsequent events.
Dino-Fan chapter 46 . 4/16
Wow you managed to create a character that I hate more than any of the antagonists in the movies.
I don't mind if a fully grown and experienced T-Rex fight against equally grown and experienced Spino because that means a fair battle, but this INgen CEO is downright deplorable and despicable, hope his Spino eat him later on.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/13
Idc if it was a sucker punch, You made Owen like a little bitch and damsel in distress.
scubadivingmaui7 chapter 4 . 4/13
Wow. Not sure how it took me so long to find this!

It's been a few years since updating and you already have a ton of reviews, so not much else I can say. Great take on the Indominus, great JW sequel, characters all feel true to themselves, great job.
avatar junkman chapter 48 . 4/12
I feel like it's a little to long but I liked it
brongel chapter 89 . 3/10
I started reading this story months ago. I'm not actually that much of a fan in regards to the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World series, all things considered. I'm not even that much of a reader either, I've never been that much into literature, let alone as long as this. But I read the entire story even if it took months to finish it, and it's most likely the longest thing I'll ever read.

I hate this story, and I don't mean that the story is poorly written, I just hate everything this story symbolizes for me on a personal level. And as strange as it sounds, fanfiction was a form of self-harm for me. I would intentionally read things that would make me uncomfortable, send me into relapses of hating parts of myself, get me into mental loops. While I could just read original literature, I wanted to read something that was based off of something I might've actually enjoyed. Thus, I read fanfiction. I ruined myself, and I ruined things I enjoyed by forcefully associating them with things I hated to think about. I wasn't hurting myself physically, just in smaller ways that added up over time mentally.

That's why I read this entire story. 720K words of a story I could hardly enjoy. Mind numbing to me, and the parts that weren't mind numbing made me uncomfortable, especially towards the end. Tacet's entire character triggered memories of when I physically harmed myself, Bridges' character reminded me of how I see myself as a mentally ill freak, and almost all other characters had some little quirk that just made me hate them the more I kept reading.

Sobek's character was really weirdly written. Early on it's established that he genuinely hates Elise, and throughout the entire story she is referred to as 'Twisted One'. Not once is it seen he shows any kind of care for Elise either, and is truly only concerned about the well being of Rexy. The only reason he cares about Elise is because she's important to Rexy. Yet, he becomes Elise's father figure for no real reason other than to basically shoehorn in a type of family unit for Elise.

Bridges' character is my least favorite, unrealistically mentally ill to a point where its almost insufferable. The fact that you know what Bridges' is constantly thinking makes any attempt at him coming off as "unpredictable" almost completely void. And assuming he has a form of schizophrenia (which is the closest thing you can relate his condition to) he should not be functioning at all, especially as well as he does, considering how long he's been doing the things he does with what seems like little to no medication and therapy.

And on the topic of that, the story has this overarching theme of what feels like mental illness. While I find stories that tackle this kind of thing really interesting, this is a fucking Jurassic Park fanfiction and you're trying to talk about how people perceive the mentally ill. The story also has a weird hate boner for therapy in general, every psychologist that is brought up is almost always in a bad light.

I don't know why I finished this story, the story itself was never completed. There's no resolution, nothing to be gained or learned. I did this for no reason, and I sit here writing about this like anyone would read this far. This isn't even really a review..more like a vent, ha ha.

I guess I can feel better knowing I finished it. I hope the author is ok though, maybe one day you can come back and finish it for the people that seemed to like it. Or maybe you're writing original stories...who knows.

MCPO M-061 chapter 89 . 3/8
Nothing short of utterly superb. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and can't recommend it enough. I laughed and teared up while reading this story more than I've ever done so while reading bestsellers and for that I love it. I really hope to see this story updated again one day, but I will gladly reread this over and over again either way.
zephyrthewinddragon chapter 1 . 3/6
i agree with everyone here we would all love to see this story continue even after several years we want nothing more than elise and owens crazy little adventures through life if not its understandable if he dont have a drive to write anymore
Guest chapter 89 . 2/21
Love this story wish your will continue it or write a sequel or a what if stories
Mona chapter 89 . 2/20
This story is awesome to read I hope you write more soon or finish the story soon. I always come back and reread this story hoping one day you will finish this story so please write more soon. Thank you.
lawshark chapter 88 . 2/19
I know it’s a long shot since it’s been several years but I hope you’ll update and finish this story. I love Elise and Owen! This is so well written and such a unique story in this fandom.
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