Reviews for It's not the Raptor DNA
Tboneslim chapter 89 . 9/8
God I love this story so much! I really wish it would continue.
WhyIsThePuppetSticky chapter 1 . 8/4
Hey, that one Guest who's frustrated with the story, I gotta say I agree. There's a lot of potential here given up for fluff and it doesn't hold up to the test of time. If anything, I urge you to maybe post your own writing based on it or even an original idea. Doesn't look like Skulls is coming back any time soon, despite her message about just being busy and planning to return.
Julie Q chapter 70 . 7/28
"Bridges' mother named him Daemon because she was ill like him, and incredibly religious"

- I must admit, I thought that whoever chose his name had simply misspelled 'Damon' and accidentally added an 'e'. :)
Guest chapter 51 . 7/22
...I always thought that Romeo & Juliet was supposed to be a cautionary tale about the importance of communication, and the dangers inherent of a] inadequate communication and b] acting like impulsive idiots with unsubstantiated information?

The contrast between Bridges' and Sobek's perceptions of their time together in this chapter is hilarious! :D Bridges is soooo full of himself, while Sobek just wishes he would shut the f- up already - I love it! *hugs*
Anaylse chapter 89 . 6/22
Will Elise sister be famous too or no?
Guest chapter 89 . 6/22
I was wondering will Elise’s sister be famous or is is just Elise?
Guest chapter 89 . 6/22
Can’t wait for more
Guest chapter 78 . 6/20
this story frustrates me a lot. so many good ideas and interesting characters and barely anything is done with it besides fluff. you basically established an entire universe of terrible implacations (one being the fact that elise is literally someone else's property and that they're exploiting a little girl, even if its 'justified') and this is the one chapter where it almost becomes a *story*. and i hate that, because this is easily the best chapter in the novel, and you actually used elise's and bridge's dynamic beautifully unlike the rest of the story where hes a tryhard (borderline ableist tbh) mustache twirling villian. there's stakes, there's things actually happening, there's real chemistry.

and then it just kinda...crumbles, after that. you get a glimpse of an actually interesting world, after 60 chapters of it being teased, and then it's over soon after. despite all of its flaws i lowkey mourn for the potential this story had, the story it could've told if things were handled differently. and despite all of that, i sometimes almost find myself drawn into its world, only to realize how flawed and unfinished it is. i couldn't will myself to reread it if i wanted to, its just too depressing.

i apologize for how dramatic this sounds, i know its literally just jurassic park fanfiction, but i come back to this story too often. ive gotten into a habit of thinking of how i would change things if i was the one writing it, and its led me to wanting to write in the first place. i cant help but thank you, genuinely. judging by an older review, if its to be believed, you still have interest in finishing this story (at least i *imagine* you do, consider by that point it was already years since the last update...).

i hope i can forget about this story until then. its just depressing to think about how much couldve been done with this universe, and its been silent for years. really, i just hope you're alright. if you do finish this story one day, i'll come back and read it. finish it how you want, when you want, if you want. wishing you the best
Guest chapter 1 . 6/17
guest chapter 84 . 6/16
this story kinda mid ngl but this chapter is fucking wild to me. youve established that dinosaurs are sentient, intelligent creatures and you spend like half this chapter making elise just cap one of her own basically. and for like, no reason? granted shes killed like actual people before but this time she just willingly chose to fuck up her own kind lmaoo
tansy chapter 89 . 6/9
hello! just wanted to let you know that i've saved every chapter of this fic to the internet archive's wayback machine, in case anything happens to the domain you're hosting it on. every time i read this story, i fall in love with its world all over again. can't let that be lost to the internet because of something like the site going down, eh?
Nellyblue11 chapter 89 . 6/10
Love this story. Hope you update again.
Am yiyici chapter 89 . 6/7
I will keep checking this fic, I will not lose hope
Elises Fangirl chapter 1 . 5/25
Heyyooo! Ahh its been quite a while since ive last checked this fic. Over six years later and I’m still around.

its still a wonderful fic and it will always remain one of my all time favorites. i first found this fic when i was a freshman in high school. fast forward several years later and im now a working adult with a bachelors degree
CyberHawk chapter 33 . 5/9
The way that Elise fits in is that she is the negotiator like Obi-Wan and general grievous but general grievous is the world… No more like a rowdy bunch of Men and woman yeah that’s what I think she is like because she can speak with almost every dinosaur there that is not a herbivore that we know of so yeah that’s where I think she fits in
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