Reviews for It's not the Raptor DNA
VeeVee The Artist N Writer chapter 89 . 5/18
Spent the week just binge reading this wonderful fan fiction at every change I got. This is such a wonderful story! I enjoyed all the character development, from strangers to family units. It feels like I am reading an official novel! I've give this fan fic 10/10~
Guest chapter 56 . 5/14
eeeeehhh? Bridge's mental state is...Interesting?
cheyennexshadow chapter 84 . 5/11
isn't limper too old for her to be her mate?
mst3ktoo chapter 10 . 5/12
She really is like a human trapped in the dino body
mst3ktoo chapter 8 . 5/12
Gerry is Omega
mst3ktoo chapter 7 . 5/12
Why does control of lots of money destroy the soul?
mst3ktoo chapter 6 . 5/12
mst3ktoo chapter 5 . 5/12
Chris Pratt and his titanium coated balls of solid neutronium...
mst3ktoo chapter 4 . 5/12
Thats what comes of just clicking 'I Agree' on the license agreements. Its a habit now. I've probably sign off my soul a dozen times and didn't realize.
mst3ktoo chapter 3 . 5/12
She already has koko beat, I think
mst3ktoo chapter 2 . 5/11
Oh. Intriguing
Epclaymore chapter 13 . 5/8
It's been a while since I've read this. I wait eagerly for a continuation, someday.
nostalgia chapter 1 . 4/23
This was one of the first fics I ever read, way back when I was in middle school! Found this fic from TvTropes, a little while after I found TvTropes. This was one of my favorite fics from back then and if it is no longer in my top ten it is certainly not because I think any less of it! (and it still is in my top ten from time to time as I revise the list)
I honestly have problems remembering that this version of the story is not canon and think of the Indominus Rex as Elise whenever I see her!
I love Elise, I love how this is a story of showing kindness to someone who has been without it, I love the found family of it all and the way it keeps growing and growing!
The part with Small One still make me cry to this day.
I am glad I got to read this story!
Ghost Dragon Master chapter 89 . 4/15
It's not the Raptor DNA is a really good Jurassic Park fanfiction. I've only read a few others that were this good and the other three were Harry Potter crossovers. One where a pork key sends Harry to Site B, one where he forms a familiar bond with a raptor and Hermione can't figure out what it is since she wasn't interested in anything earlier than recorded human history and one where he forms a familiar bond with a Spinosaurus. Your fanfiction is on par with these fanfictions, but definitely longer. I enjoyed every chapter, but the one where Elsie dreamed of Small One saying it's okay for her to move on was very touching. That's the first time I cried a few tears while reading since I first read Where The Red Fern Grows back in 6th grade. Thank you for that. I hope you add more chapters as I really want to see Rexy's reaction to Elsie's new injuries.
wolfman102 chapter 89 . 3/28
Please continue.
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