Reviews for Fate: Shattered Moon
Guest chapter 11 . 11/29
So someone becoming a monster from outside influence in Blake and Medusa. Sakura too.
A leader who regrets and questions their position in Jaune and Saber.
An artificial girl made in a cold country to fight in Penny and Illya.
I’m guessing blind idealism in Ruby and Shirou.
Which leaves the rich tsundere best girls in Weiss and Rin.
Cepilepsi chapter 27 . 11/13
Fun read
AidenJacksonSmithDSBB chapter 20 . 11/7
I have never facepalmed so hard in terms of miscommunication
Isaasol2 chapter 20 . 10/6
Ugh, I hate these type of plot points.
AxialDirection chapter 27 . 8/24
This is really goood, please don't leave us my dear author T-T, I'm still waiting here hoping for one day our hero will return
SomewhereBeyondtheStars chapter 27 . 8/16
Absolutely love this, really hope to see more!
KenjiApex chapter 27 . 6/6
It would be interesting if there's "Fate: Shattered Moon cast watch Fate/Heavens Feel".
Biggest reaction will be:
Team Shirou VS Illya and Berserker,
Shirou and Rider VS Saber Alter
Unlimited Blades Works Scene
And Illya's sacrifice(utter confusion on the cast especially the Fate cast)
KenjiApex chapter 12 . 6/4
Team RWBY had no idea that Illya was older than them
KenjiApex chapter 23 . 5/30
KenjiApex chapter 20 . 5/29
Rin is an idiot for not explaining the purpose of the device
KenjiApex chapter 2 . 5/29
did they just KIDNAP Torchwick and his goons?
Urivor chapter 3 . 4/29
well damn, you know, i like rwby/fate xovers, specially with shiruo in them, but i kinda feel bad for the residents of remnant on this one, at first i thought. oh, okay, so its going to be a full huntsman team with rider as a trump card, maybe shirou can go ballistic with caladbolg if shit goes south with the help of the others mana reserves, still, should be fun"

but now, the "anchors" got pulled as well and we have essentially a ballistic war head, a getaway driver capable of turning into a flying freight train if needed and veritable one man armory/encyclopedia of weapons

things are sure to get interesting for ozpin and salem xD
Shigeraki chapter 1 . 4/12
Umm, shouldn’t Shirou still be suffering from having swords going off in his body?
codywhite162 chapter 27 . 3/31
This is such an excellent story! I hope you end up coming back to it someday as I quite enjoyed reading it!
Zepolmoon chapter 19 . 3/10
Fun really shouldn’t have asked Illya for a mask, she ‘s just asking for trouble
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