Reviews for Innocence Lost
Val chapter 1 . 8/15/2016
Can't believe I'm the first to review this very well-written fic but I suppose the show's fandom is small! Well, having just now marathoned the new Bionic Woman series (didn't take long) I thought I'd look for some fanfic...although there was no big cliffhanger in the last ep to make me desperate for fic, there were some unresolved character threads... like Becca being in the dark. So thanks for writing about that! This was a fun and exciting way of getting her in on the secret (at least, part of it.) Becca's actions in the story seemed very in-character, and it was nice to see her computer knowledge brought up again since we met her as a hacker in the pilot, but her skills weren't utilised in the show. I really enjoyed how you wrote all of Becca's thoughts and emotions, and even though I feel for her - good job conveying the weight of her new awareness and her fear for Jaime - I kinda like the way she's maturing by the end, shedding some of that typical teenage self-absorption. And look at Jonas acting fatherly, without losing his edge. And you even threw in a little Jaime/Nathan "flirting" ;) Oh, and the Sarah Corvus cameo! I'm so glad that in your story she's still alive and still their Friendly neighbour...heh. (I wonder how Jaime explained to Becca why she - Becca, that is - passed out in the middle of Sarah's first visit! Guess Becca believes she was just really tired that day? :P) So thanks again for the enjoyable read - this is the the best darn BW2007 fic around! Don't let the fact there are so few of them diminish my compliment to you, okay? :)