Reviews for Imprint
SapphiRubyCrys chapter 5 . 9/2
Wow seriously this is one of the best fics i have read in this fandom.
Daisy Rhine chapter 13 . 9/1
66ButterflyOfDarkness99 chapter 13 . 8/28
OMG! Sooo good! This is the first Jurassic Park fic I have ever read and it was so DAMN WORTH my time! Thank you! Can't wait for the next chapter!
AnileX09 chapter 12 . 8/12
Please update again. I love story.
I recently read in your Dragonrend update that you probably will no longer update Imprint because you were disappointed with JW2. Try again even if you only cover the first film or do not follow the canon completely and continue with something you would like, but at least at least do not leave us with the doubt that it will happen with Sarah, Claire and Owen. Claire will return to her old job, among other things. I hope you get inspired again.
I will wait patiently.
AnileX09 chapter 13 . 8/10
Absolutely loved it, I loved it.
I hope with all my heart that you will update the story again.
Guest chapter 13 . 7/16
Great story, when's the next chapter?
Sweetbooks12 chapter 1 . 7/11
I really loved your story. I read it a while back and saw it again when I was looking for something to read. I fell in love all over again. Your writing is spot on and portrays another side of Claire that's believable and more importantly, you don't rush the character. It feels natural in her awkwardness as well as her determined attitude. It's honestly good. A unique idea that's been executed very well. Hopefully you'll continue it. It's really painful when a story with such potential dies. No pressure but I hope you'll continue the great work.
The Mexican Taco Overlord chapter 13 . 6/30
Hell of a cliffhanger, it's been 3 years! hahahaha
JordanMathias chapter 13 . 6/28
Finally a story that Claire just isn't a complete bitch but has humanity. Mind you that was worked into her as you got her with Sarah. I love the idea of Sarah Conner being the vision behind it. Blue being a mother hen to Sarah is a great idea that really shows if you've seen Fallen World
badgerfang chapter 13 . 6/27
This is such a great story! I know it’s been a while, but do you have any plans on continuing it? I’m curious to see if the Marvel universe will come into play more.
Trexvik96 chapter 13 . 6/25
In all honesty... I didn't much care for the "Jurassic World" movie. Just like so many other movies these days it felt like a trip nostalgia, and there were a few moments in which I actually cringed.

But if that movie had been made according to this fanfic? Man would that have been a good movie! :D

The only thing I could have lived without was the inclusion of the MCU. But hey! It's your story, and you can do whatever the heck you want with it. Bottom line... this is some good quality stuff.

I eagerly await the next update. Whenever you fell like getting around to it. :)
RaeOUT chapter 13 . 6/24
Love this! It’s very well done. I hope you continue it, especially since we’ve got the second Jurassic World out now too. I’m really interested to see where you take it.
Booklover727 chapter 13 . 6/23
Hello! After seeing the second movie I just had to come and revisit some of my favorite fics, and yours is by far my favorite. I hope that one day you will continue on with this story but I also understand how crazy life can be; so best wishes either way! Thank you for creating something so enjoyable
Hannah chapter 13 . 6/7
Amazing story you have written here! Any chance that you will ever update it?
Babelvr54 chapter 13 . 6/1
By god I hope you’ll finish this story. I love Sarah and I love that she’s so gentle and protective of Claire. I feel like this is what should have happened in the first place. No one should be raised in isolation, that’s just cruel.

I love it!
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