Reviews for Accidental Imprint
omegaFreak chapter 1 . 3/5
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omegaFreak chapter 1 . 3/5
Keniskarolff chapter 2 . 8/20/2021
I believed that everyone in the park was female, control population and that
Dark The Bunny chapter 17 . 4/9/2021
I'm already imagining what Frost'll be like when she grows up.
Dark Neko 7000 chapter 20 . 3/17/2021
What will happen next time
Zebralord23 chapter 20 . 10/28/2020
man re-reading this had made me sad that it hasn't been updated in *checks update daye* oof 3 years, then again not like I'm one to talk considering my sole chapter of my only story from like 5 years ago. I hate it whenever I am reading a good fic and get so engrossed in it that I don't realize I'm at the end until I abruptly get there like just now. I know the chances for more are VERY low but hey, a man can hope ya know.
alex995 chapter 7 . 10/7/2020
Really enjoying this so far! Am I right in assuming Ellie Reiman is Ellie Sattler (sp?)? If so, Owen should’ve addressed the email as Dr. Reiman, not Mrs. The first title takes precedent, even if your surname changes.
Guest chapter 20 . 10/4/2020
Please Update Soon!
Locusrvb chapter 7 . 9/26/2020
I do wonder why we're here. It's one of life's greatest mysteries. Why are we here, man? are we just some cosmic coincidence, or does some higher power have some great plan for us? I don't know, man, but it keeps me up at night.
LokiTheSkywalker chapter 4 . 9/11/2020
Oh my gosh the ending of chapter 4!
fridgeraiderz chapter 2 . 8/26/2020
I thought you'd knew they never made male dinosaurs so they wouldn't breed so both indominus rexs are female
Masamune X23 chapter 1 . 7/16/2020
Are you still alive, it’s been years since you’ve been seen. Please tell me the virus didn’t get you?
TheAttemptedWriter chapter 3 . 7/10/2020
I'm guessing Blue is jealous that the man she imprinted on is spending time with other hatchlings.
Unknown chapter 20 . 6/5/2020
This is awesome! I can’t wait for the next chapter! Also, during the board meeting, Simon asked Owen to help with the mosasaurus water attraction right? So does that mean that when the mosasaurus is born, Owen is going to imprint on that too? Because that would be so funny and awesome. He has all the big predators on the island imprinted on him except Rexy.
Shiki.Gilliano chapter 3 . 5/28/2020
A bit late but I think Dr. Wu would love the idea of getting to inject Velociraptor DNA into Own..
Just a though!
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