Reviews for The 227th Hunger Games: Dollhouse
SummerNightsxox chapter 33 . 10/3/2020
I just read this story in one day, that's how good it was. Amazing writing :)
Mykindleisawesome chapter 33 . 8/5/2020
Damn this really is the last we'll hear from Tessa. I think it really is hitting now. She's just... such a force. The level of development she got was just out of this world. I could start raving about it again but I have a feeling I'll cover it in the chapter haha.

Wow we're really just entering That Bitch territory right off the bat. Her inner monologue has always been one of my favorite things about this story. I still can't get over her opening lines in her reaping chapter from like 5 years ago. I love how she just had to get out of her own head, I love how the Capitol has spun her a sympathetic story for the underdog even though it's mostly exaggerated (in true Capitol fashion), and tbh I'm living for the description of her outfit. As soon as Tessa got out of her head enough to realize that Rowan was manipulating her right back and started being herself again... still have no words she's just like that.

Okay so her reaction to the Capitol loving her now is just absolutely Queen shit. She's just so iconic I can't believe you had the audacity to turn her into this and make me fully obsessed with her. Her brushing off the interview questions is also everything, she doesn't need approval and she doesn't need them in her life like that anymore. Tessa just stole back her entire existence and it belongs solely to her. Plus she can move out of 12 if she wants to now. Okay I changed my mind I liked her interview outfit but there's just SOMETHING about her homecoming outfit and I can't tell which piece has set me off the most but the red lipstick/bralette/blazer/pants/sunglasses combo is too much she really is just a queen now. I stan her so hard I can't believe you've done this to me. And her. UGH definitely gonna reread this entire story every time I miss her (which will be a lot) it was just SO GOOD.

hey I mean you're the one that came back out of nowhere with this god tier content I mean... what was I supposed to do I wouldn't have missed this for the world. le gasp I sure as heck do I'll pm you. I know I said this last time, but this has been SUCH a ride and I'm glad it's over even if that means no more Tessa content. I'm so so so excited for Deceit Kills too! I have a feeling there's more than what meets the eye...
Jamez S chapter 33 . 8/5/2020
Ok ok OKAY! So I’ve been reading a long but tbh I read it from my phone. And you know how you just click the link from the gmail app it takes you to the mobile version and it’s kinda weird. Basically long story short...I’m too last to log in.

Anyway! Fantastic ending. Congratulations on pushing through after this many years! It’s crazyyyy. Totally unpredictable ending as well. I kinda can’t believe it’s been 5 years.

So, Tessa! She’s owning this now. I really loved how her story turned out. She was definitely not who I thought would come out on top. Poor Rowan, but honestly I’m surprised he got that far. He went out to the victor tho so I can’t complain. Also I’m like twice now submitting a love (kinda) interest for the eventual victor. Elizabeth and Rowan XD (we don’t have to worry about the bloodbaths I’ve submitted whatever lol)

Anyway, I was so rooting for Dustin originally, which by the way, excellent job with the backstory into the betrayal. Super caught me off guard. Audibly gasped. And then I was like, ok let’s pull for Alecto and honestly yeah, totally great ending. Can’t wait for your 100th games. Guess we’ll have to catch up with Alicia and Fenton and all them later. Peace!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 33 . 8/5/2020
Ann Onimous chapter 32 . 8/5/2020
Oh. I came to this late and I read all of the chapters up to this one. I do still wish that Julius had won since he felt like he had something to prove, but I respect your decision and I LOVE the story.
The Garden chapter 32 . 8/4/2020
Tessa was somebody that I absolutely hated after her first appearance, but somehow I ended up cheering her on. Thank you so much for writing this amazing story, it's without a doubt one of the best fanfics I've ever read.
Fifidear chapter 32 . 8/4/2020
Oh boy, I can’t believe we’ve finally made it to the end. I am so so happy with the way this story evolved over the years. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been more active in the reviews, but you should know I’ve read each chapter twice over and never been disappointed once.

Being with you throughout the journey for Capitol Picks, then Dollhouse, and finally post-hiatus Dollhouse, I’ve been able to watch your writing grow and mature along the way. I think you beat yourself up a lot for taking so long to finish Dollhouse, but, really, you should be SO proud of yourself. You finished this story with strong writing and well-developed characters when you could have easily quit and started over. You did that!

I’d love to give you a good review for one of your final chapters in Dollhouse before we say goodbye, so without further ado—

TERRY: I thought I would be more sad to see her go, but if anything I’m happy she’s finally gone. I think it’s comforting to know Terry and Dustin both found ends to their stories, despite how tragic they may have been. Terry had a LOT of backstory to her that I regret submitting. I think before she even made it into the story she had too many inner conflicts to be developed in a SYOT. As her submitter, I feel that there’s a lot of things we didn’t go over in her POVs. But as a reader, I am happy you made these choices.

ALECTO: Knowing I wouldn’t have a victor in Dollhouse I knew I’d have to find someone to root for for the finale. Alecto was one of my favorites from day 1. She was incredibly interesting, but didn’t have a wild backstory. I really really love that her disability was normalized in this story rather than pointed out again and again. Tributes with stutters aren’t uncommon in SYOTs (even I’ve had one) and in each story I’ve read, the stutter always becomes a personality trait. It’s frustrating and not fair to people who struggle with this irl. That being said, I wish I had seen her develop more in this story. If I had to name her “arc” I’m not sure I could, but perhaps it’s more subtle than what I expected.

JULIUS: No hate to James, love the guy to death, but I wasn’t ever a huge fan of Julius. He was cool and I never disliked him, but I just didn’t vibe with him as a character. At times he felt very similar to some of the other career boys, specifically Topher. While I do really love his death and how well it was written, I wish we had heard more of these insecurities from Julius earlier in the games. I think it would have hurt a lot more to see him die if we knew he already felt insecure and Tessa was just pouring salt over his wounds.

TESSA: I knew Tessa had a chance at winning pretty much from the moment you picked Dollhouse back up again. When you told me that Tessa was growing on you and it upset you to kill her along with Rowan— I pretty much knew. If Tessa won five years ago, I’m not sure how happy I would have been. But, I can assure you now, I’m very pleased with her victory. Tessa didn’t just go from point A to B, she regressed and progressed repeatedly in her development. THAT is an arc. It’s realistic and really fun to read. I’m happy that you chose her, not just because I love her as a character, but because YOU love her too.

Funny how both your SYOT victors were bloodbaths to start and then ended up winning the whole thing! Maybe I’ll submit a bloodbath for DK instead... (kidding!)

Speaking of DK, I can’t wait to see what you come up with. (From what you’ve told me, this is possibly the most creative SYOT I’ve ever heard of/read.) I have faith in that I’ll love whatever you write, but here’s some things I’d love to see in DK that either worked really well or I thought may have been lacking in Dollhouse:

- I’d love to see the same complexity of development you gave Tessa with each of your new DK submissions. Of course, this is a big ask and possibly impossible, but I’d love to see you try. I think a lot of the characters you wrote for post-hiatus we were starting to see this sort of development and that’s why your readers started getting more attached to them(see Dustin, Tessa, and Terry). I’m going to excuse all the bloodbaths that didn’t get fully developed in this story because after five years, developing these not-so-important characters would have just slowed the plot and made it rather hard to read. BUT. I really hope we can really get to know the bloodbaths in DK before they kick the bucket.

- Your dialogue works really well to establish character motivations and developments and always has. I think you work best fleshing out a character when you can have them interacting with others. (See Tessa/Rowan, Dustin/Terry, Penny/Julius) Your dialogue is never stagnant and always realistic. I’d love to see more of this in DK. On the other hand, I’d also love to see you challenge yourself and be able to accomplish this same kind of character building when the character is by themselves. I think you did a great job doing this with some characters (Tessa’s POV in chapter 31 is an EXCELLENT example and is, imo, your best writing yet), but lacked the same enthusiasm with others (see Alecto.) This will be especially good to keep in mind as you start writing in third person, since we won’t be seeing everything from the eyes of the tributes like we have before.

- You have always had a strong voice in your stories and it has only gotten better. Your writing is more matured, but still captures the way teens aged 12-18 would really think and talk. Having accomplished this, I think moving these skills into third person will be a piece of cake for you.

-Your writing is always clear and easy to follow. I know I already told you, but I am very impressed with your bloodbath chapter and how that turned out.

- I always love that the characters in your stories have highs and lows. Dollhouse especially. The Hunger Games itself is already dark enough. We don’t need the characters having bad things happen to them chapter by chapter by chapter. Characters having wholesome interactions with each other, cracking jokes, eating food— all that jazz— is what makes your stories interesting. You write amazing gruesome or heartbreaking moments for your characters, but it’s not ALL you’re writing— and that’s what helps make it great.

Overall, this is just a really long way of me saying that I am proud of you. I can’t wait to see what you do with DK and where your writing takes off from there.

Love you.

Mykindleisawesome chapter 32 . 8/4/2020
mmm big like the quote there that's nice. Also, I love the setting the scene. I was big hoping that we'd get another third person chapter like the bloodbath. Keeps us from jumping to conclusions which I like. So we jump to Julius... the Capitol's favorite. Which is fair he's cool dude just not my favorite oops. If he gets home I hope he finds someone wonderful and very gay. Maybe he can buy that wedding ring that Topher didn't get to buy for Rachel... too soon? Alecto would indeed be an interesting winner, I think she'd be an absolutely fascinating Career Victor. Idk what she'd do if she won, but it'd be nice too. Her and Topher were the real ones. Ohhh shit Terry's still crying which means she's not gonna win. I've been trying to figure out who the five possible winners were and admittedly I didn't think it was Terry (because district 10) but like... she had some potential there for a while. And Tessa, the underdog! Hmm... she's an odd underdog but there's really no other way to classify her. An underdog if you look at her from the beginning, but she's had a rebirth in there somewhere. I've just liked seeing Terry and Tessa and how they've compared and contrasted the entire Games. Very similar but very different arcs.

HAHAHA CHILD MUTT IS BACK. oh shit gladiator style battles this is precisely what I was hoping for. Plus it's the Terry/Tessa and Julius/Alecto faceoff I was hoping for. I suppose I was also hoping for some teaming up but those don't exactly go together and I was hoping for a faceoff more. Julius and Alecto are over there going ":) good game" whereas Tessa and Terry just started wailing on each other. Love them knife girls. (girls knives good very good) Julius telling Alecto he wishes they met under better circumstances was just so sad. Buuut also how most tributes that make the mistake of becoming friends (or close to it) feel. hell yeahhhh we got a win for Tessa. dunno how she'll pull off a win against Julius but hey I can dream. Aww Julius killing Alecto was still sad though. Had to take a moment to crack up because Tessa's just there vibing.
Julius & Alecto: what... the fuck?
Tessa, sitting on the ground taking a breather: aw don't mind me, I'll wait

oh boy yeah already off to a rough start. Tessa out here with the whole feral look (mmm red hair don't care, goes with the blood) and Julius is probably rocking some gaunt and bloody chic. Oh right now Tessa killed both from 10 so that's fun. Three kills against three kills. "If I told you I'd have to kill you" wow the power here. oh shit the KNIFE. she needs simply... one stab. ONE STAB. fuck yeah she's got their names down if this bitch manipulates him into waiting for the poison to kick in i'm gonna lose my shit. Julius has more insecurities than I thought he did. I mean... we saw several of them back with Penny and that day he and Topher nearly got into a fight but like... this is good? Like wow she is breaking down every little thing he doesn't like about himself and I am thriving like... this is it I think. I think it's a little funny that his right hand went numb and he went "whatever I've got two hands" but my good sir... do you? oh my god look at this she is doing it? what the fuuuck didn't think we'd ever get here. YESSS GO FOR THE THROAT AGAIN AHHHH. cannot believe my dear tessarae- i mean Tessa Ray did it holy shit. what the hell. Lindsay got somewhat of a play by play and I thought I'd scream more here but like... I'm just in awe? (she's my first victor and like... holy shit there she is and I love her) Okay I'm gonna take a breather and come back to address the eulogies.

Terry - Okay so like I've only really disliked her because she felt like a threat to Tessa oops. I just saw that they had several similarities in the way they did things and felt much resentment. But I mean... I really can appreciate her as a character. I liked the contrast as we moved through the Games and saw Tessa evolve into a better (is that the right word? I'll say it is) version of herself and Terry ended up drowning in all her insecurities and stuff. Alas killing did not look too good on her. I'm always intrigued by tributes that have a bit of a breakdown though, so... that was an interesting side to see. I think her ties to Fenton were interesting, and poor Fenton... he probably doesn't like Tessa much oops.

Alecto - Okay absolutely fair if Tessa was the same person she was before I would be digging Alecto as the Victor. Alas, Tessa is now the most wonderful tribute ever and the poison has come back. Alecto was a really awesome Career though. She wasn't ever exactly a favorite of mine, more like... an underrated favorite? Like I always liked her but never mentioned her that much. She was really cool to follow though, district 2 was really good this year. Best Careers for me easy. She would've been a great Career, but alas the odds were not in her favor.

Julius - shit lindsay you KNEW. *takes moment to yell at her* Man I really did get some serious Victor vibes from him for a while, he was clearly always going to make it to the end. He was a really strong competitor, I liked seeing how he had a few struggles with being gay (really cus Penny's a bitch, everyone else was chill) but he was still insecure about that and I mean... it was his downfall. Watching Tessa play on all of his insecurities was an epic thing to see play out, I am simply... still shooketh. He was a strong Career for so long that I think it's pretty fitting for his character that he go out like that. No bad blood, my good sir. You simply felt a little bland and I like my tributes spicy. He would've been a very strong Career victor and tbh he's always the one I saw Tessa losing to in the end. I also thought he would win for ah... a very long time

Tessa - THE VICTOR holy fuck I'm still in shock. I ALSO remember when I made her because I went "hmm... I can have FUN with this one" and then you got bitch from 12 with name issues and depressed bloodbath kid from 3 and I went hmm... neither of them will win for sure. and then I was SCHOOLED. kinda think you were too though so it's okay. I know there was quite a bit from her original form that started showing near the end, and it was so cool to see it all come together as she turned bitch into bad bitch! 7th honestly isn't bad either but the double betrayal is still one of the highlights of the entire story for me I thought for sure she was dead too. I think Tessa carved out her own little place in your mind until you made her victor a month ago lol, she's just like that? I could go on and on about her character and how she's still the same person just... better, but I started writing these stupidly long reviews (only stupidly long because they take so long to write haha, I love getting in depth with the chapters) because suddenly I just wanted to talk about Tessa? and then I had to be FAIR and everyone else was appealing too and suddenly here I am now with Tessa as the Victor and I cannot get over it. I also am at least a little (clearly a lot) obsessed with Tessa, she's such a real person now. I think the BIG change for me was when she started talking about her life back in 12, which was so long ago... I'm just in shock of what all you did with her. I cannot believe that bitchy girl that indirectly killed someone in the REAPING chapter is here as a new person, the Victor. This story coming back has quite honestly kept me sane for a lot of quarantine and I just have to say thank you so much for coming back and finishing this story. It's been SUCH a wild ride and I can't wait to see what the Victor life has in store for Tessa. It was an amazing read and this finish REALLY sets the mood for your next story.
IVolunteerAsAuthor chapter 32 . 8/4/2020
The world has to be ending soon. However, I think that this was the ending it deserved. I’m really proud of you for finishing this story and I cannot WAIT for your next SYOT. I finally get to submit to a Haley story. Lmao
ladyqueerfoot chapter 32 . 8/4/2020
That's it ladies! Dollhouse is over (almost)! I really don't know how to right a cohesive review of it because I'm just so shook, so I'll probably FaceTime you and yell later about how proud I am of you and YAY for victor tessa because that secret was so hard to keep and im so glad I can scream it from the rooftops now! stan deceit kills PERIOD
Lya200 chapter 32 . 8/4/2020
Another victor, whoopee! Gah it’s so crazy thay this is finally over!
Sue Denim chapter 31 . 8/4/2020
Soooooo I just binge read everything and I think that Julius is my favourite. Tophers death was SO depressing and I am beginning to see Tessa VERY differently. PLS keep up the AMAZING work because Hunger Games fanfiction is my life right now so yeah. :p
Lya200 chapter 31 . 8/3/2020
Ooooh, this was so much fun!
Mykindleisawesome chapter 31 . 8/3/2020
Okayokayokay so this is almost it and I’m scared. “A few eulogies” okay so many deaths that probably means we’re getting actual confrontations here which is still terrifying, or maybe some more betrayal even though the double betrayal can’t possibly be surpassed. I refuse to look at the end, I will be good and read through the chapter the way it is meant to be seen. So… quote first. “She is gone but she used to be mine” okay don’t like that. Very ominous right off the bat. I’ll just start before I drive myself insane.

Dustin - Okay we’re not starting with Tessa which concerns me because I’m half convinced she’s dead, but Dustin sounds like a good place to start. Wow really threw me off there, I kinda thought we had a belated interview segment or something? But flashback is good, I have to admit I’ve been intrigued by his story ever since we got that little sample of it last chapter. Ohhh that’s right Maverick Jett was from district 6. I remembered he was Elizabeth’s brother, but I forgot what district they were from. A terrible realization to come to, realizing that district 6 was competent for once, but honestly good for them. Having flashbacks about your dead sister is uhh not exactly a good sign though, I really do feel bad for him. Maybe they run into someone? Awww him reflecting on all of his mistakes was actually really sad. WHEN I TELL YOU I GASPED THOUGH. Holy craaap I didn’t actually think we’d get ANOTHER betrayal? This is some good food right here, I think this is shaping up to be a VERY interesting finale now that Terry AND Tessa are on their own. I really did NOT see that coming, though it does partially explain why Terry was kinda torn up over the whole kiss thing last chapter. I think she probably was avoiding catching some REAL feelings, but those tears show that they were already there. Poor Dustin. You really managed to make me feel for him in the end, but that good ol District 4 curse always comes back to haunt them. Was the curse about making it to the final two and then losing though? Oh well, he didn’t win and that’s the point I was trying to make. In the end, he saved Daniel and gets to join his sister. I think he was a little too soft for a Career anyway.

Tessa - oh god I haven’t even started reading yet and I a g. Okay so she’s not dead, or at least she isn’t yet. Okay yes yes I was right about the cherries (even though you confirmed it lol, but let me have my belated moment of realization) and I kinda figured her walk the other night would lead to some… revelations. If anyone was going to survive a stab wound though, it would be her. (Well, at least survive for the moment…) Makes me sad that for a moment she thought he meant it, and I like to think he did, in a way. Sure, it wasn’t romantic, but it was a goodbye, even if he ended up actually being the one leaving. She got a sponsor gift! The benefits of surviving a double betrayal. At least she can semi take care of herself, at least medical wise since she knows what she’s doing. ohmygosh my heart absolutely stopped when the Careers walked by (where’s Topher?) but they didn’t see her (yet I suppose) and duuude. She wants to LIVE this is the kind of development I SO wanted to see from her. Ahhhh she’s doing it for herself now, but not in the selfish way she was before? I suppose it’s still selfish, but… idk this isn’t the same. I’m just gonna say go girl power and leave it at that. Am slightly nervous though, since Topher is one of my favorite Careers and I think that means he’s left at the cornucopia, but tbh I’m not sure if I’m nervous for him or Tessa. Both, I suppose, but more so for Tessa. She’s just becoming a bad bitch and I’m here to see it? The poison on the blades though, that’s always the move and I fully support it. Kinda wondering if she’s going to go back to the bitchy Tessa I submitted her as, just more self confident and there for HERSELF. Either way, I love to see it. I was a little concerned after that conversation with Rowan and even the walk where she was all up in her doubts about people caring about her and what was even left for her, but you know what? If she’s going out, she’s going out with a fight. Gosh I just love her so much, she’s amazing and I love what you did with her.

Topher - Oh boy. Oh man. I mean, leaving someone at the cornucopia doesn’t seem like the brightest idea when there’s literally six people left, but you do you. I think the Career pack has been pretty strong solely in terms of “we’re still mostly alive and didn’t break up for a while” and I mean… good for them I suppose. They’re not the greatest team though haha, Julius and Alecto missed a whole person in a cave. oh no oh no oh no that’s what those papers were for that I couldn’t figure out the other day. GOODBYE NOTES. that terrible feeling is back. AND FOR GOOD REASON TOO SHE WENT FOR THE LEG. HAHAHA the poison. The poison for Topher. The poison chosen especially to kill Topher. Topher’s poison. I’m so sorry idk why that came to mind now instead of yesterday but it may be because I am losing my MIND over what just happened. Bitch Tessa is back and I’m thriving. This is honestly such a good death scene though, I mean… we’ve got the slow realization, the manipulation, the taunting, the relief at the end that he doesn’t have a completely terrible death. I feel a little bad that Tessa threw Rachel in his face, but I’m also at least a little impressed she remembered. The somewhat merciful death might help Rachel cope? Really is a shame about that ring though. My mind is spinning this was so much to take in, you really meant we were getting multiple deaths here. I’m a little nervous to see Terry’s POV next, I kinda thought we’d get rid of Julius or Alecto, but maybe she does that? I guess I’ll see.

Terry - oh my gosh those feelings were one sided I’m a little shook. Really thought she was digging him too and it was just confusion getting in the way there. Gosh I’m starting to stan two manipulative bitches. Oh she’s actually having the reverse Tessa feelings. Tessa’s more confident and Terry’s actually the one to start falling apart. Literally I’ve just been drawing parallels between them this whole time haha. She’s feeling all the remorse though, so I mean… whoa there. You said a few eulogies so I was picturing a third there for a hot minute and I sorta thought Terry would commit the not alive, but she didn’t! Her part was really sad though, I didn’t expect to be hit with this many feelings from her. Alas uh… her part was the shortest and was just her feeling bad without much action, so… I’m all done with her here. Sorry Terry! You’ve grown on me a little. Killing Dustin was a cool move in my eyes even if you feel bad.

Ah, Dustin and Topher… tragic ways to go out, both of you. Dustin was killed by Terry, who he had at least a few feelings for, and Topher was killed (in the end at least) by his own spear, which also sucks. Really great death scenes though, I thought they were perfect. Topher’s outshone Dustin’s though, since his was mostly backstory and Topher just got wrekt. Oh right the official questions.

1. Haha like I said, I kinda thought we’d be down to the final three but my sorta prediction is that Julius turns on Alecto early once he realizes Terry and Tessa are the only ones left? I mean, that may be wrong since I was never into his character and don’t fully know what he would do, but if anyone in the Careers was going to ditch the rest, it’d be Julius in my eyes. Anyway, at the very least I think Tessa and Terry will face off at some point (which is what I’ve been saying for a while now oops) and I think the outcome will be based on their mental states? If Terry doesn’t get her head in the game, she’s out, easy. If she does, maybe they team up briefly? I’d love to see them team up and then fight. Idk I just wanna see them interact somehow. Right, uh, I hope Tessa wins but I’d be chill with Alecto too. I don’t see Terry winning unless her mindset changes, she might help someone or go down against Tessa (maybe?), and I’m just not sure about Julius. I guess I’ll see soonish! So… they’re all capable which sucks cus I’m terrible at predicting. Tessa might win because she’s a bad bitch now that has killed TWO people, Terry’s also manipulative and killed someone and if her mindset changes I think she could pull it off too, Alecto has been a really interesting Career and she’s my pick of the Careers, she’s an actually different Career who would be fun to follow when she won, and Julius definitely COULD win but I don’t think he will. He’s different but not? I always knew he would make it to the end, but I’m not sure he’ll win anymore. Idk he just seems like an obvious choice?
2&3. Well I’ve already covered them, but I’ll reiterate it again differently I think. Dustin’s was sad. Really just… sad. I had a feeling as soon as we got the flashback, but him talking about his sister and comparing himself to his sister and seeing his sister in his dreams was just… heartbreaking. We got more out of his death in Terry’s POV in my eyes and she seems pretty torn up about it. As for Topher, his was also so so sad for him but I was there screaming about Tessa and her bad bitch moment. She took out a WHOLE CAREER and I’m just… shook. When she pinned him down and he was like “what? am... helpless? cannot move?” that was so funny for some reason, my little 15 year old bitch really did that.

The ending is soooo close wow. Tbh I would absolutely wait another 5 years for something like this, this has been such a ride. I’ll love the ending no matter what it is, I’m just happy about the development Tessa has gotten and I’ll enjoy seeing wherever she ends up. Well uh… maybe not dead necessarily but I like her character arc and I suppose if she dies she dies? It IS the hunger games I mean… A fantastic chapter all around, idk if I want to give this chapter or last chapter the edge. Favorite pov here was Topher’s, I’m just thriving. It was a very sad chapter though haha, we really are finishing these Games. It’s been a ride and I’ll be excited to see how it ends. Quick note on the quote - I always love seeing how those play out :)
ladyqueerfoot chapter 31 . 8/3/2020
You truly are just churning out content by the boatloads nowadays, and obviously I am not complaining because these last few chapters have been absolutely stunning. I say this every chapter but, this is my new favorite chapter. I’m going to go in depth with everybody’s POV’s in a minute, but I just wanted to take a moment and say DAMN because I can’t believe we’re actually almost at the end of Dollhouse. This truly has been a wild ride, and I’m so sad that it’s coming to an end so soon, even though I’ve had 5 years to prepare LMAO. Okay, now it’s time for me to talk about this chapter because DANGGGGG you through me for a loop ma'am. By the way, I knew this chapter would be rough because it started off with a quote from Waitress.
Dustin: Okay, this death hurt so much. I’d been forgetting how much I loved Dustin, up until the last chapter, and was sort of beginning to get Victor Vibes from him. I thought it was cute that we got to hear about his family, as well as the initial reaction to his sister's death. I’d never thought about what happened when people die in the Games, so the detail about her casket being shipped to them in the mail was haunting, but also some neat worldbuilding on your part. I don’t know why but I just sorta assumed the bodies were cremated and stored away in the Capitol, but I like the detail here, and I will be stealing it if the time arises. This POV was so good and I enjoyed seeing his family dynamic, but it was too happy for it to end well LOL. The part about Dixie doing everything right was when I started thinking “Oh shit, this bitch is dead,” and DING DING DING I was correct. After the last chapter, I assumed Terry would kill Dustin or vice versa, and I’m somewhat surprised to see it was Terry, but after reading her POV this chapter, it made a lot of sense and was a very clever move on her part. RIP Dustin, I’ll miss you a lot.
Tessa: She lives! I had a feeling this would happen, but that doesn’t mean I’m not over the moon that she survived. I love that her reasoning was so in sync with Rowan’s when he tried to kill her, and I would read a whole fic about them being besties in another life. Lord, I miss their dynamic so much but I am thrilled to see she made it. The whole thing with the cherry pits in the pie was ingenious and she truly is a lot smarter than I initially thought she was. Anyways, this POV in general f’in slapped. I’m not sure if you saw Captain Marvel, but there’s this one sequence towards the end where Carol is surrounded by all her memories and all the times she was told she couldn't do anything because she’s a girl and then she breaks through all of it and activates Bad Bitch Mode. This POV felt a lot like that sequence and that’s a good thing because Captain Marvel is one of my favorite Marvel movies. Tessa 2.0 is already giving me amazing energy, and I’m so ready to see her kick some career booty.
Topher: I’ve always loved this dude, and while I never got Victor energy from him, it was still sad to see him go. The comment he made at the beginning about how “the pack really must suck this year” made me laugh harder than it should’ve, but looking back, that must really be a downer to the poor kid’s ego. The detail about him writing goodbye letters to everyone really hurt me for some reason, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the fact he knew in his heart he wasn’t winning? I don’t know, it just upset me. And YES, Tessa 2.0 makes her first official appearance. The poison coated knife was really smart of her, LORD I love how clever Tessa is, and the imagery of her pinning down this grown ass man was somewhat funny though it must’ve been humiliating for him. Oh well, he’s dead now! Dying by his own spear too, jeesh that must have hurt. Again, RIP Topher, I really am going to miss you.
Terry: Ah yes, just rip my heart out why don’t you. Like every POV this chapter, Terry’s POV was really fucking sad. I’m glad we got to see some of the emotions behind her brutally killing Dustin earlier, and I appreciate being reminded that she has a heart, especially when I was sort of mad at her at first because of what she did to Dustin. This POV was short but sweet, and seeing Terry’s inner turmoil was interesting in a good way. The part at the end where she cried broke me lmao, because like bitch you did this but also I understand why you did so...
Okay then, now that I have covered everyone’s POV’s this chapter, I’ll be talking about the remaining tributes and where I think they stand in terms of being Victor!
Julius: I really did love Julius at the beginning, and I’m not at all surprised that he’s the last career dude standing because he definitely gave me the energy of a Victor from the very beginning. Could he win it though? To be honest, I’m not too sure because while he physically is very capable of taking any of the girls, plot-wise it would kind of be boring to be honest. Yeah yeah, he’s not the typical career whatever, but that doesn’t mean I think he should win, especially because the other choices are so much more compelling. We also haven’t heard from him since Day 5, and it’s currently Day 8 so I think he won’t be winning which is sad because I truly did enjoy him.
Alecto: Okay, I effing love Alecto and what you’ve done with her character. So many authors wouldn’t write a career with disabilities, so I’m glad you took her because she’s truly so interesting and compelling, and I really have been enjoying her arc. We haven’t heard from her in a while either though, so I’m excited to hear from her too, especially as we approach the finale. While I’m not completely throwing out the idea of her winning, I’d be pretty shocked if she did.
Terry: Oh miss Terry, I’ve consistently liked you, and I’m really glad you’re in the Top 4. I love the development with her, and the whole pwning Dustin move this Chapter, and she's definitely a contender to win it all. While I’m rooting for Tessa, I honestly think Terry is going to get the W here, because she’s grown a lot and I want to see what happens with her and Fenton, if she does win. It would be cool to see her finally be able to provide for her family, so I really would be happy with her winning.
Tessa: I meant to do this in District order but it wound up also being the order of who I want to win most. I really did hate Tessa at the beginning, so I’m shocked I want her to win so badly, but the growth she’s shown recently has been incredible, and her POV this chapter was what really solidified me wanting her to win. I’m curious if she can though, because she’s not as tough as Julius, but then again she absolutely destroyed Topher so who knows. Also, D12F’s don’t usually do well in SYOT’s, so I hope that bias doesn’t hurt Tessa’s chances because I want her to win so bad!
I already answered the questions so I think I’m done with this review now but once again Haley, this was phenomenal. Thank you.
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