Reviews for Get With It
sortakindacool chapter 6 . 5/14
I love this story so much! They’re so gentle and loving with each other. I can’t wait to see what happens next!
yamada.chibi chapter 6 . 2/28/2017
I miss this story dearly...I really hope to see an update from you,soon enough xD
SasuSakuLover chapter 6 . 2/12/2017
Guest chapter 6 . 12/14/2016
Could you please finish this? I'm kind of going through a similar situation as Sakura in my personal life and I just want one thing to end in happiness and for true love to prevail. I've been really depressed, insecure, and identify with Aakura so much. Please, I'm begging you to finish this story and give Sakura some peace, happiness, and love. I just really looked forward to your writing and hope that Sasuke realizes he's torturing Sakura's heart. Please finish this...
NinaChiery chapter 2 . 11/28/2016
this is heartbreaking! QoQ why are you so idiot sasuke! "
Guest chapter 6 . 10/7/2016
I miss this story dearly...when will we be seeing an update for it :/
Ajungbubbls chapter 6 . 8/11/2016
I like the way you write, all descriptive and it's easy to get immersed in the plot. But I find some parts a little dull and overstretching, but I can't really fault you on that because its the way you write. Can you write Sakura a little less needy of Sasuke? Cuz here, she comes off too high school lovestruck
PRiNCESS SLAYER o1o chapter 6 . 6/16/2016
Update this soon pla
RalitsaR chapter 6 . 5/4/2016
Woah, this is so good! Thank you and Good Job!
Reviewer chapter 6 . 2/19/2016
Please please update I really like this story. I wanna see what happens next. Especially with Itachi.
Miranda Everlark chapter 2 . 2/1/2016
This is already my second time reading this and it's just as enthralling as the first time. I love this and I'm looking forward to your next update :)
Guest chapter 6 . 1/3/2016
It's really good. PLEASE UPDATE.
henneko chapter 6 . 12/29/2015
AW SHIEET ITACHI ENTERS THE PICTURE. I'm so in love with this story, you have no idea. Every time you update, I get butterflies in my stomach (And I get them as I read too). I love it when Itachi is the one to fuel Sasuke's jealousy, but that's probably because I also enjoy ItaSaku. I can't wait until the next chapter comes up and we get to see everyone's reaction to Sakura in that bikini ;D Lots of love for this story! You really do write beautifully!
lovesasusakuforever chapter 6 . 12/28/2015
hahaha sasuke jelly XD
I think sasuke loves both sakura and itachi more than saya.
Thanks for the update and happy new year. :)
Guest chapter 6 . 12/27/2015
This was a great chapter, Naruto as always is such a sweetheart! I've never really been a big fan of Kiba for some reason, but, he's a cutie pie... and a jackass. I liked Sasuke's jealousy! I really want Sakura to go out on a date with someone to get him even more jelly. Le sigh, I just love Itachi, hopefully we'll get to have him in future chapters! Sasuke better not be IN love with Saya, and I'm glad she's noticing that Sasuke loves someone more than her, this just keeps getting better and better! I want more drama! Like I said this was a great chapter and thank you for updating!
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