Reviews for Sins: The Evil You Create REBOOT
Leaf Ranger chapter 2 . 7/3/2015
Well overall, a good chapter. Very nicely done man. And so Blackfire and Danny take the first steps. D

Okay, so yeah, girls for harem...Jinx...why should Jinx be in it.

...well Jinx could be useful to Danny as a practitioner of magic. Unlike raven, who has demonic/dark based magic and a knowledge of dark magic, Jinx seems to be more of what I'd call 'Charm' based magic. Magic that is generally neutral, whose properties generally has more 'versatility' to it. Meaning she could offer one avenue of magic Raven really wouldn't be able to offer to support Danny. Not to mention she could offer underworld connections that Danny could use. And personally, I don't see the relationship between her and Kid Flash lasting, considering he does sort of have a womanizer personality, I think. I could see Danny engineering a situation where she see's Kid Flash flirting with/dating another girl, and then brings her into the fold to act as another spy for him.

Anyways, good chapter.
lightningdagger chapter 1 . 7/1/2015
Great start. I vote for Terra and Jinx.
BringbackDannyPhantom chapter 1 . 7/1/2015
Though, this one and the original are very similar I like this one best. Please add Ravenger, Danny corrupting her will be interesting. Sides, Danny will be training with Slade, might as well have someone his age to be with as well.
LunagaleMaster chapter 1 . 6/29/2015
Hmm interesting. Very interesting. I didn't read the other version, but I hope to see more of this new one. I'm just curious about the reason the Teen Titans betrayed him. I won't read the other one because I don't want to be spoiled in the new version.
Harem suggestions: Can he have ghosts girl friends? If so, Ember might work well. Dora is too goody two shoes and the other ghosts are too old. Jinx is almost required for this type of story. Raven... maybe. Unless you want revenge on her then she can go die(I'm relentless). Bumblebee would be interesting, but she reminds me a lot of Valerie, plus she's a sneaky double agent that I don't know how he will corrupt.
How old is Danny by the way? And where is this story in TT canon?
Story ideas: I haven't read the original, so these ideas are just out of my head. I assume that all his friends are dead or they betrayed him in a way. (This will sound morbid) But I hope they're dead if only because I hate the Tucker and Sam betrayal story. I've only seen one of those work well, and even with that story it seemed more focused on the betrayal itself than what happened afterwards.
Hmmm... I don't know. I would say you can go all Ghost King on this story, but that might make him too OP. I say that you slowly destroy the Titan's reputation, similarly to how Danny's own reputation was horrible in his own town.
Also, I can see Danny destroying everyone emotionally one by one. For example, someone let's it 'slip' that Raven was a part of a prophecy to end the world to the media. Bruce Wayne gets killed in an accident or at the very least, Wayne Corp (I think that's what it's called. Don't quote me on this) goes bankrupt. Star laboratories gets destroyed (Cyborg's father was part of Star laboratories I think) and the tower gets destroyed. I forget what the name of the team was that Beast Boy was on before the TT, but those members mysteriously disappear. I can't figure out anything for Starfire other than destroyed her home planet, which honestly I can't see Danny doing, even if he was evil. Although, spreading animosity and rumors that only the team would know would make everyone antsy and uneasy, and they would spread accusations at each other. that would make Starfire feel horrible.
Sending Technus to destroy the tower. That would be fun.
Minor members of the TT like in the other groups either get corrupted or 'disappear.'
Of course, this all depends if everyone wanted to send Danny off to the GIW. If yes, then everyone gets tortured. If not, then find ways to great animosity by praising and helping certain members over others. For example. if Raven is part of the harem, don't have Danny hurt her, but make her even more of a hero by manipulating battles. Have her feel isolated from the rest of the team. Idk the reason why Danny was sent to the GIW, but use Danny could use the fear of a similar fate to corrupt her.
Sorry, your story. These are just some suggestions.
Just one last piece of advice, if you are doing a revenge story, then a quick revenge is not the way to go. Slowly destroying everything they care about and destroying the team they tried to hard to create would be the greatest form of revenge. Finally, knowing that pain was made by a villain created by their own hands at their final moments? That would be epic.
Anyway, I'm interested to see what happens. This story is well written, and flows really well. Great job, so far. See you next time!
jakemon248 chapter 1 . 6/27/2015
cool stuff, i vote for starfire and jinx
PhantomWrath chapter 1 . 6/25/2015
So lex is the one who hired slade to free danny will this story have this world version of light members. Look forward to see danny begin his revenge against titans I like danny seducing raven idea though if this story will have it I look forward to see how you do it the titans would most likely notice wouldn't they? Unless danny finds way to keep raven from telling titans or he makes it they don't believe I'd be interested on how this idea could be execuited keep up good work and have great day.
ShadowArbitor chapter 1 . 6/25/2015
Well looks like danny new and improved body is being developed the titans and who ever framed him better watchout as well hope he has hood and seeing his training with slade will be cool. Harem wise I'd like to see raven she could help him know more about magic and other supernatural objects if she's already with someone like aqualad,beast boy, kid flash or robin have it where either guy in question isn't paying enough attention to her,not being very affectionate towards her, not satisfying her sexually or not mature enough or mixture of all reasons and have danny seduce not just to his side emotionally,mentally and sexually get her accept and embrace her demon half as well this could allow her to feel and enjoy her emotions. To show when he does killing blow and has her now both for his team and harem they could have long hot lemon in her room with occasionally going back to see what said guy is doing if if this what happen and they go for another round after resting is up to you if theirs no guy at all story it could lessen her resistence he work on fact she hasn't felt any romantic or sexual affection and when she gives in and while the lemon is gonna you could show what the other titans are doing . Terra like other stories danny can teach her to control her powes and being better master than slade as well as supergirl destroy her fath in her cousin as well as justice it would hurt superman vastly to know she's switch sides and argent like supergirl destroy her fath in justice she has powers similar to green latern but doesn't wear ring to use her powers. Jinx danny could give her cance be big time supervillain cheshire could help keep danny assassin skills at their best. Keep up good work and update soon please.
SuperiorBatman1 chapter 1 . 6/24/2015
Interesting start looks like danny will come back better than he ever was before I hope who framed him or true mastermind who caused titans to betray him and got him sent their gets what's coming to said person as well as raven not being so guilable when titans are shown what danny was framed of doing. Appearance wise all ask is give him a hood story wise I like to see begin his training with slade see his first few mission before he starts his revenge against teen titans. Harem wise I like to see raven can help with magic he'll use she could also know about magic items could be useful to his plan he also convince her to accept her demon as apart of herself make her more powerful. Said demon half could see danny as her mate/master and want him in more ways than one,terra danny could teach how to control her powers and tell what titans did to him. As well as being good master to her than slade so she falls for him and is mole in titans like series, supergirl danny could destroy her faith in her cousin and justice her switching swides could hurt superman emotionally and mentally, ravanger they could become friends and then more when slade training danny and go on missions together. Jinx danny give her chance to become a big time supervillain possibley even free her from brother blood control and get out of being under his thumb and finally argent and batgirl supergirl he destroy their faith in justice and tell them what titans did to him as keep up good work update soon
darkloveeden chapter 1 . 6/24/2015
Its much better rewriten. :D
Zerohero chapter 1 . 6/23/2015
Cool start I liked the parts you added
cheerfullygrim chapter 1 . 6/23/2015
after thinking it over, I have decided I like this intro over the last one. however, I also know the journey can be better than the destination itself so I would like so see how Danny turned into Cerberus not how Cerberus emerged.(translation: Write about how Danny performed as an apprentice to Slade and worked for Lex Luther. and maybe how he also got started on his harem not just reference it.)

As for the harem in the story itself. I am satisfied with the list on the previous story, but I will not object to surprise additions. Although, because Danny is being more involved with the Ghost Zone, I recommend that you make it so that Desiree can no longer grant wishes and give her different powers (like magical constructs) because anyone with power or wants power(aka villains) would be willing to use Desiree wishes if given the opportunity, even if their is a catch to it. And the event that caused Desiree's power to changed also got her "interested" in Danny. Just an idea so you won't have to worry about an OP character on the team/harem.
Wolfang21 chapter 1 . 6/23/2015
Starfire, ember, desiree, raven, blackfire, and either killer frost or that giant woman, giganta or something.
nightmaster000 chapter 1 . 6/23/2015
Great start. I'm looking forward to seeing where this version will go.
firehawk213 chapter 1 . 6/23/2015
YAY that was fast! I can't wait to see what goes on with the reboot!
TheLlama123 chapter 1 . 6/23/2015
Starfire is definitely someone I want to see still in.
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