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Zx chapter 51 . 10/14
Awesome work i really liked it! Looking forward to what happens next! Like the location for the city! Curious to see more canon characters appear! Hope that you update soon!
Zx chapter 51 . 10/14
Great to see this story u
sammyboy47 chapter 51 . 10/16
So they are now to make a colony. It will be hard. Foundation for improved bureaucracy as well as public works and infrastructures must start immediately. That said, making an equivalent of Venetian Arsenal would be great. If the forest's timber is up to the task, not only you have one of the foundation of pre-ironclad navy but as well as a shipbuilder for any friendly state who has a port on the sea they share. The trade revenue of sea trading was great even when cheap land transporation is ubiqituous. Make sure that the you could reserve a space for creation of ports for large bulk cargo ships and then container ships for maybe, decades? centuries? Depending when the people is ready aside from economy.

Another problem though would be manpower. And not just quantity, but QUALITY. Good civil servants might be difficult for the infrastructures to increase efficiency. How many of current Earth's practical practices and mindset would be adapted? How long? How difficult? Sam is lucky that he happens to have people who can work with the materials and practices or there would be a longer story arcs of their struggle. Or tragically shorter. Immigration from sympathizers might solve the manpower problem. And so is hostile states kind enough to give you cassus belli as well as the good ol' hegemon gambit. The latter two, requires you to be, obviously, carefully gamble your manpower, resources and time.

I believe this is one of the greatest difficulty the new republic will face aside from culture clash, and the political climate.
Natzi Sumbitch chapter 51 . 10/15
Mmm it's all (seemingly) coming together, I look forward to whatever comes their way after they settle in Val Halla (I love what you did there)
Guest chapter 51 . 10/8
Como siempre muy bueno
Francisco914 chapter 49 . 10/9
I've got a question, would it be possible for a another outlander to appear during Sam's life? if yes would it be a scientist of the modern era because if that were the case the free army would likely improve a hole garguantian leap with the brains like that helping Sam and the others.
Xolsis chapter 51 . 10/9
First off apologies if this review is written oddly im using my phone and not a laptop which i will use later to leave a more detailed review on this story as a whole. For now i will just leave a review for this chapter. I very much agree that the island is a much better option than anytging else seeing as the Tal Vashoth, pirates and darkspawn are honestly easier to deal with than a united military. And it does have me wondering just how the city will be built and how people will live theyre everyday lives. I do hope things go well with the dalish as i have a soft spot for them same with peacefull qunari and honestly i believe both sides would gain a lot seeing as Dalish elves are hardened from living in the wilderness and use magic differently than cicle mages. Now for the politics... i despise politics in generalso honestly i dont know who i would go for in the election. Velarana to me at this point is a little too.. passive i guess? Though i do agree that it would not be a good idea to immediately poke at all the other nations while theyre country is being born. As for Julie.. honestly i just cant brimg myself to like her. Through this whole story she has seemed extremely selfish to me starting the revolution for her ideals, going behind sams back with making the muskets, almost always being aggressive and insulting to nobles(which i get but there is a time and place.) And honestly i kinda agree with Dekuton that she will only be happy if shes in charge which is kinda shown by her being so angry that Valerana was running. I belive that she is a well made character and really adds a lot to this story but i just cant like her. Anyways as we are getting closer to Inquistion i do wonder how much of a role Troy will have and also if Cole will show up. He's honestly my favorite character and i would love to see Sams reaction to him going through his head. I do hope that whenever you get there you will make him more human. Anywas apologies for that brief moment character adoration. i I look forward to your next update have a good one.
thepkrmgc chapter 51 . 10/7
i get the feeling that troy is going to be a budding naval power once they get established, and its interesting that halamshiral is still independant. i wonder how that isolation and abandonment has affected them?

As for your question, I suspect that the lady of the skies is something akin to flemeth with perhaphs more of a presence in the fade than on thedas. my guess is that it/she is an omega tier spirit/mage/abomination/old-god whatever you call a thing with power that is playing the long game of things. either way, I doubt its plans are simple, straightforward, and true neutral at best: cosmic games of chess rarely end well for the pawns.
tmroc725 chapter 51 . 10/7
The person that comes to mind most is Katkiller-V. I'm a huge fan of their work and in a discord with them. On top of that, his main character is kinda like Sam in the sense that he rises from the place of just another person, to the leader of a vast organization. That being said, Kat's group is a bit...rougher around the edges, lol. Some of my readers have favorited/followed tihs as well, but I honestly can't give you any of their names; I've just browsed their lists from time to time, and this has been a recurrent mention.

And yeah! You write it in a way that you really don't have to know as much about the games, seeing as you can more or less learn about things along the way. I've done some light googling, of course, but Sam's POV really helps.

Fair enough. Soproano would have been interesting through, perhaps if she was an aid-de-camp, it would have been different, lol. I don't imagine Julie or Tam would have minded? As for Mariette...something tells me that our dear Harlequin will find a way; she seems rather resourceful. The subject of children is a bit premonition, I suppose, as well as leaning on technological and society of the time. The Fade-demon seemed to allude to his grandchildren infighting, if it was being truthful in the least; whose to say that Mariette's kids and Julie's or Tam's didn't see things the same way? A light way of looking at things is that I'm sure they'd be adorable kids, or that it'd just happen in time. I mean, Sam doesn't have a supply of prophylactics laying around, and I don't see any sheep to skin...


As for this chapter, it was interesting to see everyone's views on the lands they'll be settling; I look forward to seeing them actually arrive. I imagine that, regardless, there will be conflict if they make it to the Free Marches - assuming that happens at all. Velarana winning could put a damper on things, I imagine.

I wonder if we'll run into that pirate captain along the way. Maybe Sam can start things off by sinking Isabela's ship.
Makurayami chapter 51 . 10/5
Hmmm... So this is where the Tal Vashoth Kossith come in? Awesome! Do you intend for the Free Army and the Vashoth to be bitter enemies, or maybe frenemies that eventually band against the darkspawn, pirates, and those assholes from Ostwick? The possibilities have me immensely excited! Also, I noticed that you mentioned the Dalish, are they going to be relevant to the future of 'Troy' as well?
halo is bad ass chapter 51 . 10/6
I would so kill to find out there are some earth Vikings still living there and are in hiding to protect Valhalla from outside invasion.
dekuton chapter 51 . 10/6
I feel like Julie never expected to have to actually work at re-election and such. hence her anger and such at actually having a rival now. which is probably why I said what I did about her. nevertheless this chapter was pretty good. I like the idea of them claiming their own island and such. and the Norse nod was kinda awesome. kinda serendipitous for hunt. I could almost sense a that's it that's the place even coming from him before he asked more about it. good stuff.
5 Coloured Walker chapter 51 . 10/5
"Yeah, we can rule Wycome out... as much as I enjoy revelry."
I'm kinda surprised he didn't accidentally say Venice, given I immediately said 'DA Venice?'.

Also, another big point I'm surprised Hawke didn't bring up, the Veil is supposed to be incredibly thin there. Canonically, IIRC, it didn't have a high number of renegade mages for any other reason than demons having everything but a direct portal from the fade to the material.

A great chapter, I eagerly await more.

did helped the understand of the [Not sure what you're saying exactly.]
advantage in moral terms [In terms of Morale.]
Katkiller-V chapter 51 . 10/5
A slower chapter but an important one in terms of them needing to decide where they are going to try and build their city. The notion of building it on an island is interesting, for both the idea of protection as well as the notion of population density. Probably not much of an issue at the moment, but it could turn out to be in the long term.

What are their overall numbers again at this point? Civilian and military I mean. If I have one complaint about Hunt as a general it's that he doesn't really seem to realize that he doesn't have unlimited manpower anymore. Sure, you can stomp down ten thousand Ostwick soldiers easily enough, but if they kill even a few thousand of his very limited numbers it could still be a net gain for the Marchers. I suppose the constant flood of recruits in Orlais, then the serendipity of gaining the Avvar probably helped.

Looking forwards to the next chapter, where I'm assuming politics will be at the fore-front.
tmroc725 chapter 50 . 9/30
I found this story three days ago while browsing for something to read. I've never played Dragon Age, but I've heard good things about it, so I figured that I would give this one a shot - I've seen it in the favorite's list of several authors that I know/work with. Needless to say, I've loved every chapter more than I can put into a single review - it's an amazing story, and I look forward to reading more of it.

On the subject of 'harem,' which I have seen mentioned in several author's notes so far; I rather enjoy the way you've taken the whole relationship thing, despite what others may thing. While I've never actually tried to write a 'harem,' a relationship with more than two people has always struck me as interesting concept. There's a lot of potential there, like with how you've got things with Tam and Julie (not to mention whoever else gets involved). I'm rather excited to see how things play out; I'm sure Sam's children, no matter the mother, will have a better future than whatever that demon was trying to project on him. Maybe his and Mariette's kids can knock some sense into them, if nothing else. For a long time, I was thinking Sorpano would be the next addition, but the resident Harlequin is just as neat. lol

The recent development with Velarana didn't come as a huge surprise, at least after things implied with the admiral. I always kinda figured that someone would try and rise up and oppose Julie, but I didn't think that the mage would be the one to act. I can't help but root for our current Chancellor, lol, better than the one that you know rather than the one that you don't. After all, for all we know, Velarana could just be all talk...
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