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Guest chapter 36 . 5/9
Still loving this story
fraewyn chapter 36 . 5/10
Love it!
JohnDouglas4274 chapter 36 . 5/10
Ooh, this is good! Part 1 being a [Harry in Star Wars galaxy] fic and Part 2 being a [Gray Lord Harry] fic.
I wonder what he's going to do about Peter Pettigrew; is he going to reveal the rat in the middle of the Great Hall?
Lycan01 chapter 36 . 5/9
Good chapter.
Guest chapter 36 . 5/7
I have been reading your stories for a while as my first review I have to say I’m really enjoying reading your story I like this Harry that you have created. I was afraid in the beginning that he was going to be like all the other Harry Potter fan fictions they grow a backbone and just let the Dursley‘s and get away with the abuse I am happy to see that that is not the case and I love the punishment for them. The only thing I would like I guess is and I think you might be going this way from the ending of this chapter is it Remus Lupin was left to his own device I’ve always believed that James and serious we’re good friends and loyal to each other A Peter was Voldemort spy and Remus is Dumbledore. I just think it’s interesting that the potters didn’t trust Dumbledore and they didn’t trust Remus if you remember I think McGonagle said that Dumbledore offered to be the seeker keeper but the potters refused. And you wonder if the potters and the other friends believe Remus was a spy because he was spying on them for Dumbledore they just might’ve thought that he was spying for Voldemort.
beatshield chapter 36 . 5/9
amazing chapter
Guest chapter 35 . 5/7
and now the next 40 chapters will be the led up to harry killing dumbles.
Guest chapter 34 . 5/7
if voldy could have made a body at anytime he would not have needed harry's blood in the damn grave yard to come back.
Sanders7201 chapter 36 . 5/8
this an incredible story. wish it was updated a little more often, but thats me just being greedy lol. keep up the great work.
HughJasz chapter 36 . 5/8
This story amazes me with how intricate and thorough it is in its story telling. It has been amazing to follow both in the SW side as well as HP. I'm sad to see the SW cast be left behind with the shift to HP but I understand they will be back eventually. The Authors notes are always fun to read as well. I'm looking forward to future updates :)
Dragon VS Phoenix chapter 35 . 5/7
It just occured to me, but where is hedwig? I don't remember seeing her in any of the chapters after Harry's return at all.
l4w chapter 36 . 5/6
Several interesting twists.
I do not feel sorry for Vernon, Marge, Dudley of Petunia; but I do not get why Harry would want to be around Petunia.
I do feel a bit sorry for Gilderoy, the one that Darth has taken over actually did not do anything to warrant what happened.
And, what age Christoper Lee?
But, I thank you for sharing your story and I am looking forward too more
JackBlaze123 chapter 36 . 5/6
Fantastic chapter as usual. I'm really liking what you're doing with the HP world, especially the fact that you're not making the HP magic (Among other things) inferior to the Force, as a decent deal of xovers tend to do. I also like how Harry dealt with the Dursleys. With Abbadon being a bro and sparing Harry from doing a bit of the dirty work. Wonder if who he changes his face to was agreed upon by him and Harry or if Abbadon did it to fuck a bit with Harry.

On to other things.

Before I start with the longer stuff, I'll stop on Jane's explanation about the Draugr. If I understood it right, those werewolves sound like the black werewolf from Van Helsing or the werewolves from Underworld. Also, I really how Harry played the vampiress like a fiddle, also a joy to see vamps get played. I also find it doubtful that Jane is all that much of a unique kind of werewolf here, realistically speaking, there're enough sick fucks among the werewolves who'd delight in turning an 8 or 9 month pregnant woman into one of them. But that might just be the cynic in me.

Moving on, while Albus did give his apparent reason for why he took Neville as his Apprentice, I don't think that was the entire reason. Albus's shrewd and observant enough to have noticed Harry's sudden and extreme personality and demeanor change, so I'm going to guess that he wasn't certain anymore if he'd be able to influence Harry enough to his way of thinking (Unlike with Neville), hence why he chose the other prophesy child.

On the topic of good ol Neville, please tell me you'll be going for a Druid Neville (Great connection to nature, the likely ability to be able to manipulate it, healing and if that story about the bear is true - the possible ability to transform into animals. Sure, there's animagi, but we're talking about that on steroids here), the connection to that idea is so quick and obvious that it's surprising how little it gets used in fics. Like, the last time I think actually came across Druid Neville was a HP/Warcraft cross. A shame really, that would go a long way into distinguishing Neville and Harry from another as their own kind of unique powerhouses.

I'm a bit confused about that bit with the Flamels. Wasn't Nicholas the Master Alchemist between them? Instead, from what I read here, it seems like Perenelle's filling that role in this fic. Or are they both Master Alchemists, just in different fields of Alchemy (If that's a thing here anyhow)?

Now to Luna's bit. You seem to have gone with the Seer Luna trope, while giving it a pretty good spin of your own at first glance. Moving on to the "Titles" of the, what I'm assuming is gonna be, people who will be part of Harry's circle.

To start with, I find the notion of Ron being a "Bloody Hand of Judgement"...strange. To be entirely frank, that "Title" sounds like something more up Neville's alley. "Bloody" is entirely understandable, but unless he changes completely and utterly as a character, I do not see him being any kind of "Hand of Judgement". Maybe something like..."The Ruthless/Crimson/Bloody Butcher/Soldier"? That feels a bit more in line to what he could be depending on how he "improves" himself as a person. But I could be wrong here, that said, I stand by my opinion about Ron not being any kind of "Hand of Judgement" as long as what makes him Ron remains.

I'm not going to talk much about my thoughts on Ginny's "Title" due to my dislike of Hinny and Ginny in general. That said, what comes to me here as an idea is her becoming some kind of assassin/hitwoman or something along those lines. I'm also going to assume that the "Daughter of Legends"
is this Savage woman, wonder how that one's gonna happen.

Not much to say about Neville really, aside from his "Title" further hinting to him possibly going along a druid-like path. Which I like very much. That bit about Luna's "Consort" leads me to believe that she and Neville are gonna be one of the ships in this part of the fic. I approve, always been a fan of the pairing.

For Hermione, "Scholar Crowned in Gems and Script" sounds pretty spot on about her. That aside, much as I like her, I find it doubtful that she could be a "Tyrant Carved from Sanguine Ink". To be entirely frank, she simply isn't the kind of person to ever be able to successfully become a Tyrant (Nevermind remaining alive long enough to hold that position). While her mind holds a pretty insane amount of magical knowledge due to her bookworm trait (And I'm going to assume quite above average memorisation ability) and her having something of a cunning/sly streak at times, those things just ain't enough for her to successfully become a Tyrant anytime soon - if ever. Leaving aside that with Harry, Neville, Albus, Tom, the Unspeakables and (I assume) other people in the picture...she just doesn't have the necessary cunning/slyness, combat ability, raw power to back up that combat ability, knowledge (Or the means to get it) of the more exotic/hidden/forgotten, resources, political weight and other shit I'm probably forgetting that would be needed in order for her to successfully become a Tyrant (Much as all of those Dark Lady Hermione fics try to tell me otherwise). At the end of the day, what Hermione's got going for her in terms of being a possible threat is her big (For her age range) magical knowledge bank, an easier ability to learn/digest knowledge and a bit of cunning. That's pretty much it, and leaving aside every other disadvantage she has, how well she can she actually apply all that knowledge of hers in a battle or during a war? That's too much of an unknown, especially keeping in mind that the one who's actually been forced to fight the most among their group is Harry (And I'm talking about canon Harry here).

To finish this part, does Luna's talk of "cycles" mean that there's some kind of time-loop (Spanning years from the sound of it) going on?

Hmm, is whatever hidden organisation Albus' a part of have the task of stopping or...dealing with anyone trying to fuck around with demons or any other kind of otherworldly beings? That's what's coming to mind. As for this "Sword of Rome", I'll hazard a guess and say that it's either Nicholas or some other immortal like him (Presumably, from the time of the Roman Empire).

Wonder what this thing with the family branches is. Wonder why the Peverell line reacted this early, is Harry a descendant of that bloodline (I think there was something about this in the last 1or 2 chapters with the meeting of the DoM heads but I can't remember what bloodline the Evans ancestor was from) or is he somehow already the MoD?

I very much like what Harry did with Narcissa and Draco.

And to finish on a more silly note. Harry has my sincere sympathy and condolences, the poor son of a bitch's got two girls (Hermione and Ginny) displaying yandere traits ("Her Harry"? Hermione, girl, that ain't a normal way to think about a single dude who ain;t your BF. Ginny doesn't show it in the same way, but it's definitely there) after his arse.

That's about it for my thoughts about the chapter, keep up the stellar work! And I apologise for the insanely long review.
H Prince321 chapter 2 . 5/6
great immersion. this seems like a probable tangent universe
Svenion chapter 36 . 5/6
oh god, why are you diving into the deep end of insanity now that we're back in HP? i was sp looking forward to a bit of normalcy, without glove spanning conspiracies featuring old men trying to folllow age old prophecies or whatever. hugely disappointing
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