Reviews for Bonds of Sea and Fire
Cheeky-Chick1only chapter 7 . 8/9/2021
I love this story and this chapter so much. What I wouldn’t give to have this chapter from marco/thatch’s pov. Maybe just as a one shot?
CoolCatz14 chapter 29 . 8/2/2021
Ahhhhh I love this story so much ! Your writing is soooo amazing! Thank you so much! I really can't wait for lami to get her memories back and see her you-know-who again! I don't wanna spoil the surprise in case there are people who haven't caught up. I really love Oden and Yamato as well! Do you read the manga or just watch the anime? Hope you update again soon and please stay safe! -

SapphireKiddTaeyeon chapter 15 . 7/21/2021
nice story
imena.williams09 chapter 29 . 7/19/2021
I know you update slowly but make sure to update soon so I can go back to loving every relay'd piece of information you give
DragonClanMaster chapter 29 . 6/23/2021
The fluff is nearly too much, I love it!
dragonisnohorror chapter 26 . 6/17/2021
You have absolutely no right to make me ugly cry this whole chapter. It was brilliant like the rest of this fanfiction.
minie chapter 29 . 6/8/2021
I was delighted with this book, I hope and continue, because it is amazing.
Cheeeesy-Bagles chapter 29 . 6/7/2021
This is such a great fic I read it in a day. You are insanely talented!
HinataAmari chapter 29 . 5/3/2021
Did you discontinue this book? If you didn't can you please update it? This is a really good book and I want to read what happens next.

P.S. Is Lami Laws sister?
TheWickedTruth89 chapter 29 . 5/3/2021
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
JMjie chapter 29 . 4/28/2021
Hiiii! I'm so happy I caught up with the latest chapter I found this fic two days and it really got me hooked! I really really love this story! I can't wait for more! But no rush yake care of yourself while writing.

Also, I really can't wait to see more of Izo and Thatch. Izo pining is just so
Anyway, have a great day!
samantha.a.burr4 chapter 29 . 4/13/2021
Lovely story dear!
Guest chapter 29 . 3/27/2021
This story is just amazing!
RevolutionaryCleo chapter 29 . 3/26/2021
Great chapter as usual! Question, is Garp going to appear in this story? I think it'd be interesting to see him interacting with his Grandsons or learning that they're on Whitebeard's ship!
Beyond Kailani chapter 29 . 3/23/2021
Glad to see you're back at it again!
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