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Rosealyn chapter 95 . 12/16
I really enjoy reading your story. It's so well put together. I like how you give us an in depth perspective from quite a few of the characters. As always I'm looking forward to your next update. Keep up the amazing work.
heroherondaletotherescue chapter 95 . 12/15
Really loved this chapter!
bored411 chapter 95 . 12/15
aw, poor mira. i get the feeling that the doctor's partially right, but... she said "again". has she seen a universe collapse before? ugh, so sad! i hope she regains some...happiness later, though with yana around who knows. can't wait to see what happens once he changes, so please update this again soon! :)
djmegamouth chapter 95 . 12/15
I wonder what a Jedi would feel in this place. The force is dead.
OneWhoReadsTooMuch chapter 95 . 12/15
I love the angst in this chapter so much. It's one of those moments where Mira, while in a dark mood, is also speaking realistically about the situation. So it'll be interesting to see how Mira and the Doctor will deal with the truth and that she was right. It's another instance where the Doctor's curiosity outweighs any concerns a companion might have.

Also, Hello Captain Jack Harkness!
VileG chapter 94 . 12/11
Oh as an addendum to my Review while the Doctor may be the only pro-active person in the show it really doesn't have to be that way, you've already had Mira challenging him multiple times when he's wrong and have shown us how intelligent she is so you could make her pro-activeness be an extension of that, sometimes she's the one who thinks of the idea first or comes up with a different plan based on her own experiences.

She's older than the Doctor after all so it actually makes sense that she will sometimes know better than he does (probably not when it comes to the more exotic science stuff or things like this episode of course but when it comes to rescues/plans/offensive actions she's just got as much experience as the Doctor, if not more so in certain situations).

Also seeing as she was a scientist at one point you might want to have her experiment just a bit to see if any Technologies or Scientific theories from her universe are reproducible using the materials this one has (or you could just have the Master look in her mind and see all the fun toys he could make/play with using her knowledge and have her find out that way).

I mean it would be pretty terrifying if he decided to arm several of his new ships with those Anti-energy catalyst bombs Mira invented (though he might test one just to see how it works and/or traumatize Mira) or even just the normal weapons from the series if he could get them to work (they are pretty much an out of context problem for this universe so most defenses wouldn't work that well against them) and would add to the tension whilst not really changing the story as the ships would still launch with the rest of them.

Extra bit i suddenly thought of after several cups of coffee: seeing as how Mira seems to sync up with other psychics abilities and powers i'm suddenly incredibly curious to see if she can hear the drums as well when she's near The Master, would be a neat twist and the Doctor finding out that the drums are real earlier than canon could let you do several interesting things with the plot as well as add a few original adventures when he's trying to figure out whats going on with them, hell seeing as how the other Timelords used the vortex to implant it into the Master and how their plan relies on multiple bodies broadcasting the signal it could work a bit like a memetic infection (you hear the idea/sound and it spreads to you like a virus, only in this case it only happened due to her syncing up with The Masters psychic field/abilities) and she could end up hearing drums for several chapters even after the Masters defeat.

Sorry if i rambled a bit with these 2 reviews, been awake quite a while and probably drank far to much.

Anywho keep up the good work.
VileG chapter 94 . 12/11
Loving the new chapter, i know i was complaining a bit about the lack of action by Mira but chapters like this that let us get to know her are definitely good when done well like this one was.

As for the more pro-active stuff it doesn't always have to dramatically change the plot but just change how things play out a bit, have Mira be the one to shoot The Master when he shows up and then spend a couple minutes pitting her 1000 years of CQC experience vs a Timelords strength and speed until he blindsides her with something she's not expecting for example.

Heck you could have her snatch the watch away from Yana before he opens it only to get mind whammied by The Master into opening it (we've seen from the family of blood episode that Timelords inside a fob-watch can interact pretty well with even low level psychics and Mira is a bit more heavy duty than that, sure she's good at defending herself but i doubt she'd have time to adapt and be prepared for the sudden psychic assault when she grabs it).

That aside though i'm honestly looking forward to seeing what you do with the Master, he's always been one of my favorite characters and i'm curious to see what he makes/does with all the new science/ideas he'll end up finding inside Mira's mind if he ends up looking at it.
bored411 chapter 94 . 12/9
ooh, fun background info. curious to see how things go later though, with mira's talk with martha. so please update this again soon! :)
E-man-dy-S chapter 94 . 12/9
Thank you for updating.
This was an interesting chapter.
OneWhoReadsTooMuch chapter 94 . 12/9
I really liked the glimpse into Mira's past. I sometimes forget just how much she has been through even before meeting the Doctor. Also it's nice to see her opening up to Martha. Even though it's going to be awkward once Martha finds out that Mira and the Doctor are dating...
VileG chapter 58 . 12/8
Really loving the story but i was a bit confused as to why Mira's character and actions don't match up sometimes, Humans from the Perry Rhodan universe (especially mutants) tend to be much more pro-active than the ones in the Dr Who universe and i'm kind of surprised that even with how outspoken Mira is that she doesn't actually do that much in the grand scheme of things.

I mean after she dealt with the monk in the werewolf chapter fairly quickly i expected her to be that way all the time but she's barely done anything like that since, she has military training and is over a thousand years old so it just seems weird to me that she lets the doctor take the lead in most situations when it would make more sense for her to start relying more on her military instincts.

I'm not saying she should pick up a gun and start killing all the bad guys but at the very least she should have acquired a stun weapon by now and/or decided to fight more often than she has.
Guest chapter 91 . 12/8
YES yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Finally thank you please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please make them stay together please
d0ct0rwh0l0ckf4n chapter 93 . 12/6
I have a quick question: Are you going to continue this all the way through to the 13th Doctor?
bored411 chapter 93 . 12/2
haha, love that. they're both so spooked and confused. glad they left though. that was creepy. excited to see what happens next! so please update this again soon! i'm eager for some action with mina and the master ;)
heroherondaletotherescue chapter 93 . 12/2
Oh my goodness it was so creepy it was great! Really loved this chapter.
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